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Julia K at the West End Centre

June 10, 2010

My lovely friend Sian and I were seated expecting Mike Dawes and Amy Turk. We were baffled. What we got was Julia K.

Not that we was complaining. It was just that it was not what we were expecting, but nevertheless excellent.

Julia K, a four-piece rock group, Julia on vocals, keyboard and guitar. Normally a five-piece line up, but the backing vocalist was ill.

It was only when they had finished their set that we realised they were front for Mike Dawes and Amy Turk!

The venue was perfect. The studio at the West End Centre in Aldershot. Very intimate, sat at tables.

The West End Centre is a little cultural gem, a cultural oasis in an otherwise cultural wasteland.

An absolute must for the West End Centre: Socos Duo, Mechanical Bride, Jacob’s Stories, Lucinda Drayton.

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