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J D Wetherspoon plan to open in June

May 1, 2020

J D Wetherspoon plan to open in June.

Greed writ large. Not an essential business.

No end of lockdown in sight nevertheless J D Wetherspoon plan to open in June, bailed out by taxpayers.

J D Wetherspoon have form.

  • at the start of pandemic refused to pay sick pay to staff if called in sick
  • encouraged people to go out drinking
  • when forced to close told staff to get another job
  • refused to pay suppliers many of which are small craft brewers

One of the main causes of high death rate from covid-19 was the failure to close pubs bars clubs sooner.

To open, J D Wetherspoon would be putting at risk staff and clientele.

J D Wetherspoon staff have put forward a 10-point plan to be implemented before they return to work.

Workers used to fear going on strike for fear of losing their jobs. Now they fear returning to work in fear of losing their lives.

There can be no relaxation of lockdown until daily death toll drops into  tens, currently running at several hundred a day, with UK headed to be the worst country in Europe for deaths from coronavirus.

  • indie specialty coffee shops outside tables
  • local independent businesses
  • restaurants
  • pubs bars clubs

We already see some local businesses open, what can be described as essential, butcher, baker, pharmacy, fruit and vegetable stalls. Wetherspoon is not an essential businesses.

Coffee shops only outside tables spaced 2 metres apart, not meeting with friends. Served take away only, contactless payment, much as it goes against the grain to recommend either, but reduces risk of covid-19 infection, needs must and was standard practice before lockdown. Coffee shops because dwell time short.

Small indie businesses, for example bookshops.

Restaurant next, same rules as coffee shops.

Last and at the earliest next year, pubs, and even then phased,  small indie pubs, binge drinking bars the very last.

For those who wish for a  drink, small craft breweries,  for example Neon Rapture on-line deliveries and off-sales.

At each phase there would have to be a pause to asses.

There would have to be mass testing in place.

  • frontline at risk staff
  • people displaying symptoms
  • random testing

Random testing essential otherwise do not know what is happening within the community. And testing on its own not sufficient, need to test, trace, isolate

J D Wetherpoon by no means the only rogue company.

Zombie tour company tui is offering for May non-existent holidays in Spain.

  • lockdown cannot travel to airport
  • FCO advice no overseas travel indefinite
  • nigh impossible to obtain travel insurance and it will exclude covid-19
  • expired passports not being renewed
  • too risky passing through busy airport packed like sardines on an aircraft for several hours
  • risk of being stranded overseas
  • will have to quarantine for 14 days on return to UK

Spain is in lockdown. If we look to Tenerife, if and when hotels open, it will be for locals, then Spain, with Brits not welcome being one of the worst affected countries.

Fools and their money easily parted. Any who pay for a non-existent holidays will then have problems obtaining a refund when cancelled.

Tim Martin tells J D Wetherspoon workers to get a job

March 24, 2020

First it was forcing staff in to work when they wished to self-isolate under the threat of no pay.

Next it was tell people go out to the pubs.

Latest scandal from Tim Martin, now that Weatherspoon has been forced to close, to tell workers go and find a job.

Wetherspoon is refusing to pay suppliers until reopens. It is one thing not to pay industrial brewers, property companies, it is quite another to refuse to pay small craft brewers.

Wetherspoon is by no means the only bad employer.

Pubcos are forcing tied pubs to pay rent even though the pubs are closed and have no income.

Making kitchen is an essential work, nevertheless Wren Kitchens forcing workers into work putting workers and their families at risk.

There should be no bail out of Weatherperson, industrial brewers, pubcos. Bail outs should be for people and local indie businesses.

Tim Martin encourages piss heads to visit J D Wetherspoon

March 20, 2020

Piss heads packed in pubs, and Tim Martin boss of and J D Wetherspoon encouraging them to do so.

The same Tim Martin who forced sick workers into work by threatening not to pay them.

We have no immunity to coronavirus, there is no vaccine (earliest 18 months away). Our only defence, wash our hands with soap and water, social distancing.

Pepsi Trump has blood on his hands. On Tuesday we were two weeks behind Italy, one week behind Spain. China bought us time and we squandered it.

Italy has now passed the death toll for China.

Huff and puff is not going to make coronavirus go away.

All mass gatherings and sporting events should have been banned at least two weeks ago. Schools should have been closed at least a week ago.

Across Europe, borders are closed, airports closed, cities in lockdown.

In UK, the piss heads pack into pubs and clubs, muscle-bound morons into gyms.

Shopping malls, pubs, clubs, bars, gyms should be closed. Maybe add nail bars and hairdressers to the list.

Our borders should be closed. At very minimum temperature screening at airports.

London, where number of cases growing the fastest, placed in lockdown.

We should be testing 25,000 people a day.

