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Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn

September 12, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn #JezWeDid

Jeremy Corbyn #JezWeDid

Labour Leadership votes

Labour Leadership votes

It became common to hear, among senior Labour figures anxious about the Greens and parties like Syriza or Podemos, the assurance: “Britain does not need a Syriza”. — Paul Mason

Against all the odds, Jeremy Corbyn has won an amazing victory with nearly 60% of the votes cast.

By mere coincidence, I happened to turn on the radio live from a special Labour Party conference as his vote was announced, Jeremy Corbyn 251,417 votes.

Shame on the BBC who then interpreted his victory speech with views of studio pundits.

Jeremy Corbyn started as 500-1 rank outsider, barely scraping sufficient support to get his name on the ballot paper, and only then within minutes of the deadline.

He has breathed a breath of fresh air into British politics. People were willing to support a man who was not part of a party machine, a man who understood their dissatisfaction with party politics, a man they felt they could trust, who inspired hope.

Labour stood at less than 200,000 members. During the campaign, Jeremy Corbyn has brought in over 400,000 members,  taking Labour Party membership to over 600,000.

If we look at those who paid their £3 supporter’s fee, over 80% voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

He spoke to packed and overflowing meetings across the country.

Jeremy Corbyn has given hope. People do not wish to see politics, business as usual. They do not want to see austerity. They do not want to see the poor penalised for the failing of an economic system not of their doing. People want to see a fairer and more equatable society.

People do not want to see establishment politicians, out to feather their own nest, there to act as puppets for bankers and big business.

To demonstrate, it was not and will not be business as usual, the first act of Jeremy Corbyn, was to address a rally for refugees in Parliament Square, one of many across Europe.

His first act as leader was to attend a “refugees welcome here” rally, joining tens of thousands of people marching through central London in support of the rights of refugees.

Addressing cheering crowds in Parliament Square, he delivered an impassioned plea to the government to recognise its legal obligations to refugees from Syria and elsewhere and to find “peaceful solutions to the world’s problems”.

“Open your your hearts. open your minds, open your attitude to suffering people, who are desperate and who are in need of somewhere safe to live,” added the new Labour leader.

Singer Billy Bragg then led the crowd in a rendition of socialist anthem The Red Flag.

Mr Corbyn earlier told supporters his first day at the helm of his party in Parliament would be spent opposing government plans to “shackle” trade unions by imposing higher thresholds for strike ballots.

BBC coverage, midday onward has been a disgrace, scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anyone who will say Labour unelectable, going backwards to the 1980s.

Jeremy Corbyn has put forward a forward looking, progressive agenda, that is why he has received such massive support

Prime Minister’s Question Time, is going to be radically different. No longer the infantile public school antics, it will be asking of intelligent questions.

There is much to be done.

Opposition to the Welfare Bill and attacks on Trade Unions.

Railways brought back into public ownership, some form of cooperative structure, not state capitalism run by bureaucrats. As each franchise comes up for renewal it will pass back to the state.

As with the railways, privatisation of electricity has been a big mistake. We need to create community owned and controlled local grids. Into which feed renewables guaranteed a fair price. Consumers would pay a fair price. Any surplus power generation would be fed to other local grids via a  publicly owned National Grid. Any surplus profit would be ploughed back into the local grid or be spent on local community projects. The Big Six would not be able to compete with local grids and would go out of business.

Syriza has already congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on his landslide win.

Those Labour MPs who are briefing publicly and privately against Jeremy Corbyn, do so at their own peril. They need to be reminded of the massive mandate Jeremy Corbyn has, with half a million having participated.

Tories claim Jeremy Corbyn a threat to national security.

There is an arms fair taking place in London. Who the threat to national security?

The monster Tony Blair created has finally be slain.

What the leadership election has shown over the last couple of months is how out of touch the Labour establishment, and Labour MPs.

Moving forward we need a Constitutional Convention, a meeting of like minded people, bringing together Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas. Jeremy Corbyn has to reach out beyond the Labour party, which to his credit, is something he has always done.

We need reform at local level. parties should have no place in running Town Halls. We need to look to Frome, organise a Flatpack Democracy revolution, ordinary people hold public meetings choose candidates, seize control of Town Halls, people participate in the decision making, network the Town Halls, Parish Councils.

Who Is Worse For Britain – Blair Or Corbyn?

August 30, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn: Alice in Wonderland

Jeremy Corbyn: Alice in Wonderland

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair on trial if there is the evidence

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair on trial if there is the evidence

We have all seen them, lunatics on the street, lost souls, raving to no one in particular and the world at large. That is the image I have of Tony Blair. Maybe it is a rehearsal for when he is finally and long overdue put on trial for war crimes, he lacks the mental capacity to plead.

