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Jeremy Corbyn headline act at Glastonbury

June 24, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn given the reception at Glastonbury that most performers could only dream of.

Mail has become a parody of itself.

A 4×4 is what you use to get around a farm. Not as posers use around Chelsea and Kensington.

No mention of course that Jeremy Corbyn travelled to Glastonbury by train as an ordinary passenger.

Express, another rabid rag, this time owned by a Dirty Des a pornographer, complained Jeremy Corbyn failed to support Armed Forces Day, not true, but then what is the truth when it is more important to run a Jeremy Corbyn smear campaign.

We support our armed forces not with jingoistic parades, but by providing them with the right equipment when we send them into conflict, by supporting when demobbed.

No mention by the BBC that Theresa May was booed when she attended Armed Forces Day in Liverpool.

Later Jeremy Corbyn was pulling pints at the Solstice Bar.

Times they are a changing, as Bob Dylan would have sung.

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn

June 9, 2017

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn offered hope, he addressed mass rallies where he inspired people, a future we could all feel proud of, be part of.

Congratulations John McDonnell, a viable economic plan that would help to rebuild a broken country, where the rich and large corporations pay their fare share of tax.

And what did the Tories offer? Nothing. Theresa May who would have trouble filling a telephone box with her supporters, who appeared to be a robot with faulty programming destined for a  factory recall.

The media did everything they could to smear Jeremy Corbyn. They failed. They are a busted flush.

Polling day, former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove was on the front page of The Telegraph stating Jeremy Corbyn a security risk, unfit to be Prime Minister. This the man who colluded with war criminal Tony Blair to wage an illegal war in Iraq, provided dodgy intelligence to justify that war, has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands, has destabilised the Middle East and placed all of us at risk of terrorist attacks.

Theresa May, in a crude attempt to save her own skin and remain in power, gets into bed with DUP, not only getting into bed with terrorist sympathisers, but putting Northern Ireland peace in jeopardy.

Last night austerity and neo-liberalism died.

Once in a lifetime opportunity for radical political change

June 7, 2017

We are not the party of the billionaires. We are not the party of the corporate elite. We are the party of the people.— Jeremy Corbyn

The media today ran a vile smear campaign today against Jeremy Corbyn.


Because there is a very good chance that someone decent, who acts for ordinary people, may well by the end of tomorrow become Prime Minister.

This will only happen if everyone makes the effort to get out and vote.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to cause a political earthquake, to effect real political change.

Or do you wish to see

  • students start out in life with massive debts
  • continued harassment of the poor and disabled
  • elderly stripped of the winter fuel alliances
  • waiting times grow to see a doctor
  • collapse of NHS
  • our environment destroyed
  • elderly forced to sell the family home to finance care
  • pensions frozen
  • VAT rise
  • wealth transferred to the rich
  • increase in rail fares
  • increase in water, electricity and gas bills

Or do you wish to see a fairer society?

  • students granted free education
  • increase in minimum wage
  • end of zero hours contracts
  • end of exploitation by companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Sports Direct
  • rail taken back into public ownership
  • gas and electricity taken back into public ownership
  • corporations pay their fair share of tax
  • tax dodging stopped

For many working in the NHS it is quite literally a matter of life and death.

Same for the Police, they are stretched to breaking point.

Theresa May called the General Election. In doing so, she showed contempt for the Fixed Term Parliament Act. She thought she could rely on Labour MPs, fake-left Guardian, to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn.

It looks like she has made a fatal mistake. It looks like the Tory Party will be holding yet another leadership election.

Theresa May called an election, but then once again showed contempt for the people.

She could not be bothered to addressed ordinary people, invite only, careful screening

She has come across as a badly programmed robot.

BBC bias was appalling.

BBC reported Theresa May started the last day of campaigning at a market.

BBC did not report met with boos.

Contrast that with Jeremy Corbyn.

A few days ago, a massive rally in Gateshead. Tonight in Islington, where he is holding a final rally at Union Chapel, one cannot move in Islangton.

For the last seven years there has been despair. What we are seeing now is hope.

It is the hope we saw with the Arab Spring, the hope we saw with the Athens Spring.

The Arab Spring has been crushed with Fascist Islam and Fascist dictators.

