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Lotus Flower

December 25, 2014

Lotus Flower by Jewelia, featuring David Denyer on violin.

A beautiful, haunting song from talented singer-songwriter Jewelia.

Expecting too much from the wounded
And blaming too much on the dead
Maybe I’m putting my faith in the weaklings
When instead of attacking I choose to defend
And maybe we’re moving too slowly
And maybe we’re all going down
But everyone knows from the stories,
You need to be lost to be found

And maybe I cheer for the losers
But someone needs to cheer for them
And maybe I root for the victims
And maybe I’ll lose all my bets
But we’re all condemned in the end
It’s just in the way that we’re made
And maybe the guardians don’t know
The power that lies in despair

Tell me I’m a lotus flower
I don’t think I ever chose to drink
This cup, it’s sour
Why’d you have to make it harder?

Father of the damned don’t joke around
My life’s at stake; please make amends
Not sure the saints would understand
They don’t share anything but blame
If this is fair, the world makes sense
Only because we’re all insane
We’re all the same, we share the blame
It’s easier than share the pain

I’m writing a song for the broken
The homeless, the crippled, the damned
I won’t claim I know you, I shouldn’t
Don’t want to pretend that I care

Lotus Flower released Christmas Day as a gift from Jewelia to the world.

Video editing by Andy Denyer

Music and lyrics by Jewelia.

Recorded and produced by Jewelia.

Also available as a single from bandcamp.

Jewelia released her début album Monsters in August.

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