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Ruach Cards

September 9, 2010
Katrina Moss explaining Ruach Cards

Katrina Moss explaining Ruach Cards

A month ago at an evening meeting of Eden People in Guildford I met Katrina Moss, designer and developer of Ruach Cards. I was intrigued. We agreed to meet again first Tuesday of September and she would explain more.

Man used to be in touch with his spiritual side. Religion was not something practiced on a special day in a special building, it was something that encompassed every aspect of our lives. Indeed the idea of religion being something separate, apart from our everyday lives, would be seen as an alien concept. We see this today in what is known as Little Tibet in India.

Katrina tried to draw on these earliest influences. She drew upon the Bible, used dreams, used the natural world, listened to the Soul of the World, asked God for his help. Twenty years later and the result was the system of Ruach Cards.

Ruach Cards is not one set of cards. It is several sets and a subset of these cards is used in any one reading.

I was given a choice of three different readings

– Healing Water
– Four Winds of Change
– Past, Present and Future

The theme of the meeting of Eden People was water. Tempting, but I said no. Past, Present and Future I did not like, so I picked on Four Winds of Change.

At this point I would emphasis that although Ruach Cards sound and look superficially similar to Tarot cards, they are not. Tarot cards predict, Ruach Cards do not. Ruach Cards describe the state as is, maybe drawing forth what you are not aware of, but they do not predict. They are also superficially similar to Jesus Cards. The Jesus Cards describe where you are now, but unlike the Jesus Cards which use passages from the Bible, and were originally developed as a kind of flash cards for the Bible, Ruach Cards draw upon much wider sources, for example the natural world and numbers (but it is not numerology).

And before you ask where can you get them from you cannot. The only people who have them is Katrina and those she has trained in their use.

Four Winds of Change represent perception, self-perception and how others may perceive us, including God.

Having chosen Four Winds of Change, I was allowed to draw a card from each of the four sets of cards. Each set Katrina showed me first (with the exception of the Mystery Cards which I was not allowed to see). The cards were shuffled, and I then drew a card. The Mystery Cards I was not allowed to see, else, explained Katrina, how would they be a mystery?


Birds are messengers of truth. Noah released birds, carrier pigeons take messages, canaries are used in mines to warn of dangerous gases.


Trees represent a journey, either a physical or a spiritual journey. For those walking El Camino de Santiago it is both a spiritual and physical journey. Trees exist in two mediums, the earth and the air. Their roots dig deep into the earth, their branches spreading in the air.

We have the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, the living tree.


Numbers can be predictive.

Numbers are multidimensional in terms of source. For example four: the four seasons, the four compass points, the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water).


Unknown, otherwise not a mystery!

Drawing the cards

Each card drawn was placed face down until all four cards were drawn. The cards were laid out, still face down, in the shape of a cross. The cards were then turned over in the order in which they had originally be chosen with Katrina explaining the significance of each card as it was exposed.


The last to sing at night, will often sing into the night. Often the first to sing in the morning. A symbol of joy. Note the distinction between joy and happiness. Associated with hope and joy, having a positive attitude to life. Will often see and identify the negative, but only in order that improvement may be made.


The willow represents empathy. Will not walk on by when others are in trouble. Will go out of the way to help others. Willow grows by water. Drawing on the source of life. Need to tap into the source that sustains. This can be interpreted as drawing on the Soul of the World or God.


Sixteen is shown as wrapped. Sixteen is a gift. It represents love and friendship. Love and friendship from another. A gift that needs to be opened. You do not know what the gift is until it is opened. You need to open your heart to love and friendship.


A quote from Isiah. Freedom. A blessing from God. Isiah 61:1 (AMP):

He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the physical and spiritual captives.

Once all four cards had been shown, Katrina asked what I thought and was also interested in how they compared with the Jesus Cards drawn by Eden People a couple of months ago at the Celebrating Surrey Festival.

She then, with my consent, spent several minutes praying on the significance of the cards drawn and thanking God for His guidance.

After the reading I was given the Isiah quotation. On the back Katrina wrote the key points from the reading.

Before Katrina arrived I had an interesting discussion about festivals and food. After the reading a brief discussion of Paulo Coelho.

I also sampled a very interesting and tasty West India savoury tidbit. To whoever made it and brought it along, thank you it was delicious and could I please have the recipe (ingredients and preparation). We can then share it with others.

I had not been feeling well and had intended going home early. I ended leaving very late, too late to catch a late train and caught a train after midnight. I arrived home in the early hours of the morning.

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Eden People demonstrating use of Jesus Cards

Eden People demonstrating use of Jesus Cards

June 29, 2010
Eden People – shuffling the deck

Eden People – shuffling the deck

I was pleased to see the Eden People at the Ambient Picnic (this year part of Celebrating Surrey Festival). Ambient Picnic regulars, they were all that remained from when the Ambient Picnic was a free festival, a festival once worth attending.

It was a very hot day and I was very grateful for the fresh pineapple they were handing out. They were also the only people handing out free drinks in bio-degradable cups!

My eye was caught by Jesus Cards (aka Jesus Deck), lovely gilt-edge cards in a box, used in a similar way to Tarot cards. Each card had a simple quote taken from one of the gospels.

I was shown how the cards were used, plus we engaged in a very interesting discussion. Ironic that we had lengthy discussion on the biblical context of each card. Why ironic? Although I was being shown how the cards are used as one would use Tarot cards, the cards were originally designed to illustrate and promote discussion on aspects of the life of Jesus.

The Jesus Deck was designed as a set of playing cards by the Rev Ralph Moore in consultation with various Scripture and Theology Consultants. With the pack is a set of instructions for games and a description of each card. The cards themselves are an attractive set of playing cards well presented in a black box with the words Jesus Deck in gold block writing on the cover. They are divided into suits according to the gospels and contain pictures of events or stories form the life of Jesus.

Eden People also had Angel Cards which I guess would be something similar.

If the Catholic Church is at one end of the religious spectrum, then Eden People are at the other. An informal collective of free-thinking followers of Jesus. Like Santiago in The Alchemist by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, they listen to their heart, follow the signs, are in contact with the Soul of the World.

Synchronicity: I walked to the festival along the River Wey then along the North Downs Way, dropping down to Loseley Park. On my way there the lovely scent of elderflower, on my way back in the gathering dusk the lovely scent of honeysuckle. As I passed St Nicholas Church I saw they were to have two talks on The Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (7-30pm in the evening on Tuesday 6 and 13 of July 2010), a medieval pilgrims route. A route that had fallen into disuse until Paulo Coelho wrote of his pilgrimage in The Pilgrimage.

Synchronicity: One of the stalls had a copy of The Valkyries on display!

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