The Athens Spring was crushed by the EU and the European Deep State, for fear of what they saw as a contamination that would spread across Europe.

But what you cannot crush is an idea.

What happens is up to you.

It is for you to get out and vote, to encourage friends and family to get out and vote

With Jeremy Corbyn we have a once in a lifetime opportunity for radical political change.

But it will only happen if you make it happen.

Jeremy Corbyn for Christmas No 1

December 18, 2016

No airplay on Radio 1.

Does anyone actually listen to the commercial crap on Radio 1?

Perverse to say the least to not only release but promote on tax-dodging iTunes and Amazon. Even worse to release on spotify. Lack of joined up thinking by those around Jeremy Corbyn.

Pleased therefore to finally see joined up thinking and a song being promoted on bandcamp.
Why on earth was it released, let alone promoted, on tax-dodging iTunes or Amazon? Even worse on spotify which screws artists?
Sell 1500 songs on iTunes to make minimum wage.  1.2 million plays on spotify.
Spotify operates facebook model, theft and abuse of personal data.
On bandcamp, artists get the data, bandcamp only takes a small cut. Can easily be shared. High quality audio. Can listen to entire tracks and albums. Can set minimum price, pay more than the asking price.


No seats on Virgin Trains East Coast Mainline

December 14, 2016

A few months ago, Jeremy Corbyn caused a kerfuffle when found sitting on the floor near the door on a Virgin train on the East Coast Mainline.

Richard Branson claimed it was a publicity stunt.

As regular travellers are well aware, these trains either have occupied seats or are reserved.

And so it was today on the 1330 Kings Cross to Edinburgh train, arrives Edinburgh 1830.

Purge of Labour Party supporters who joined to support Jeremy Corbyn

September 1, 2016
Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

If you registered as a Labour Party supporter, you were forced to pay £25.

Although not happy, many thought it worthwhile, if it meant they could ensure Jeremy Corbyn had a massive mandate, an opportunity to clean up the Labour Party which is corrupt and rotten to the core, and a once in a generation opportunity to effect real political change.

The Blairites though thought otherwise.  They would rather destroy the Party than see it turned into a mass social movement effecting real change in society.

130,000 Labour Party members were disnfranchised.

Those who registered as supporters, were asked why they wished to register, for their facebook and twitter accounts, for their phone number and address.

Why was the Labour Party acquiring all this information, what were they using it for? All they required was address or e-mail address to send out a ballot form.

Those who filled out the box, with support Jeremy Corbyn, were immediately rejected.

For others, £25 was taken, then a trawl through social media to see if they were likely to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, if they were, then find a pathetic excuse to reject (but in what is tantamount to fraud still keep their £25 registration fee).

Here is an extract from a letter sent out today barring one supporter from voting, and the response.

The attached letter is meaningless.

You have made inappropriate comments on social media, including a post on social media on 16th Jul 2016.

What ‘inappropriate comments on social media’?

In what way, inappropriate, who decides?

A panel of NEC.  Who appointed them, what mandate do they have? They appear to have no mandate from either the members or the leadership.

No mention of what the comment was, where, or in what way inappropriate.

No mention of any appeal mechanism.

Do you waste your time trawling through social media to find pathetic excuses to bar supporters from voting? Especially if it is thought they may vote for Jeremy Corbyn?

If yes, then this is an entirely inappropriate use of Labour Party resources.

As was using Labour Party resources to go to the Appeal Court to ensure 130,000 Labour Party members were disenfranchised.

This stinks.

This is like North Korea or Stalinist Russia.

In case you have not noticed, we still have free speech in this country.

You seem quite happy to take £25. I will expect a full refund. If not, then I consider this to be fraud.

A massive own goal for the Labour Party, a party corrupt and rotten to the core.

The person who sent the e-mail, lacks even the common courtesy to put a name to their e-mail.

I hope Jeremy Corbyn has a massive majority, despite crude attempts to rig the election,  with a mandate to clean out Labour Party HQ.

I can personally vouch for what Jeremy Corbyn has stated are the conditions on Virgin Trains East Coast Mainline

August 23, 2016
Virgin Train at King's Cross

Virgin Train at King’s Cross

Virgin Train CCTV shows seats either occupied or reserved

Virgin Train CCTV shows seats either occupied or reserved

Jeremy Corbyn was pictured sitting on the floor by the door of a Virgin Train, bound for Newcastle on the East Coast Mainline, due to overcrowded train, nowhere to sit.