Why oh why does the mainstream media keep giving this war criminal a soap box? The latest being The Observer.

This is the third time in as many weeks, the mainstream media has granted Tony Blair a platform from which to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

There is a new phenomenon in politics or perhaps the revival of an old one. But whatever it is, it is powerful. Someone said to me the other day re Corbyn mania: “You just don’t get it.” I confess they’re right. I don’t get it, but I’m trying hard, and I read with care Rosie Fletcher’s passionate piece in praise of Jeremy Corbyn in last week’s Observer.

The Corbyn thing is part of a trend. So Donald Trump leads the field of Republican candidates with thousands at his meetings, despite remarks about women and Mexicans that you might think would be a disqualification in a nation where half the voters are women and Latinos, the fastest growing group of voters.

Bernie Sanders is wowing the Democrats on a platform that wouldn’t carry more than a handful of states. The SNP win a landslide in Scotland after the collapse of the oil price means that the course they advised the Scottish people to take last year would have landed the country in the economic trauma unit.

The former Greek prime minister led in the polls on a bailout programme significantly harsher than that of the government he put out of office precisely on the issue of the bailout. Marine Le Pen rides high in France advocating an extreme nationalism combined with a quasi-socialist economic policy, with small business appeal, when, let us say, the historical precedents for such a combination aren’t exactly comforting.

Blair still does not get it why Labour was wiped out in Scotland. The Indy Ref politicised the population, and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

It is not SNP that has caused the world oil price to drop. It is various factors, economic slowdown, Saudi Arabia flooding the market with oil to force the price down and bankrupt Russia.

Blair lacks any understanding of the situation in Greece. Syriza was swept to power in Greece with a mandate to oppose austerity, oppose the neo-liberal agenda. The Greek people gave a massive NO in the referendum, their proposals were radical, forward thinking, on how to reform Greece, put the country back on its feet, write off the debt, but, they were crushed by the EU which could not tolerate dissent.

Tony Blair rants Jeremy Corbyn is taking us into Alice in Wonderland. I quite like Alice in Wonderland.

But who is lost to the fairies, who fabricated a pack of lies to attack Iraq, who had a dodgy dossier, who told us that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction that could be launched within forty-five minutes?

Tony Blair epitomises the venal politician, his hands are dripping with the blood of the dictators he associates with. His legacy is the Middle East set on fire, the rise of ISIS, immigrants flooding onto the EU.

Members of the Labour Establishment, now resigned to a Jeremy Corbyn win, are saying they will give him 18 months, that his leadership will be on their terms. One of Liz Kendall’s backers speaking on the awful Westminster Hour talked of loyalty.

Who do these people think they are? Jeremy Corbyn has massive backing from the British public who see a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the political establishment. If sections of the Labour Establishment do not like, it, especially Labour MPs, they have a simple choice, accept the will of the people, or face de-selection.

Labour still have not got their collective head around why they were wiped out in the General Election in May.

Tweedledee v Tweedledum. No one could tell the difference. Either find something better to do than visit the Polling Station and legitimise a corrupt system, or of you want Tory then vote Tory.

Four Labour leadership contenders, Jeremy Corbyn offering real choice, speaking to packed meetings across the country, three who represent the Establishment businesses as usual, no one can tell them apart, their policy, we do not like Jeremy Corbyn.

We keep being told Jeremy Corby is unelectable, even though all the evidence is to the contrary.

The latest self-selecting readers poll in the Mirror puts Labour with Jeremy Corbyn to win the Election in 2020 at 81% yes and 19% no.

Coups, plots and rigged election

August 23, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn -- John Pilger

Jeremy Corbyn — John Pilger

Labour Party is having a purge. Anyone with any decency, morals is out, out. — Chunk Mark

‘Labour trying to rig leadership election’ — Jeremy Hardy

In four years, Ed Miliband could not budge Labour Party membership from 200,000. Jeremy Corbyn has increased it from 200,000 to over 600,000.

The reaction of the Labour Party to this massive increase in membership, is to wring hands in horror and carry out a purge of anyone who may vote Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader.

This modern-day McCarthyism is a crude attempt to rig he Labour leadership election.

Film maker Ken Loach has been barred, as has satarists Mark Steele and Jeremy hardy, as have many student activists, even long-time Labour Party members have been purged.

Comments people may have made on social media, did they support Caroline Lucas, maybe reposted comments by SNP, grounds to purge, made favourable comments for a Green candidate, they too must be purged.

Each day, in what is clearly an orchestrated campaign, a different member of the Labour Party Establishment is wheeled out to attack Jeremy Corbyn —  Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Mandelson, Blunkett, Straw, the list goes on and on and on. And it makes absolutely no difference, or at least not the difference they wish, it increases the support for Jeremy Corbyn. These are the people who have made Labour unelectable. They have still not got it why they lost the last election.

