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Borough Cheese Company cheese stall

December 20, 2018

When passing through King’s Cross, always worth giving extra time to visit the King’s Cross street food market, especially to visit the Borough Cheese Company cheese stall.

Excellent Comté and Tome cheese.

The stall used to only sell Comté cheese, and whilst that is still their main cheese, they compliment with a couple of other cheeses, which have been different each time I pass through.

And add a little extra time for a coffee off Craft Coffee.

King’s Cross Street Food Market

December 20, 2018

When passing through King’s Cross, always worth giving extra time to visit the King’s Cross street food market, especially to visit the Borough Cheese Company cheese stall.

And add a little extra time for a coffee off Craft Coffee.

Cappuccino at Craft Coffee

December 20, 2018

I emerged wrong entrance from King’s Cross Underground, but had an advantage. I emerged to find Craft Coffee.

Craft Coffee a kiosk down the side of King’s Cross Station, between King’s Cross and St Pancras serves one of the best cappuccinos in London.

If passing through King’s Cross, always worth setting aside extra time to visit Craft Coffee, to stop, relax and have a coffee. Note relax, not grab it and go, relax and enjoy.

My cappuccino, the best since Athens, and that is high praise indeed.

Coffee, La Vega, a Colombian single origin, an exclusive roast for Craft Coffee from nearby Notes.

Notes is nearby, literally a couple of minutes walk across the open space.

Also worth setting aside extra time when passing through King’s Cross to visit the Street Food Market in front of King’s Cross Station, especially the Borough Cheese Company cheese stall.

Craft Coffee

August 22, 2018

I usually give myself an hour to get across London to catch a train from King’s Cross, if lucky I can do it in half an hour. Today I gave myself an hour and a half. Why? I wished to visit the street food market and a coffee stall located somewhere behind the station.

I was looking for Noble Espresso. All I could find was a wooden counter with Craft Coffee written across it. Was this declaring what they served or the name of the stall?

Craft Coffee is the name of the stall. Nobel Espresso has sold up, moved on, and Craft Coffee had taken over their pitch.

Was their coffee as good? They hoped so.

I was served an espresso. It was excellent. A single origin coffee from Brazil roasted by Notes.

I asked why was their stall tucked behind the station not as would logically expect with the street food market. No gas or electricity which they need to power their stall.

King’s Cross Street Food Market

August 22, 2018

One of the advantages of catching a train from King’s Cross, indeed reason to arrive with more than a few minutes to spare, is the street food market in front of the station.

My favourite stall is the cheese stall, run by Borough Cheese.

Excellent Comte, indeed until today, Comte is the only cheese I have seen on the stall, but today not only Comte, also feta cheese, and a cheese I had not encountered before Tome de Jura.

After a quick tour of the market, I went off in search of a coffee stall, which is not as would logically expect with the street food stalls, but around the back of the station. Craft Coffee, worth going in search of, serves excellent coffee.

On return, cakes, some savouries, and of course cheese.

The guy running the stall was sadly not that knowledgeable on the cheeses, but could tell me made from raw milk, unpasteurised milk.

He was not there at first, gone to get a coffee. Where, the coffee stall? No, Pret a Manger.

Why oh why do these artisan stalls not support each other, why get a crap coffee from Pret, now owned by Vulture Capitalists, when there is a quality coffee stall nearby?

Kings Cross Real Food Market

August 18, 2017

Outside Kings Cross Station, a food market of around maybe a dozen stalls.

Worth exploring if time, and a better option than buying food inside the station or on a train.

Bread, cakes, cheese, fruit juices, tortilla.

I had excellent tortilla, and cheese off the cheese stall, Comte and Gouda, and a cake off a cake stall.

From a fellow passenger on the Edinburgh train, she alighted at Peterborough, I learnt  there is an excellent street food market around the corner in Granary Yard.

The cheese stall told me I must visit Borough Market.

A pity not a coffee stall serving quality coffee.

Kings Cross Station Real Food Market

December 14, 2016

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a handful of food stalls outside Kings Cross Station selling overpriced cakes, a few pastries and very expensive cheese.

To be fair to the cheese stall, it was high quality cheese. But 19 month’s old Comte, is not two year’s old, as the stallholder claimed. It was though excellent cheese, but very expensive. My piece came to £7-50.

The market seems to have shrunk compared with a year ago, and it certainly was not busy.

A good idea, but needs more variety and not so expensive.

King’s Cross Station market

December 21, 2015
Kings Cross Station market

King’s Cross Station market

Billed as the Real Food Market, artisan products, outside King’s Cross Station, I found to be something of a disappointment.

I had spotted it last time I passed through King’s Cross Station, and thought I would get something to eat.

I had in my mind a street food market something like the South Bank Street Food Market, but it is more like a farmers market, in which case the wrong location, as most people are going to be travellers hoping to find something to eat on their journey.

Produce on sale was expensive (though that may be a reflection of pitch fees), for example £2.95 for something like a flapjack.

The market was all but deserted, and that was lunchtime.

Sign said Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Today was Monday.

Having a quality  artisan food market outside King’s Cross Station is an excellent idea, but it has to be quality fare suitable for travellers.  Could it be the chains peddling their rubbish within the station, are preventing this happening?

East Coast at Kings Cross

February 10, 2015
East Coast train at Kings Cross

East Coast train at Kings Cross

Kings Cross is where East Coast trains from the north terminate.

1802 York to Kings Cross yesterday evening, seats more like comfy armchairs (though a little too soft), roomy, lots of leg room. Free wifi.

Arrived at Kings Cross five minutes early then had to wait five minutes to be cleared for a platform.

This is how train travel should be, but a rarity with privatised rail companies, all out to fleece the passenger whilst at the same time providing a piss poor service.

East Coast Mainline is publicly owned, but not for much longer, it has been flogged off to Richard Branson and Stagecoach.