Not true proclaim Virgin Trains, we have the film footage to prove it.

I cannot comment on this particular train, 1100 Newcastle train from King’s Cross, but I can personally vouch that this is the situation on Virgin Trains heading North from King’s Cross.

I walk the length of the platform, dragging my luggage, lugging my laptop, looking for a seat.

Do I find a seat? No. What appears to be empty seats are not, they all have reserved tickets.

I get to the end of the train.

I get on, ignore the reservation, and take a seat. I encourage others to do the same.

Last time I did this, a  passenger came along and claimed their seat. I gladly gave it up. They kindly said, as you are getting off at the next stop, keep the seat until then.

This train was one coach short. Whether now the norm, I do not know.

The train was in an appalling state of repairs.

I was on the 1330 to Newcastle, overcrowded, lack of luggage space, every seat reserved.

Toilet door, lock broken. Nigh impossible to get out of toilet, as door jammed, brute force required to open. Bin for paper, hanging open, not been emptied.

When I walked down to the buffet car, people were sitting on the floor, sitting on their luggage by the doors.

By buffet car, cupboard hanging open, broken.

Totally inadequate luggage space.

One coach missing.

At Newark, passengers barely had time to get off the train.

Virgin Trains even rip passengers off on the so-called ‘free’ wifi. All of 15 minutes free, then have to pay.

This is the reality of travelling on the East Coast Mainline since Virgin Trains took over. It was never like this when the line was in public ownership, but against strong public opposition, it was handed to Richard Branson.

Speaking to staff, they confirmed my own observations, serious deterioration since Branson took over.

I was not on the train with Jeremy Corbyn, but those who were, confirm that the train was overcrowded and people were forced to sit by the door, which is the norm on Virgin Trains on the East Coast Mainline.

So who do we believe, Jeremy Corbyn, fellow passengers, or a man who knows his profiteering from the NHS and the railways will hit the buffers if Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn win the next election?

Sadiq Khan does a Michael Gove impression

August 21, 2016

Did Sadiq Khan read the Micheal Gove guide How to do Politics, subtitled How to stab a colleague in the back, as that is what Sadiq Khan has just done, granted a platform to do so by those bastions of The Establishment, The Guardian and the BBC.

Sadiq Khan is telling member of the Labour Party to vote for Owen Smith.

Does Sadiq Khan seriously think that will influence a single Labour member to vote for Owen Smith?

If he does, then he is a bloody fool.

But what it does mean, is that Sadiq Khan has lost the support of members of the Labour Party. His treachery will not be forgotten.

When his name was mentioned at a Jeremy Corbyn rally tonight, it was booed.

Owen Smith is a PR drone, he says what he thinks will get him elected. He is as shallow as war criminal Tony Blair.

Pfizer has just been exposed for overcharging MSF for medicines. MSF works in war zones. Owen Smith used to be a lobbyist for Pfizer.

Why does Sadiq Khan think he was elected as London Mayor?

Two reasons

  • Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters backed him
  •  Zac Goldsmith foolishly employed a vile Aussie spin doctor to run his campaign

I have never liked Sadiq Khan or trusted him. It seems my gut reactions were correct.

Sadiq Khan is a puppet of the City of London. There to do the bidding of the greedy bankers. One of his first acts was to give the green light for the expansion of London City Airport. He has pushed for a second runway at Gatwick. Has reneged on his promise to cap rents.

According to Sadiq Khan, it was all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn that we voted to leave the EU.  This is to insult the intelligence of the people, who voted to leave because they did not wished to be ruled by the EU dictatorship. Nor do they like Sadiq Khan telling then what to do. He also misses the point, the whole point of a referendum is for the people to decide, not self-serving politicians like himself. He wanted us to side with his puppet masters the greedy bankers. And note how he is singing from the same hymn sheet as his fellow coup plotters.

Everyone is entitled to a point of view, even Sadiq Khan, but as Labour Mayor of London, he is expected to respect the wishes of the members,and those members chose Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. They did not choose their leader according to what best served the ambitions of Sadiq Khan, though Sadiq Khan was only too happy to have the support of Jeremy Corbyn to get himself elected as Mayor of London.