What the Labour Party Establishment has completely failed to understand, is that people want fundamental political change, they are sick of  Businesses As Usual Politics, politicians who are there to get their snout stuck in the trough, line their own pockets, act as puppets for the banks and big business.

People do not want hypocrites who cannot even be bothered to get off their backsides and oppose draconian welfare cuts for the poor.

Spiv Chuka Umunna has formed or threatened to form Resistance, a cabal within the Labour Party to oppose Jeremy Corbyn if elected leader.

Simon Danczuk wants to organise a coup. His wife on the other hand, merely wants to flash her breasts on twitter and get laid by whoever will have her. Jeremy Corbyn may be elected leader, but Labour MPs will depose and elect their own leader.

No self-respecting person would touch The Sun with a bargepole, not satisfied with his salary, Simon Danczuk received £10,000 for an article he “contributed” just five hours of his time too – £2,000 an hour. The payment was received by the Labour MP from the Murdoch owned News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun.

For the financial year 2013-2014 Simon Danczuk claimed £206,908.92 in expenses.

Andy Burnham, a poor looser, is threatening legal action if he loses. By saying he would include Ed Miliband as part of his team, he has made himself a laughing stock. And putting out an e-mail claiming Support from Unite (they support Jeremy Corbyn), is plain dishonesty.

Jeremy Corbyn supporters are being purged, on the other hand, is it OK for Yvette Coper to take £75,000 from a Tory Party donor? Or Liz Kendall funded by lobbyists?

Peter Hearn who gave gave Cooper £75,000 to support her campaign for the Labour leadership is not any old Tory donor. He is a multi-millionaire accountant behind PSD Group, an executive recruitment firm specialising in high-level jobs in banking, finance, and other sectors.

In light of the membership purge that has taken place, the one person who would be more than justified in mounting legal challenge would be Jeremy Corbyn.

Imagine for one moment, Vladimir Putin carrying out a purge to rig an election. There would be international outcry.

It is one thing a Member of Parliament to vote for what is right, that is what they are there for, that is what their constituents expect, not be a robot blindly following Party diktat. What though is no acceptable, is plots against someone democratically elected by the people.

It is time for these Members of Parliament to be de-selected.

In Brighton and Hove there are calls for Peter Kyle to be de-selected following an infantile anti-Corbyn rant in the Argus.

What all this shows, is the need for change, how out of touch with ordinary people is the Labour Party Establishment.

People want change, they wish to see a complete overhaul of the political system.

Yvette Cooper: Hypocrisy and lack of vision

August 20, 2015
ToryLite - Ed Balls

ToryLite – Ed Balls

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday a hatchet job by Wato on Jeremy Corbyn, today on Wato softly softly with Yvette Cooper.

Yvette Cooper demonstrated she had a complete lack of vision. It was basically more of the same.

She proposed a few areas in which she would like to spend money, basically CorbynLite, but when asked where was the money coming from she did not know, but then went on to attack Quantitative Easing as proposed by Jeremy Corbyn.

She was opposed to the Tory cuts. Did she opposes the Tory Welfare Bill? Er, no.

Could she explain the widening gap between Labour MPs and the public, as has clearly been shown by the support for Jeremy Corbyn. No, she could not. Maybe, as caller suggested, we need to change the Labour MPs to be more representatives of the public.

She was concerned at people joining the Labour Party who did not share Labour Party values. What are these values?

Would she, if invited, join a Jeremy Corbyn team, or invite Jeremy Corbyn to join her team? An empathic no.

Basically it was more of the same tired old policies that lost Labour the last election and saw Labour wiped out in Scotland.

Like the rest of the Labour Party Establishment, she still does not get it why Labour lost the last election, and why Jeremy Corbyn is speaking to packed and overflowing meetings. A lack of understanding of economics, but then she is married to Ed Balls. Basically a lack of vision, her one policy, attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Yvette Copper abstained on the Tory Welfare Bill, which will take a further £12 billion from the poor.

Yvette Cooper voted against the Iraq War Inquiry.

Yvette Cooper supports a third runaway at Heathow.

Wato hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn

August 19, 2015
 Daily Record front page

Daily Record front page

The idea that I’m some kind of racist or anti-Semitic person is beyond appalling, disgusting and deeply offensive. — Jeremy Corbyn

This campaign is attracting a lot of people young and old, black and white, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish. Everybody has come together. — Jeremy Corbyn

I’ve done over 70 events in the last six or eight weeks since the campaign started and the attendances are getting bigger and bigger.  — Jeremy Corbyn

Last week and this week, Wato (BBC Radio 4 lunchtime news) has invited all four of the Labour Party leadership contenders to participate in a question and answer sessions with listeners. Today was the turn of Jeremy Corbyn to be invited to answer questions on Wato. What took place was a hatchet job, a biassed profile to display Jeremy Corbyn in a bad light, extremely biased and loaded questions, not even a pretence at balance or impartiality. The presenter Martha Kearney was nothing less than a disgrace,  aggressive questioning, repeated interruptions when Jeremy Corbyn attempted to answer questions put by listeners.

