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Cappuccino at Kiosk

August 30, 2019

Stop off at Kiosk in Fossgate. Excellent coffee as always.

Guest coffee from Dark Woods, single origin for pour over. Not known what they were using for my espresso, but not Dark Woods.

The girl working there has much improved from last year.

A guy sits and has a chat with me outside about coffee.


September 14, 2018

Kiosk a lovely little coffee shop in Fossgate I was recommended to try.

Fossgate is a little foodie mecca, three coffee shops cheek by jowl, The Fossgate Social opposite Kiosk, Spring Espresso nearby, next to Kiosk, what looked like an amazing food shop but no time to look in.

Kiosk did serve Maude and Dark Woods, both excellent coffee roasteries. That in itself sufficient recommendation. Now Assembly.

I order a cappuccino. Excellent.

It is very rare to have the perfect cappuccino, smooth, this was one of those very rare occasions. Assembly house espresso may also have played its part, as described as creamy.

On the walls art, on the shelves several magazines for sale. I recommend Standart and Drift.

Food is served, ask, and something will be knocked up.

Outside, three Chinese girls, excellent coffee, they take me at my word, and walk in.

From the questions one is asking of single origin, that she orders a V60, tells me, here is someone who knows her coffee.

We get into conversation, I learn she used to work for La Marzocco in China. She ask me for recommendations, I suggest several coffee shops, not only York, but also Old Town Hull, Lincoln and Nottingham. And further afield in Brighton and Winchester.

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