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sausage pepper and pasta

August 7, 2020

Pasta with sausage and pepper, plus a few other ingredients thrown in for good measure.

A post with a Jamie Oliver dish, but no link to what they have made.

I have never understood why people do this, mention something, but lack the courtesy to provide a link.

A search on keywords, I could not find the dish, but settled on something similar in a youtube video.

I did not have the exact ingredients, decided to settle on Lincolnshire sausages and pasta from Redhill Farm shop, a pepper off new fruit and vegetable stall at Lincoln Central Market, then improvise with what I had to hand, but roughly follow what Jamie Oliver had outlined.

Redhill Farm shop has excellent Lincolnshire sausages, I chose their chipolata version they happily did the pinch and twist, leaving me with little chipolatas of the correct size.

When I have their Lincoln sausages I buy four, quite large and sufficient for two people. Therefore 300g of the chipolatas would be ideal.

Extra virgin cold pressed rape seed oil. I lacked olive oil. I would have extra virgin cold pressed from a  deli in Athens.

Into the pan the chipolatas sizzling away. A mistake I made, did not brown them enough.

Layered fresh from the garden and from local fruit and vegetable shops, runner beans, a couple of florets from a cauliflower, chopped and diced red onion, sliced red pepper, sliced stick of celery.  No herbs, I was not able to obtain fresh herbs. Maybe something to grow on the patio in terracotta pots.

Sizzled away for ten minutes.

Add red cherry tomatoes sliced in half, water, balsamic vinegar, a sprinkling of pepper.  Simmer for twenty minutes.

I was using a large frying pan. Poured into a glassware casserole dish, which I had first warmed with hot water, then into an oven for 25 minutes at 180 C.

Pasta tortiglioni not ideal, dropped into a pan of boiling water, simmered for 12 minutes.

The dish was very tasty, no fresh herbs as not able to obtain.  The pasta though a grave disappointment.

Sacrilege, replace the pasta with new potatoes would improve the dish.


Cappuccino and toastie at Jamie’s Coffee

October 5, 2019

It is easy to see why Jamie’s Italian failed, a talented chef does not a successful chain make.

The same is true of Jamie’s Coffee at Gatwick North Terminal.

What started as a van, now a counter serving coffee, toasted sandwiches and cakes.

The coffee low quality Italian coffee, or was.

Not sure if still cheap Italian coffee as could not see what it was, but not good.

What is depressing is what could be.

Sussex and nearby Brighton no shortage of high quality coffee roasteries. This could be a coffee shop showcasing the best London, Sussex and Surrey has to offer on coffee, different rotation of guest coffee.

And you do not improve by wasting money on PR, improve by focusing on quality, buying speciality coffee, employing skilled baristas.

Coffee at Gatwick Airport

June 2, 2017

What is the point of serving coffee if you cannot make the effort to serve a decent cup of coffee?


My instinctive reaction to spit it out, undrinkable.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge is variable from poor to just about acceptable.

But why source a rubbish Italian brand for catering supplies when there are excellent coffee roasters to choose from in London and locally in Sussex?

A Gateway into the country, should not Jamie Oliver be showcasing the best coffee, a house blend and guest coffees?

If FCB can do it at Guildford and Brighton Stations, why cannot Jamie Oliver at Gatwick Airport?

Joes Coffee House

Joes Coffee House clams to be a coffee shop, but not a clue on coffee.

No idea of roast date, coffee not ground fresh for each cup, cappuccino made far too hot.

The porridge was ok and certainly better than the disgusting English breakfast served at Wetherspoon opposite.

They serve excellent fresh orange juice.

Cappuccino at Jamie´s Gatwick

November 12, 2016

Jamie Oliver should know better, Italy is not synonymous with good coffee.

Shame on Jamie Oliver when there are many quality independent coffee roasters he could source his coffee from.

Cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee Lounge

June 2, 2015
cappuccino at Jamie's Coffee Lounge

cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee Lounge

 Jamie's Coffee Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal

Jamie Oliver at Gatwick

Jamie Oliver at Gatwick

Gatwick cannot cope with existing passenger flow, and yet is demanding a second runway.

Arrive late at night. No trains. Conversely early flight, no trains.

Net result is many people are stranded at Gatwick overnight, or arrive late at  from a late flight, or there for an early flight on the morning.

For these passengers, very few park benches to kip for the night.

There was a few on an upper floor at North Terminal near entrance to Hampton Hotel, but now the entire floor appears boarded off for building work.

Seats near  Jamie’s Coffee Lounge by the entrance to North Terminal.

Seats overlooking arrivals in South Terminal.

This lack of seats where people can kip down is a disgrace.

A sleepless night on a very hard uncomfortable metal park bench by Jamie’s Coffee Lounge. Not helped by a Greek-American woman flying fom Seattle to Greek Islands via Chicago and London keeping everyone awake until 3am with her loud voice.

By now, turning very cold.  Shivering under blanket and coat

4am, arrivals start coming into the terminal.

4am, leather sofa comes free at  Jamie’s Coffee Lounge.

Bliss compared with a hard metal park bench. And warmer too.

By now noisy.

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge functions all night.

Very busy until around 2am. By 4am not busy.

6-30am, time to stir.

The least could do was buy a cappuccino.

Not bad, though by no means the best. Certainly much better than the disgusting coffee served by Starbucks or Costa.

Jamie’s Coffee Lounge used to be a van with a few seats. Has now expanded into a lounge. The van is still there.

In the morning it is chaos at Gatwick Station. Once again indicating Gatwick could not cope with a second runway.

There is a possibility of Reading-Gatwick train running 24-hours, but not until May 2016.