Jeremy Corbyn v The Establishment

August 19, 2016
Parliament is there to serve the people

Parliament is there to serve the people

The Establishment hate Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Why, because they know their days are numbered, that their gravy train is about to hit the buffers.

When opponents attack Jeremy Corbyn, and say it is about being in power, what they actually  mean is that it is about a self-serving elite seizing power with party members and the electorate being used as ballot fodder.

Labour lost the last election because they offered Tory Lite, they supported the attacks on the poor, austerity and everything that comes with the neo-liberal agenda and Shock Doctrine. In Scotland, Labour were wiped out because SNP offered a radical alternative.

When Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring last year, he was to most people a breath of fresh air, here was for the first time in a generation the opportunity for genuine political change.

In less than a year, he has managed to form a mass social movement, which goes way beyond what can simply be measured as the numbers who have joined the labour Party.

And that is what worries the elite, the broad social movement which is eager for real change, and who having had a taste for it, are not going to give up lightly.

We are seeing the same in Spain and Greece, where the old corrupt socialist parties are dying and being replaced by vibrant dynamic radical parties like Podemos and Syriza.

When Thomas Paine proposed representative democracy at a time of Absolute Monarchs, he proposed radical change, so radical that he had to flee the country for fear of losing his head. What we are seeing now with Jeremy Corbyn, Podemos and Syriza is a change as radical. We are living in a post-2008, post-Capitalism world. In this New World Order, we have participatory democracy, not representative democracy, last seen in Athens in Ancient Greece.

Once Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring, the Party Establishment did everything they could to stop his election, then once elected everything they could to destroy his leadership.

The mainstream media talks of splits, the only split is between the Party Establishment who think they own the Party and have a God-given right to rule and the party membership.

This is our Arab Spring, the leadership election a counter coup by The Establishment.

Owen Smith was the scraping of the bottom of the barrel, the best they could come up with. A Blairite in his own words, who bragged he was more Blairite than war criminal Tony Blair, who called Blair a socialist. A former lobbyist for a major US drugs company, a PR drone, who wished to see privatisation of the NHS, who supported austerity, who abstained on massive Tory welfare cuts, but who now proclaims himself to be Corbyn Lite, as convincing as when Labour passed itself of as Tory Lite.

When Owen Smith was asked would he talk to Isis, his Pavlovian response was yes, presumably because he thought that would be what Jeremy Corbyn would say and he had to appear more Corbyn than Corbyn to win over any of the Corbyn supporters.

It badly backfired, it showed he had no understanding of Isis, how Isis has arisen, of Syria, Iraq or the Middle East.

Isis talks to no one. Canon Andrew White has tried. His intermediary had his head chopped off.

Isis is not the IRA, though it seems Owen Smith cannot see the difference.

Note: We are not allowed to call anyone ‘Blairite’, at least if not a Labour Party Member, as that disqualifies you from voting in the leadership election.

It is ok for the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to be called Nazis, thugs, Trots, cultists and a whole load of other insults, ok to disenfranchise 130,000 party  members and use party funds, ie money belonging to the members,  to do so, but call anyone a Blairite and immediately face a sanction.

Blairites though have been remarkably quiet. In the last leadership election they were popping up in the media every day, all the has-been politicians we thought we had seen the back of were granted a soapbox.  Could it be they realise, if they are seen supporting Unelectable Owen, they will let the cat out of the bag?

Imagine for one moment, the impossible, that Oily Owen (as he is known in Wales) wins the leadership election, wins the next election, does anyone seriously think anything would change? It would be businesses as usual, one elite replaces another elite. It would be as the end of Animal Farm when the animals look in the farmhouse window, look from pig to man, man to pig, and cannot tell the difference.

But will Tony Blair be able to keep quiet?

It is not only the Blairites who are quiet, so is the rabid right wing press, controlled by Murdoch and Lord Rothermere. Not a dickybird.

Paul Mason (The sound of Blairite silence):

Normally, if a Labour figure stood up and, from thin air, plucked a £200bn spending pledge based on a wealth tax, the Sun, the Mail and the Telegraph would have reporters going through his bin-bags.

