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Lunch at Café Mila ruined by obnoxious screaming brat

February 11, 2014
carrot and coriander soup

carrot and coriander soup

tea, cake and Kobo Touch

tea, cake and Kobo Touch

Excellent carrot and coriander soup.

Nothing I fancied on the main course. I settled for toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.

Followed by tea and a cake.

Lunch though was ruined by an obnoxious screaming brat and a clueless mother who did nothing to control the brat.

When they walked in, brat was screaming and shouting at its mother. Mother asked brat if it wanted a cheese sandwich, brat said no, mother orders cheese sandwich.

Brat refuses to sit at the table, refuses to eat cheese sandwich, wanders off, but all the time, screaming at the mother.

Mother is sat with an older women. They both ignore the brat. No attempt is made to deal with the brat, to control or discipline the brat.

When it is time to go, brat throws a tantrum, throws itself on the floor, refusing to leave. Mother has to scrape the brat off the floor and carry out, with the brat screaming the place down.

One of the rare occasions, when a child needs a good whack.

The mother clearly needs help.

I now have a splitting headache.

I had hoped to try, what I had wished to try at The Barn on Saturday. Add an e-book to Kobo Library, then using wifi, download e-book to Kobo Touch. But last night, could not find anything to add. I had wanted to add The Warden, and Barchester Towers, but ended up downloading from Project Gutenberg. I download Through the Looking Glass.

I am still finding the Kobo Touch unresponsive, whether that is me or the Kobo Touch I do not know, as no point of reference. Flipping pages is reasonable, the problem is selection.

No 2 Top Story on Tea Time (Wednesday 12 February).

Cappuccino and cookie at Harris + Hoole

February 7, 2014
cappuccino and cookie and Kobo Touch

cappuccino and cookie and Kobo Touch

I do not arrive until gone six o’clock, having spent most of the afternoon exchanging Kobo Touch at WHSmith, then installing software.

I try connecting Kobo Touch to Harris + Hoole wifi.

No problem, but accessing Kobo Store a waste of time.

I now see advantage of the kack-handed two stage download.

Use Kobo Store via laptop or computer to select e-book and transfer book to Kobo Library. Then, using Harris + Hoole wifi, download book to Kobo Touch.

Something to try another day.

Kobo Touch better than Kindle, has the BIG advantage of open source format for e-books, whereas Amazon Kindle is a propriety format.

Kobo Touch currently £30 in WHSmith (it was £90), the equivalent and inferior Kindle Touch is double the price.

I also recommend, download and install Calibre for e-book management.

Afternoon in Guildford

February 7, 2014
Guildford Wharf and boatman, River Wey within inches of overflowing, upstream and downstream had overflowed

Guildford Wharf and boatman, River Wey within inches of overflowing, upstream and downstream had overflowed

River Wey, Milmead road flooded

River Wey, Milmead road flooded

River Wey

River Wey

temporary flood barriers in place outside Debenhams to stop town centre flooding

temporary flood barriers in place outside Debenhams to stop town centre flooding

Days of heavy rain, last night, another storm hit, torrential rain. I am beginning to understand how Noah felt.

Today, a brief interlude between storms.

River Blackwater at North Camp Station, running high and very fast. I learn later, River Blackwater has burst its banks downstream.

North Camp to Ash, fields either flooded or waterlogged.

Guard on the train fails to walk through the train. As the train pulls into Guildford, I go off in search of the guard. He is unbelievably rude, refuses to sell me a ticket, tells me to buy at the station. Only problem is, risk harassment at barriers for not having a ticket, and have to then queue to buy a ticket.

River Wey very high, already overflowing banks. Outside Debenhams, temporary flood barriers in place.

WHSmith to exchange Kobo Touch. Now on third e-reader. But at least confirms what I had suspected, it had been taken out of the box, and tampered with, before I bought.

I had hoped to only be a few minutes at WHSmith. There over an hour.

Very late for lunch at Guildford Institute.

An exhibition of wildlife photographs, but almost impossible to see due to reflection off glass. When are people going to learn? Do not use glass! The photographs emphasises the need for rewilding of the countryside, reintroduction of lynx, beavers and wolves.

Rewilding, re-afforestation would go some way to mitigating the floods.

What we are seeing is window dressing. Time for honesty, the Somerset Levels have to be allowed to flood, the farmers have to change their farming practices, learn to work with nature, not against.

We also have to make our towns more porous. Every time a garden is paved, that increases the water run off.

The wildlife photographer, will be giving a talk next week, Wednesday afternoon.

Guildford Library. I plug in the Kobo Touch. It charges for 45 minutes, but not fully charged. I am unable to complete set up, as requires me to download and install Kobo Desktop, not possible in public library.

From Kobo Store, Alice in Wonderland.

An odd, kack-handed two stage download. Transfer to a Kobo Library, then download. I try to download, but fails.

I learn later, there is an advantage to this kack-handed method.

Back to WHSmith. Another hour, over an hour.

Using Kobo Desktop. Set up installs software on Kobo Reader, then downloads books from Kobo Library.

E-books on Kobo Store rip off prices:

  • Manuscript Found in Accra – Paulo Coelho —> £6-99
  • My Autobiography – Alex Ferguson —> £9-49
  • My Life – David Jason —> £11-99

Manuscript Found in Accra has been on offer in WHSmith at half price, and currently in Waterstone’s and WHSmith at Buy One, Get One Free, ie the paperback is less than an e-book!

The e-book on Amazon and iTunes at 99p.

What we must never forget, zero costs for e-books. Authors need to get a grip, retain the digital rights, release on leanpub, and do themselves and their readers a BIG favour.

Cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole. Kobo Touch connects ok to wifi. I now find an advantage of kack-handed two stage download. Using to Kobo Touch to find books on Kobo Store, total waste of time. On the other hand, had I chosen a book, transferred to Kobo Libary, as I did earlier with Alice in Wonderland, I could then have simply downloaded from the Kobo Library using Harris + Hoole wifi to Kobo Touch.

I had intended to catch train at four o’clock, as next storm due to hit later in the day.

I catch 1900 train. It has already been raining.

At Aldershot, I see a bus leaving. Another bus in 20 minutes. Bus fails to show. Wait until 2000, a 40 minute wait for a bus.

Luckily I do make it before next storm hits. Late night, storm hits, more heavy rain.

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