Flawed economic policies. Unelectable. Friend of Hamas. Anti-Semite, inviting anti-Semites into Labour and reliant upon their support. Invitation to a Nazi sympathiser to the House of Commons. Resignation if no support from Labour supporters.

Austerity does not work. Quantitative Easing did nothing other than hand money to bankers, make the rich richer, inflated the bonuses of bankers. To offer an alternative to austerity, is thus to have a credible economics policy.

The woman attacking Jeremy Corbyn over Hamas came across as a fundamentalist Zionist. When inviting people to the House of Commons, it is tradition to refer to them as friends. Jeremy Corbyn has talked to Hamas together with other parliamentarians. That does not mean he supports atrocities committed by Hamas. A former Head of Mossad has said talks with Hamas must take place. Tony Blair talked to Hamas.

Middle East peace negotiator Canon Andrew White founder and president of Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) counts the co-founder of Hamas as a personal friend. He has arranged talks with a chief rabbi. We do not make peace unless we talk. You do not know your enemy until you have looked them in the eye, know their story.

Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life fighting racism, striving for peace in the Middle East. To describe him as anti-Semitic, is just one of the many smears he is being subjected to by ever desperate opponents.  Anyone who dares criticise Israel and its occupation of Palestine and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, is automatically labelled anti-Semitic by Zionists. If a Jew, then labelled self-hater or Jew-hater.

The Nazi sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn was alleged to have invited to the House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn did not know who he was, but still the presenter persisted in asking the question.

Note: Jeremy Corbyn has since checked. He once shared a platform, but could not recall either the name or meeting him, and certainly does not share his views.

Newcastle Opera House 1500 people inside and 500 on the street outside

Newcastle Opera House 1500 people inside and 500 on the street outside

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to packed meetings across the country. Often he has to hold to a second meeting to talk to those outside who could not get in. To therefore claim he lacks credibility, lacks support. is clearly nonsense. And unlike Labour meetings of old, these are not set piece stage managed meetings. People attend, of all ages, because they are enthused they wish to see change, the are sick and tired of the Labour Party Establishment.

Brian Reade:

Inside the hall it feels like I’m back in Scotland during last year’s referendum. There is an electric buzz in the air. A sense of liberation.

When Corbyn speaks he touches their every G-spot: Bankers’ greed, welfare cuts, the NHS, anti trade union laws, the consequences of our illegal wars.

He tells them “the levels of inequality in this country are the worst in Europe. Surely we can do something very different?”

He says he wants to see a “fundamental change to our politics” centred on “a basic humanity.”

He tells them that their “optimism” this summer “has produced a big change in how we do politics.”

When he finishes, all 1,280 supporters leap to their feet roaring their lungs out, yelling for more.

When I take a straw poll of why they are transfixed by a pension-aged backbencher who has spent most of his time in Westminster opposing his party the same words come back. Because he’s “authentic, real, a breath of fresh air, decent, straight, principled, genuine.”

He has been packing out 1,000-plus auditoria across the land for weeks. They’ve had to move rallies to bigger venues and set up overspill rooms.

His own Twitter account following now stands at 104, 000. It was below 32,000 when the campaign begin.

This is a phenomenon, the like of which I haven’t seen in 40 years of watching Labour from close-quarters.

Because it’s feeding off an aching for change that’s coming from ordinary Labour supporters below, not being imposed by rulers from above.

Ed Miliband in four years as Labour leader, did not make a difference to Labour Party membership, then at around 200,000. Jeremy Corbyn in a mere four months has increased to over 600,000.

This leadership election by widening who can take part, is the most democratic  in the Western World. But all we hear from the Labour Establishment is calls of infiltration, of weeding people out, of suspending the election. Why, because their days are numbered, the gravy train is over?

Jeremy Corbyn has said if he wins, he wishes to make more democratic, grass roots involvement, not diktat from the leader.

The only way Labour can win, is to have a massive grass roots movement behind it pushing for social change.

Jeremy Corbyn is attracting people from all walks of life, young and old, black and white, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish. Everybody has come together. The only people he is not attracting is the Labour Establishment, who are launching their poisonous and venomous attacks every day.