It’s the same over Smith’s call for a second referendum. The pro-Brexit tabloids would normally be eviscerating any Labour figure who called, effectively, for people to be made to “vote until they vote the right way”. But they’re silent over this.

The Blairite front groups, Progress, Saving Labour and now Labour Tomorrow, are also quiet. The latter two, who owns and controls them, who are their members, where is their money coming from, no one knows.

What we do know is, when Owen Smith was lobbyist for Pfizer, he arranged over £80,000 to be paid to Progress.

More appropriate names for the Blair fan clubs or cults would be Regression, Destroying Labour and Labour Yesterday.

Owen Smith shows his contempt for the British public by calling for a second EU Referendum, for Labour Party members by not opposing the decision to go to the Appeal Court to reverse the High Court ruling that struck down the act by Labour NEC to disenfranchises 130,000 members.

Time that should be spent drawing up a Post-Brexit future, has been squandered by the coup plotters on a completely unnecessary leadership election

We live in a world of newspeak constructed by George Orwell, where War is Peace, Peace is War, where Owen Smith tries to claim he is more radical than Jeremy Corbyn, where he claims Jeremy Corbyn fails to inspire people, has only sound bytes and no policies.

Owen Smith rally with free ice cream

Owen Smith rally with free ice cream

If the low point for Owen Smith was handing out free ice creams and burgers, he has yet to hit a high point.

Maybe he fails to notice the large numbers who attend a Jeremy Corbyn rally, when he can barely attract a couple of dozen, not even when he has an ice cream van or offers free burgers, that last year at Beyond Austerity, John McDonnell with Yanis Varoufakis sketched out a viable economic policy.

Jeremy Corbyn when asked a dumb question, did not recognise who Ant and Dec were, for most people this  enhanced his reputation, for who is interested in banal C-list celebrities?

When people attend a Jeremy Corbyn rally, they see here is a guy they can relate to. They see him travelling on the tube, travelling on the East Coast Mainline (now run by Virgin) sat on the floor. They see him without the distorting prism of the mainstream media.

From the coup plotters and those pulling the strings of Owen Smith, we have had smears and rigged elections. Their role, appears to be, if Jeremy Corbyn remains leader, which we can take as a given, destroy the Labour Party.

Where to now?

The coup plotter have made it clear, the war of attrition will continue.  We must turn mass social movement into more than just words. We have to be active at all levels. We have to create open coops, collaborative commons, ordinary citizens seize control of local Town Halls (as seen in Frome in Somerset, Barcelona and other towns and cities across Spain), then network across Europe. The coup plotters must be de-selected, votes of no confidence at local party meetings, the Labour NEC diktat on no meetings until after the leadership election ignored, the Right of Recall must be brought in, not only for Parliament but also local councils.

Tom Watson loses the plot

August 11, 2016

Tom Watson once again demonstrates he is an ignorant oaf with a big fat gob and nothing between his ears.

Reds Under The Beds, Labour Party Invaded by Trots.

Are you now, or have you ever been, an arm-twisting Trot?

All Tom Watson is doing is demonstrating that he is an ignorant oaf, with contempt for the members.

He is nevertheless doing an excellent job putting himself forward as a candidate for de-selection.

The more the smears, the greater the support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Yes, there is a small dedicated group trying to seize control of the Labour Party, Labour MPs and officials in Labour head office.

The one thing Tom Watson is demonstrating, is the need for a massive clear out in the Labour Party.

It is basically a last gasp of the dinosaurs who for far too long have had a stranglehold on Labour.

Apart from the smears from Watson, and this is not the only one, he is also a member of the small clique that decided to disfranchise 130,000 members, has approved challenge to High Court ruling.

He has also called for members to be denied a vote for leader.

The irony is that Tom Watson is trying to implement the worst type of Stalinist policies, of top down management. He fails to comprehend the party does not belong to him or a small clique of MPs, it belongs to the members.

Oh what a lovely defender of democracy.

Free speech is also under threat.  Local Labour parties are censoring what is posted in discussion forums critical of opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, a poet has been suspended from the Labour Party for er writing poetry.

Next time some dictator somewhere rigs an election, they will imply point at the Labour Party.

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