There should be no second runway at Gatwick or a third runway at Heathrow. Either would be an environmental disaster.  Any expansion should be at regional airports.

Jamie Oliver shows what goes into industrial burgers

August 7, 2013

Most people think meat comes from a supermarket, ready packaged. They forget, meat comes from animals.

Using a live cow, Jamie Oliver shows the various cuts. He then shows the leftovers, what a butcher would pay to have taken away, it is this leftover, known in the trade as pink slime, that after being centrifuged and washed in ammonia, goes into industrial burgers.

Not only burgers, we have the same with chicken nuggets, the disgusting bits.

USDA allows this unfit for human consumption pink slime, washed in bleach, to enter the human food chain.

This is what parents feed their kids when they take them to junk food outlets, buy cheap processed food from a supermarket, assuming of course they are not buying horsemeat.

Too few people question what goes into their food. Maybe they should

If you eat meat, only buy from a quality butcher who can tell you which animal and where the animal has come from.

Warning: This is pretty disgusting to watch, you may throw up. Show your kids, then ask them do they want to go to McVomit?

Breakfast with Jamie

February 20, 2013


Hop off the shuttle train at Gatwick Airport, walk into the terminal building, and a little van selling coffee with a few seats around, run by Jamie Oliver.

I thought at first giving out free coffee. No such luck. What it was was a promotion for breakafast. Only the breakfast was inside departures.

I fancied trying the breakfast but no time. I decided to try a bacon bap from the bakery side.

Now at the very least I expected fresh cooked bacon in a bap. But no. The bacon already cooked in a bap, which was then hotted up.

The sevice was abysmal. No one there but me, but I had to wait whilst the girl got around to serving me. Then when I handed over the money I was told go to a cash till. Another long wait. I left the money on the counter, said what I had, and walked out.

Unpleasant loud music blaring out. Not a pleasant place to relax and eat breakfast.

Martha and Jamie on the One Show

October 17, 2012
Martha and Jamie on the  One Show

Martha and Jamie on the One Show

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

NeverSeconds Martha Payne carrying water in Malawi

Just asked Martha what she enjoyed most at One Show. “When Jamie Oliver produced a photo of me and asked for my autograph!” she grinned. – David Payne, father of Martha

The One Show is a tacky TV programme on BBC One, presenters with plastic smile, patronising and condescending the the audience, makes my skin crawl. Not a programme I would normally choose to watch, but very very occasionally it is worth watching.

One such evening a couple of nights ago was when Jamie Oliver and Martha Payne were guests on the One Show.

Few people can have done more than chef Jamie Oliver to raise awareness of the rubbish schools are feeding kids. All his hard work has systematically been undone by the ConDem government. Dogs have higher standards than kids have for school dinners.

But as Jamie says, the ConDem government will not be around for much longer, whereas he will still be around.

Kids only get one chance. There is a disconnect in the brains of parents who take their children to eat at McDonald’s. We have an epidemic of childhood obesity.

Lessons are not being learnt. In the USA, an explosion in childhood obesity followed a relaxation of the standards for school meals, a relaxation of physical exercise, and to make matters even worse, many schools are granting fast food outlets concessions to operate on school premises.

The London 2012 Olympics was sponsored by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadbury’s. What message did that send out to children, an Olympics that was supposed to leave a sporting legacy (though no one has yet to see any evidence of this sporting legacy).

Children need good nutrition when at school (for kids from poor and/or dysfunctional families, it may be the only decent meal they get). Kids need to learn about food, how it is grown, how it is prepared, these are basic life skills.

If anyone has done even more than Jamie Oliver to raise food awareness, it is nine-year-old Martha Payne and her food blog NeverSeconds, a blog pathetic jobsworh at her local council tried to shut down.

Since the summer, NeverSeconds has had guest blogs from schoolchildren from around the world.

Martha has recently returned from Malawi, where she opened a school kitchen called Friends of NeverSeconds. It was Martha, through her blog, who raised the funds for Friends of NeverSeconds.

Martha has been nominated for the Derek Cooper food award. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient and was pleased to have been one of those who nominated her.

Martha does not just write her blog, she also works on the family smallholding, and she knows how to cook.

BBC once again shoots itself in the foot. This programme is only available on-line until 22 October 2012. Hopefully some kind soul will upload to youtube.

On the One Show says Martha in Malawi on BBC Scotland on iPlayer, but fails to provide a link. Why only Scotland?

Luckily Martha provided a link on her blog.

The Malawi trip is also only going to be on-line until 22 October 2012. What is wrong with the BBC?

Following their appearance on the One Show, they went to eat at Union Jacks, a restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver.

Super Thursday

September 29, 2011

Today is Super Thursday, a term coined by The Bookseller, the day publishers launch their latest books in a hope of capturing the lucrative Christmas market.

Super Thursday: 225 books compete for the Christmas run-up
Book retailers brace themselves for Super Thursday

Why today or what is special about today I do not know.

One such release is the latest cookbook from Jamie Oliver, but £30 for a cookbook? No one is going to pay £30 which is why it is £9-99 in Sainsbury’s. A raw deal for independent bookshops as this is less than the trade price they pay. Something Jamie Oliver should look into.

Travel Bookshop to close

Or you can subscribe to Jamie Oliver’s magazine and get the cookbook for free.

Aleph by Paulo Coelho jumped the gun and came out on 1 September. A head start one woould think, except HarperCollinsUK forgot. Now it will be lost with all the other books.

HarperCollinsUK you should be embarrassed!

Cooking the perfect steak

June 24, 2011

Jamie Oliver on how to cook the perfect steak.

Thanks Jamie!

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