A reader-selected poll in ChronicleLive, a Newcastle paper:

  • Jeremy Corbyn ===> 80%
  • Andy Burnham ===> 8%
  • Liz Kendall  ===> 7%
  • Yvette Cooper  ===> 5%

A similar self-selecting readers poll in the Mirror (Mirror has urged its readers to vote Andy Burnham):

  • Jeremy Corbyn ===> 78%
  • Andy Burnham ===> 12%
  • Liz Kendall  ===> 5%
  • Yvette Cooper  ===> 5%

Jeremy Corbyn has a positive, forward looking radical message. The best his opponents can offer, is we are against Jeremy Corbyn.  They are bankrupt of ideas. They lost the last two elections by offering the same tired old policies that the Tories are offering, in reality puppets of bankers and global corporations. These failed policies have no popular support, the only beneficences are the rich and the powerful.

This not about power, which is all the Labour Establishment obsesses about,  it is about change, participation, at all levels of society. It is about wresting control from the powerful, dealing with tax dodgers, stopping the exploitation of the poor.

The British people are not interested in politics, leave it to a professional political class, who have never done an honest day’s work in their life,  self serving pigs with their snouts n the trough, who never get their hands dirty with ordinary people, except at election time, when they want your tick in a box to legitimise a sham democracy, and even then, they are shepherded around by advisers, and hangers on, to ensure the public never get too close. At least that is what we are told. Politics is something foreigners do, riots on the street, look at Spain, look at Greece. And yet, look to Scotland, look to Frome in Somerset where ordinary people with their Flatpack Democracy revolution seized control of Frome Town Hall. We were told the days of political meetings, where Winston Churchill would address packed meeting, were long gone. We were in an era of meaningless sound bites, focus groups, candidates imposed upon local political parties, then imposed on the electorate. As  Jeremy Corbyn speaking to packed and overflowing meetings has shown, they were all so wrong.

David Blunkett is the latest sad pathetic member of the Labour Establishment to climb aboard the anti-Corbyn bandwagon.

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair increases support by launching paranoid attack

August 12, 2015
optimism in the possibility of a new way forward

optimism in the possibility of a new way forward

Last month Tony Blair crawled out of whatever rock he hides under when not hobnobbing with dictators and showing how to wash away their crimes, for a hefty fee of course, to launch a blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn. He has now crawled out again, to launch another attack, only this time it comes across as someone paranoid and completely off their trolley. But then he has reason to be, he could be on trial for war crimes, him and his associates Alistair Campbell and Jack Straw.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the left, right or centre of the party, whether you used to support me or hate me,” he wrote. “But please understand the danger we are in. The party is walking eyes shut, arms outstretched over the cliff’s edge to the jagged rocks below. This is not a moment to refrain from disturbing the serenity of the walk on the basis it causes ‘disunity’. It is a moment for a rugby tackle if that were possible.

Does Blair care what happens to the Labour Party? Of course not, the only thing Tony Blair cares about is Tony Blair, the only thing that motivates him is his own personal greed. He comes across as someone with a Messianic complex. He believes his own self importance.

Blair talks of annihilation. A rather inappropriate word from Tony Blair, is that not what he did to Iraq?

Maybe Blair looks at the packed meetings across the country and thinks, that is $200,000 going begging each meeting. Except of course no one at the meetings would wish to hear Blair speak, they would be demonstrating outside calling for him to be put on trial for war crimes.

What Blair and his ilk do not seem to grasp, the more they attack Jeremy Corbyn, the more it increases his support, as people realise they must be backing the right man.

All it now takes is Blair to endorse one of the other candidates, and it will be the kiss of death.

Such is the desperation of Labour MPs, they are calling for Ed Miliband to intervene. One of the worst leaders Labour has ever had, who should have been ditched at least a year before the General Election, a man who succeeded in seeing Labour wiped out in Scotland and suffering one of their worst ever defeats in England.

Daily Mail had a throw away line today in the editorial, Jeremy Corbyn described as a throwback Marxist.

In the same paper, Labour Party being infiltrated by er infiltrators, four Labour MPs calling for the leadership election to be suspended. The Labour Party responds that it has robust procedures in place to weed out infiltrators.

Throwback Marxist. I am sure there will be worse to come, especially from gutter rags like The Sun.

Infiltrators, the term conjures up SS infiltrating the French Resistance.

Infiltrators, who are these infiltrators. The Daily Mail helpfully tells us. A few Greens.

Does it actually matter if people have an association with another party? They are registering because they see the possibility of effecting real change.

Next we will be told members of ISIS have registered as Labour Party supporters. Or maybe Vladimir Putin has managed to infiltrate.

Comedian and columnist for The Independent Mark Steel  is one of those blocked. Film maker Ken Roach is another.

Apart from being supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, on what grounds to reject? In the case of Mark Steel, could it be because he mocked the way Labour is blocking supporters, to then run foul himself?

