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Jazz No Problem

March 27, 2016
Jazz No Problem

Jazz No Problem

Jazz No Problem were one of several excellent musicians I found playing in the street.

Jazz No Problem can be found in Old Prague in various locations.

The shops and the sheds may be selling tourist crap, but one can find good music on the street.

Instead of buying tourist tat, support live music.

I bought both their CDs.

We had a chat.

I suggested they post their music on bandcamp, have a sign saying they are on bandcamp. Then when people find them on the street, they can spread the word to their friends, and on bandcamp, apart from making their music available, they can list where they can be found on the street and at what time.

Always a risk, buying off the street, what will the quality be like?

No worries, The Moonglow an excellent recording.

Different to on the street, piano, percussion.

Let us hope these guys get their music up onto bandcamp.

In the meantime, if you see them in Prague, pick up a few CDs.

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