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Kiara’s closed

August 16, 2014
Kiara's closed

Kiara’s closed

Last weekend I was saddened to see Kiara’s, a lovely tea shop in Downing Street, had closed. Bailiffs sent in by landlords based in Cornwall who could not give a toss about Farnham. Problem is, there are now a number of empty shops in Downing Street. Every time one closes, one less reason to walk down Downing Street and a domino effect kicks in, and yet more shops close, and that is what is now happening.

About a year go, Morello’s, a lovely Italian coffee shop opposite Kiara’s closed. In June, The Barn closed in The Borough.

Not good news for Farnham.


October 13, 2012
Kiara's a tea shop in Farnham

Kiara’s a tea shop in Farnham

Kiara’s is a tea shop in Farnham thats serves delicious cakes.

It was a cold wet afternoon in Farnham.

I had had a roll in Morello’s, a lovely Italian coffee shop across the road. As they were closing early it was not possible to have a tea and cake, hence my crossing the road to Kiara’s.

I was quite surprised to find Kiara’s packed, as when I have looked in before it has been empty.

It is more of a parlour than a tea shop as when you walk in it is as though you have walked into a parlour, books line the walls. Even more so if you walk upstairs, where you will find two parlours.

I have suggested they add a few Paulo Coelho books to their bookshelves.

Afternoon tea is £12-50. This I thought must be a mistake, but no, it was correct.

I ordered tea (which came as small pot of tea, and I am sorry to report a tea bag inside) and carrot cake.

The carrot cake was delicious, though not as good as carrot cake at Cafe Mila in Godalming.

A girl came through carrying a tiered tray. I thought she was topping up the cake display, but no, this was afternoon tea for two. Quite an impressive spread. In fact the two people could not eat it all and asked to take it away. Very depressing they were given a polystyrene burger box not a cake box. I wish people were more environmentally aware.

It was now late afternoon.

I could have caught the bus at 1704, but decide to visit The Barn and catch the 1804 bus.

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