Of everyone I have spoken to, bar two, and I will come to these two, there is overwhelming support for Jermy Corbyn. The more he is attacked by Blair and the Labour Establishment, the stronger that support becomes. Many have registered, many have not, but all wish to see Jeremy Corbyn elected and bring about real change.

Of the two who raised doubts, one referred to Jeremy Corbyn as a Marxist, the other as being under the control of Trade Unions. I carefully explained neither was true, asked were they happy with the status quo. To which I received an adamant no. Support Jeremy Corbyn then, was my response. They will think about it.

And from where do they get these perverted notions? From rags like the Daily Mail and a Labour Establishment that seems keen to do Murdoch’s dirty work for him.

Of everyone I speak to, they see Labour as unelectable, they recognise why Labour did so badly in the last election, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, they can not see the difference, therefore why bother voting or if you do vote vote for the real thing and vote Tory.

Why is it, the mainstream media and the Labour Establishment cannot see what is plain and obvious before their nose? I can only assume because they inhabit the same worlds, reinforce each others perverted world view. But then they could not see what was happing in Scotland, the radicalisation and politicisation of the populations that was created by open discussion of Indy Ref.  The same is happening with Jeremy Corbyn, once the population is radicalised and politicised, that genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Another significant factor may be the number of people who have read Revolution and regularly watch The Trews.

It is laughable that anyone thinks Labour could win under Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham. These are the very people who lost the last election. They would make Labour irrelevant, cast to the margins of history as as happened to the LibsDems (who) and Labour in Scotland. And even in the unlikely event they could win, nothing would change.

Do we want to see mass library closures, as is being pushed through in Lincolnshire by a fundamentalist Tory leader of the County Council? Of 45 public libraries, 30 will close, and of the remaining 15, these will be on reduced hours. In Birmingham, the new state-of-the-art library, is now on reduced opening hours and appealing to the public for new books.

If we want to see where we are heading, visit the outposts of the Western Empire on the banks of Dnistr,  where people are eking out a living on less than $5 a day. Or see what the EU is imposing on Greece.

Such was the surge in people wishing to register as Labour Party supporters today to enable a vote in the leadership elections that the website crashed. The deadline for registrations originally midday, had to be delayed by three hours until 3pm.

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader

August 11, 2015
Labour Leadership race explained

Labour Leadership race explained

far from denying the deficit we must tackle it

far from denying the deficit we must tackle it

 public ownership does not mean state control

public ownership does not mean state control

I am just an ordinary person trying to do an ordinary job. — Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn is the only candidate sticking to the line that the banks were to blame and he is reaping the benefit. Not least because he is absolutely right. — Larry Elliott

As people wake up to the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn actually being able to win the Labour leadership, the reaction has become increasingly hysterical, especially from elements of the Labour establishment. — John McDonnell

Sunday smear of the day: Jeremy Corbyn is taking us back to the bad old days, failed state nationalisation.

Not true. Jeremy Corbyn has questioned monopolies like rail, electricity, water. Questioned why we are making public investment in rail infrastructure to benefit private companies. He has suggested public ownership, where we all have a stake, open coops, collaborative commons.

I believe in public ownership, but I have never favoured the remote nationalised model that prevailed in the post-war era. Like a majority of the population and a majority of even Tory voters, I want the railways back in public ownership.

But public control should mean just that, not simply state control: so we should have passengers, rail workers and government too, co-operatively running the railways to ensure they are run in our interests and not for private profit.

This model should replace both the old Labour model of top-down operation by central diktat and Tories favoured model of unaccountable privatised operators running our public services for their own ends.

The public support public ownership, recognise the failure of privatisation of railways and electricity.

East Coast train at Kings Cross

East Coast train at Kings Cross

East Coast Mainline was in public owner, it was well run, returned a billion pounds to the Treasury.

Last year Tories handed East Coast Mainline to Richard Branson and Stagecoach.

Public ownership does not have to be nationalisation of the Big Six, indeed that would be the wrong approach. Far better would be community owned and controlled local grids, into which feed renewables guaranteed a fair price, consumers pay a fair price, surplus generation is fed to other local grids via the National Grid (in public ownership or a owned by the local grids or a mix of the two), any profit ploughed back into the local grid or funds local community projects. The Big Six would not be able to compete with local grids and would go out of business. Money would be available to be spent in and revive the local economy. In Germany there are several hundred local grids. Last year E.ON stated it could not compete with local grids.

Yesterday (Monday) we had Barry Sherman call for suspension of the leadership election because the wrong people were registering as supporters of the Labour Party, ie people who would vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Barry Sherman is a supporter of Liz Kendall. To her credit, speaking on Wato, Liz Kendall did not call for suspension, she said it was good people were registering an interest.