Sheffield deserted, like a ghost city. Many places closed, those that are open closing early, others their doors locked with a warning on the door not to enter for fear of coronavirus.

Those that are open, coffee shops, restaurants, prominent displayed what precautions they are taking. One coffee shop, hand sanitiser on entry, notice advising to use before enter.

Nowhere accepting cash. Credit card only, contactless.

In coffee shops various measures, for example as I saw last week in Nottingham, only serve in takeaway cups, no reusable cups.

And they are willing to discuss the measures they are taking.

For those open, business down by at least 80% and struggling to remain in business. Will remain open as long as they can.

Sheffield the only city I have seen taking coronavirus seriously.

What I also found in Sheffield, anger, anger at Pepsi Trump for failure to act. Failure to close sporting events, failure to close schools, failure to close pubs, bars, clubs, gyms. Failure to lockdown London.

Update: I wrote this earlier. Overtaken by events. Subsequent Pepsi Trump closes pubs, clubs, gyms etc. But should for pubs have been with immediate effect, or very latest 1800, as pubs tonight will be full of piss heads. Restaurants, coffee shops were not a problem. A pity closures did not take place a week ago.

J D Wetherspoon refuse to pay sick pay of workers who may have coronavirus

February 29, 2020

Wetherspoon are forcing into work staff who may have coronavirus.

If follow WHO advice, government advice, may have coronavirus, self isolate. If work for Wetherspoon and follow this advice will will not be paid.

Wetherspoon workers who try to do the right thing, self-isolate and try to stop the spread of coronavirus are being told, either turn up for work or you will not be paid.

This is appalling treatment by Wetherspoon of their staff who may have coronavirus, come to work or you will not be paid.

This puts their colleagues at risk, drinkers in their bars at risk, hastens the spread of coronavirus.

Do you really wish to visit a Wetherspoon pub and not be sure if the person preparing your food, serving your meal, handing you a drink has coronavirus?

The only defence we have against coronavirus is containment.

Coronavirus is twice as infectious as seasonal flu, the death rate ten times that of seasonal flu.

My recent observations:

  • Toby Carvery bar girl sneezes twice into her hands then hands over two glasses of water
  • fish n chip restaurant waitress sneezes into her hands wipes hands on tea towel then uses to wipe glasses and cutlery
  • village pub with no soap in he toilet
  • trains with no running water or soap in toilets

It takes only one infected person forced into work by Wetherspoon to infect everyone in the bar.

Tim Martin boss of J D Wetherspoon has form, low pay, zero hours, opposed increase in rate of minimum wage, crap service, food not good.

I would urge everyone to boycott J D Wetherspoon.

Government is bringing in emergency legislation. This must include forcing bad employers like J D Wetherspoon to pay sick pay, and if any employee has been forced to return to work, hit with a a heavy fine, and if Wetherspoon has forced anyone into work, close down their pubs.

The emergency legislation must also oblige insurance companies to pay for cancelled holidays, to cover the cost if stranded overseas.

Sirloin steak The Queen Hotel

June 12, 2018

Visits to The Queen Hotel are more and more infrequent, each rare occasion is worse than before.

The good staff from when it opened have long gone.  The food is terrible.

I was surprised to find The Little Beer Corporation on tap. Maybe they had surplus beer Wetherspoon picked up on the cheap.

My meal was not good, service terrible, the usual drunks blocking the bar.

Once again I remind myself why I avoid pubs, frequent instead coffee shops and restaurants.

Wetherspoon News (summer 2018) had two bullshit articles.  One from Tim Martin praising LavAzza as quality coffee, the other from head of Camra talking complete bullshit on why pubs are closing (no mention of pubcos).

There are only two places to eat in Aldershot, Caffe Macchiato and Indonesia street food restaurant.

There is nowhere in Aldershot for coffee.

Piss-poor service at J D Wetherspoon

June 27, 2016
gammon steak, mash and peas

gammon steak, mash and peas

A couple of weeks ago at The Queen Hotel in Aldershot, I had a rump steak. It was excellent.

Last week, gammon steak. It too was good. I asked did it come with anything? I was told no. I was thus annoyed to find it came with two fried eggs, as I would have chosen something else.

Today, at The Queen Hotel, I ordered gammon steak, but this time asked for something else instead of eggs. For example peas or mushrooms.

I sat and waited. From where I was sat I could see a dinner sitting by the kitchen. Why was no one bringing it to a table? Was it mine? Several minutes passed by. A man and a child sat at a nearby table. They had to clear the table. Should I go and ask? Eventually it was brought over having been stood for several minutes. Part of the gammon steak was dried up,  the meal was not hot. I guess I should have rejected it.

