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I’ve got LD

July 8, 2017

A woman stood in the street watching fireworks, jangling a bunch of keys like a jailer, asks me have they finished?

I assume yes, end of a concert, ends with fireworks.

I’ve got LD.

Not knowing what is LD, I step back in case some infectious disease.

What is LD?

I have learning disability.

Oh, you are a but thick.

Yes, but only a little bit.

I am then told she is in charge even though one of the clients, as no staff in the building.

She has locked everyone in their rooms, hence the keys.

Are they dangerous.

No, just not very capable.

How long will it take to get from there to here?

Ten minutes, maybe half an hour as will have to get out.

My new found friend then tells me some of the clients are out socialising, that is why no staff, as they have to be with them.

Got to go, I should not be out, not allowed after ten, and I am in charge, got to do meds.


I got to give the clients their meds and their insulin, and off she goes.

Is this how social services or whatever agency it was functions, the lunatics in charge of the asylum?