Barry Sherman claimed Labour MPs were not happy with the new electoral system. This only goes to show how out of touch are Labour MPs and that we need to see a wholesale clear out.

Jermy Corbyn welcomes so many people are taking an interest. And as he says, this goes beyond the Parliamentary Labour Party, beyond the Labour Party. This is real democracy at work, inclusive, involving people, engaging with people.

Harriet Harman has called upon local Labour parties and MPs to weed out people known to them.

Imagine for one moment this happening in Russia or a Third World Country. There would be international outcry at crude attempts to rig the outcome of an election.

Yesterday the odious Alistair Campbell joined in the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. He described it as madness for the Labour Party to elect Jeremy Corbyn. Well at least we would have someone of integrity, which is more than can be said for Alistair Campbell

Riding on the coattails of Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell helps Blair, for a fee of course, to improve the image of ruthless dictators whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent victims, peaceful protesters.

In the last few weeks, Jack Straw and Tony Blair have attacked Jeremy Corbyn. Add in Alistair Campbell and that is three war criminals. Are all three worried that if there is the evidence, Jeremy Cobyn would agree to Tony Blair being put on trial for war crimes?

Today, it was the turn of Peter Hain, a man who would sell his grandmother, to attack Jeremy Corbyn, who he claimed lacked credibility, parroted what is now a well worn groove, that it is to take the Labour Party backwards and yet ironically, bemoaned the lack of any radical policies.

Who needs the Murdoch controlled media, when Old Guard Labour will do Murdoch’s dirty business for him.

Jeremy Corby unelectable

Jeremy Corby unelectable

We hear time and time again Jeremy Corbyn cannot win elections. That no doubt explains why he won Islington with an increased majority, when many of the Labour Old Guard could not even hold on to what until then were rock solid safe Labour seats, in Labour strongholds.

packed meetings

packed meetings

And what of the packed meetings? We are told they are deluded.

The Labour Old Guard have demonstrated they cannot win elections, they have lost two elections, with the last election being one of the worst ever results for Labour.

The public are sick of politics businesses as usual, the overwhelming vast majority of politicians self-serving scum, whores for big business and bankers, with rare exceptions such as Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air, no spin doctors, no advisers, no on message, no looking over the shoulder at what Murdoch and Lord Rothermere may say. A politician of integrity, a politician who understands democracy, real  democracy, participatory democracy, engagement with the people, not the sham democracy we have been palmed off with, tick a box every few years, then keep quiet. People wish to see him elected, as a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the direction of politics.

Austerity has failed, failed that is unless you are one of the 1% who are doing nicely.

We used to have a prosperous working class, now we have minimum wage, zero hours, de-skilled workers, reliant upon tax credits. With no money to spend, our town centres are dying.

Austerity is not an accident, nor is it for the short term. It is part of the neo-liberal agenda to smash workers, smash democracy, drive wages down to the level of India or China. Forget minimum wage, many are working as serfs for apps, where once we had Trade Unions negotiating higher wages, atomised isolated workers are now bidding against each other to drive wages down.

The system is collapsing, but instead of the wealthy bearing the brunt of the cuts, after all it was they who caused the crisis in 2008 not the poor, austerity is being used as a cover for Shock Doctrine, it is the poor who are being hit with welfare cuts, students saddled with a lifetime of debt for wanting a decent education, pensioners facing pension cuts and being forced to work until they drop, libraries closed, art funding cut, hospitals starved of funding, waiting lists growing.

All the conditions that caused the banking crisis of 2008 are in place, banks have ever more toxic instruments in place. Only this time around, there is no money left to bail out the banks.

In Greece we are seeing the social catastrophe of austerity. And a further wave of privatisations, pension cuts, tax hikes is being forced on Greece, because they had the audacity to believe another world to be possible.

Tidjane Thiam, the CEO of Prudential, spelled out the true meaning of austerity at the Davos forum in 2012. Unions are the ‘enemy of young people’ and a minimum wage a ‘machine to destroy jobs’. He want to see more austerity. J P Morgan spelt it out in 2013, for the neo-liberal agenda to succeed, democracy must be destroyed. In other words, democracy must be destroyed for J P Morgan to survive.

As the Greeks have discovered, there is no Geneva Convention to protect us from the banks, from their riot police and tear gas. They will quite happily trigger a run on the banks to bring a democratic country to its knees, as they did in Cyprus in 2013 and Greece this summer.

They own the media, the politicians, but they do not own us. More and more of us are prepared to take to the streets face down the riot cops, the tear gas.

There is the hope, they completely lack public support. Parties like Syriza are prepared to stand up and be counted. They may have been forced into temporary retreat, the Fourth Reich may have occupied Greece, but they will not be there for ever.