Whilst I was eating my dinner, no one cleared the tables, now piled with dirty dishes, empty glasses. I noticed other dinners sat by the kitchen, no one collecting.

No one asked how was my dinner.

The pub was not busy.

Service is not usually bad like this. Something going very wrong.

J D Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin needs to investigate.

Late lunch at The Queen Hotel

June 13, 2016
rump streak

rump streak

Rump steak at The Queen Hotel, a J D Wetherspoon pub.

The rump steal was excellent, mash instead of chips.

8 oz rump steak for £3-99, add in half a pint of Ruddles bitter £5-02.

Aldershot in lockdown

November 19, 2014

This evening, Aldershot was in lock down.

Outside The Queen Hotel (J D Wetherspoon), seven maybe more security.

Mounted police.

Police patrols everywhere.

Thugs were expected from Portsmouth to trash the town.

But why did neither the council nor the police, warn retailers to close, get their shutters down and get their staff home safe before the trouble kicked off?

Portsmouth are out of the FA Cup.

Expect trouble on the streets of Aldershot tonight.

The Queen Hotel

April 8, 2014
The Queen Hotel boarded-up and derelict

The Queen Hotel boarded-up and derelict

The Queen Hotel renovated and re-opened

The Queen Hotel renovated and re-opened

With Queen Victoria still on the throne, the Army acquired heathland around Aldershot. What had up until then been a quiet village, changed overnight into a Wild West frontier town.

A Grade II listed building, The Queen Hotel is one of the pubs dating from this period. It is the only surviving early Victorian pub.

In the 1970s, sawdust on the floor would have improved the place. In recent years, it has had the reputation of a haunt of prostitutes, rooms for rent by the hour.

Sitting derelict, it was acquired by J D Wetherspoon. They were rumoured to be interested in The Arcade, but such was the public outcry at the destruction of The Arcade, albeit a plastic replica of the original Victorian Arcade, Wetherspoon pulled out. The Arcade now sits boarded-up, most of the small retailers driven out by a greedy property developer.

Today, The Queen Hotel reopened, under the ownership of J D Wetherspoon.

Wetherpoon are to be complimented on the renovation. One of the few decent buildings left standing. But it does not have to be. In Union Street Caffe Macchiato have done an excellent job on their building. It shows what could be done, if there was a council with vision, but instead Aldershot is a town dominated by fast food outlets, large bars for binge drinkers and drunken yobs, gambling joints and tattoo parlours.

Inside, The Queen Hotel is much larger than the original building. It looks completely out of place for Aldershot, more like Windsor or Winchester.

One large dining area, and two smaller dining areas.

The tables are wooden or glass topped. Mine had old postcards of Aldershot beneath the glass. The glass was greasy, no one had bothered to clean the table properly.

There is a large outside seating area, screened off from the street.

Wetherspoon led the way making their pubs non-smoking. It would be great if they led the way making this outside area non-smoking.

Three gambling machines, zombies pushing money in. It is bad enough the zombies in front of the machines in the gambling joints in the town. Wetherspoon should remove these machines.

No widescreen TVs, no music. When are other pubs going to learn?

The food?

Today was steak day. I decided to have scampi and chips. Unlike many of the offers on the menu, it did not come with a free drink.

The scampi and chips was pretty disgusting. Like Morrisons Cafe on a bad day. Morrisons Cafe on a good day, is far better than this. Had I gone to Morrisons, after four o’clock, tea time meal deal, scampi and chips and a tea, a fiver, at The Queen Hotel £6-80 with no free drink.

A long bar, either marble or granite, the staff dressed as though behind the bar of an upmarket hotel.

A large selection of real ales.

I had a tea. Served in a mug. I tried to pour milk out of a jug. As hardly any milk came out, I assumed almost empty, tipped the jug up a bit further, milk poured out, overflowed the mug, and I was left with undrinkable tea.

The toilets were very smart and clean. But when are people going to install hand driers that work? The Dyson hand driers not only are effective but also use less energy.

I was quite surprised The Queen Hotel is still operating as a hotel.

When is free wifi not free wifi? When it is scam to steal personal data to them spam the user.

Shame on Wetherspoon they are are using a third party supplier for wifi, nothing more than a scam to obtain personal data. This is an abuse of their customers by Wetherspoon. Wetherspoon need to get their act together and offer genuine free wifi. If Waitrose can offer free wifi, if the local coffee shops can offer free wifi, then why not Wetherspoon?

Outside, A-boards blocking the highway. These should be removed. Something the local council should get onto.

It is a pity J D Wetherspoon did not acquire The Tumbledown Dick in Farnborough, and renovated it to the standard of The Queen Hotel. Instead, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor granted planning consent for it to be trashed for a Drive-Thru McDoanld’s. It begs the question, why was the council talking to McDonald’s, not J D Wetherspoon?

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