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Cheer along with Imogen

January 11, 2013

Aside from being an interesting scientific experiment, I have to admit I cannot see the point.

When we are out and about do we not need all our senses to experience and appreciate our environment? Do we not also need them for safety?

Nothing more annoying than those who pollute public spaces with their bad taste in music, especially on public transport, the worse their bad taste, the more they seem to wish to impose it on others.

If I wish to listen to music, I prefer to relax and listen, to give the music the attention it deserves (if not it is not worth listening to) and not to use as background noise, audio wallpaper.

I am baffled why a phone has an accelerometer. I see the use on a laptop, to park the heads to stop them crashing into the surface on a hard drive, but what is the function on a mobile phone, other than enabling interesting experiments?

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