In England there was no alternative. Tweedledee v Tweedledum, puppets of the bankers, only too willing to do their bidding. Democracy a sham. Tick a box, which puppet would you like for the next five years.

Enter Jeremy Corbyn. Now there is hope, a chance of real change. And because he is willing to offer change, that is why he is being attacked, and those attacks will only get worse.

In the unlikely event were Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham to win the Labour leadership race, it will be more of the same. Labour will be unelectable for the foreseeable future. But even were they to win an election, nothing would change.

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the opportunity for real change, a once in lifetime opportunity. That is why his meetings are packed, why people are registering as Labour Party supporters, they want to see change, they want to be part of that change.

And it is not only Parliament, people will take to the streets.

Jeremy Corbyn addressed the massive anti-austerity protest in London in June, as did Russell Brand, Charlotte Church, Caroline Lucas. Where was the Labour Front Bench?

The deadline to register as a Labour Party supporter is midday Wednesday 12 August 2015.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Labour cannot go on being Tory-lite’

August 5, 2015
Vote Corbyn  New Labour Isn't Working

Vote Corbyn New Labour Isn’t Working

All of the economic research that allegedly supported the austerity push has been discredited. — Paul Krugman

Channel 4 News interviewer says economic policy put forward by Jeremy Corbyn not credible.

Says who? Which part? Not leading economists who say austerity is not working.

Labour Shadow Chancellor is as economically illiterate as George Osborne

Tweedledee v Tweedledum. Labour unelectable for foreseeable future whilst they offer no credible alternative to failed Tory policies. Either people will not vote as they have no wish to legitimise a corrupt system , or if they want Tories, they will vote Tory.

Unbelievably bad Channel 4 News interviewer. Maybe they should have had Paul Mason, who at least does understand something about economics.

As bad as BBC interviews which keep referring to Hard Left,and did not challenge view of Shadow Labour Chancellor, whose views at odds with leading economists.

Last week Harriet Harman said  names were being forwarded to local Labour parties to weed out those known to them. Today, she said Labour MPs had been asked to do the same. Democracy?

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

Jeremy Corbyn addressing a meeting in Bristol

July 24, 2015
packed meeting in Bristol to hear  Jeremy Corbyn

packed meeting in Bristol to hear Jeremy Corbyn

A picture is worth a thousand words. Every picture tells a story.

A packed meeting in Bristol to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak.

People’s Campaign for Corbyn:

Absolutely packed Jeremy Corbyn meeting in Bristol tonight. Politics is changing in Britain before our very eyes and the Blairites can keep moaning all they like but they won’t stop this movement.

People do not vote because they are sick and disgusted with two-faced hypocrites out to line their own pockets, who do not speak for them, who act for the banks and big business.

Jeremy Corbyn, like Caroline Lucas, is a rare example of a politician who listens to people, who shares their concerns, who acts for them.

He was on the streets demonstrating against austerity, supporting the Greeks in their fight against the EU.

It is because he is listening, that people sense real change, that people are willing to back him, turn out to meetings to hear what he has to say, lend their support.

The attack on Jeremy Corbyn by discredited and despised Tony Blair, only added to his support.

As has Labour wannabe leader Liz Kendal who said he is unfit to lead the Labour Party. No, the one who is unfit is Liz Kendal, who supports Tory attacks on the poor.

The Labour Establishment has crawled out of the woodwork to attack Jeremy Corbyn. These are the same people who lost the Election in May, who still do not get it why Labour lost.

Harriet Harman does not get it when she told Labour MPs not to vote against the Tory Welfare Bill that will take £12 billion out of the pockets of the poor. 48 Labour MPs had the decency and integrity of ignoring her, 48 Labour MPs that included Jeremy Corbyn, that included 18 newly elected Labour MPs, voted against the Welfare Bill.

They were accused by the Labour Establishment of damaging the Party, no those who damaged the Party were those who sat on their hands who could not be bothered to vote.

Tweedledee v Tweedledum, that was why Labour lost the election, no one could tell the difference. If you are going to vote Tory, you may as well vote the real thing, or not vote at all. In Scotland they had a real choice, that is why they voted SNP and why Labour is unelectable in Scotland for the foreseeable future.

People do not want austerity, they do not want to see library closures, cuts to NHS, the poorest people in society being bled dry, companies like Starbucks and Vodafone failing to pay taxes, privatised rail and power and water companies ripping us off, bankers getting away with fraud.

Mark Steel on Jeremy Corbyn:

If you look at Corbyn’s record it’s clear he just can’t win elections. In his constituency of Islington North he inherited a majority of 4,456, which is now 21,194. He’s one of the few Labour MPs whose vote increased between 2005 and 2010, when he added 5,685 to his majority. This is typical of the man, defying the official Labour policy of losing votes and getting more of them instead, just to be a rebel.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

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