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Kalita Wave Sumava Lourdes from Costa Rica

August 4, 2017

After a cappuccino at Canopy Coffee I decided to try a filter coffee. I always let them choose, today Sumava Lourdes from Costa Rica roasted by Square Mile.

Coffee is second only in importance to tourism in Costa Rica. It was the first country in Latin America to grow coffee. Such is the importance of coffee to the economy, that there are several pieces of legislation to protect coffee and coffee growing including the prohibition of growing Robusta.

See Standart issue 8 for an excellent feature on coffee in Costa Rica.

Kalita Wave Martin Hudak Signature Geisha

August 1, 2017

Kalita Wave filter coffee using Martin Hudak Signature Geisha from Panama roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

I have been hanging on to this coffee since picking up from Union Summer Carnival, wanting to try and at the same time resisting.

But coffee like fresh fruit, cannot be left, it has to be used within an optimum period, and I was already passing that by.

Method a Kalita Wave. I could have tried V60 or Japanese syphon, it would be an interesting comparison.

  • 17 grams of coffee
  • 275 ml of water
  • 4 minutes

Water around 95 C, just off boiling.

First cleanse the filter with hot water, then throw away. This also warms the jug.

Wet the ground coffee, this allows it to bloom, releases carbon dioxide.

Pour water in a circular motion to agitate the coffee.

Then enjoy.

This was the coffee Martin Hudak used to win World Championship Coffee in Good Spirits, Budapest June 2017.

I had the honour of meeting Martin Hudak at Union Summer Carnival a few days after his winning the world championship, not only meeting but actually trying his award winning cocktail, a cocktail made with Geisha.

Geisha, a coffee from Panama, is one of the world’s highest rated coffees.

The Martin Hudak Signature Geisha has a Q rating of 91.

Geisha grows at high altitude, shaded by trees, as all the best coffees grow.

When it was discovered in Panama, the reaction of those who first tasted Geisha was that of discovering God in a cup.

For more on Geisha and its almost mystical status, God in a Cup is an absolute must read.

Next try as Japanese iced filter.

Kalita Wave at Canopy Coffee

July 28, 2017

My third visit to Canopy Coffee aka Coffee House at 62 Haydon Place.

Tomorrow they will have been open a month

A new barista, ex of Harris + Hoole.

After a cappuccino, they asked would I like to sample their filter coffee, a Keyon Mountain, maybe brewed 45 minutes earlier.

I asked would they like to try Finca Immaculada Laurina, Union Hand-Roasted from Colombia, sadly now past its optimum, as roasted 21 June, but still excellent.

It was brewed using a Kalita Wave, which I have not seen before, let alone tried. I had seen before in the coffee shop, thought a cheap clone of a Chemex, in many ways a cross between a Chemex and V60.

I learned why it is called V60, the angle is 60 degrees.

Beans carefully weighed and ground, the filter cleansed with hot water, brew carefully timed.

Hot water is poured over the ground coffee to allow it to bloom, lets the CO2 escape, then pour in slow concentric circles, pause, repeat, for four minutes

I would have thought same beans, different filter method, nevertheless filter, Japanese syphon compared with Kalita Wave, would be the same. I was surprised to find a big difference in taste.

The resultant clear brew poured into small glasses, we all tried, including a couple of customers.

All agreed excellent filter coffee.

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