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Indicator at bus stop

November 7, 2015
bus stop display

bus stop display

Unbelievable, a new indicator is installed at a bus stop and it is not displaying live information.

What use is an indicator that is simply displaying what is on the printed timetable at the bus stop?

An appalling waste of public money.

The buses are equipped with GPS. Why therefore not displaying live information?

No 19 bus, the destination is Haslemere (where it changes to No 71 to Godalming and Guildford).

At 1530, No 18 bus due at 1525, had not yet arrived and yet not shown.

The screen should show, time due and when it will actually arrive, if running late.

Let us assume £1,000 per display, three bus stops. Rolled out to other bus stops …

An appalling waste of public money by Hampshire County Council.

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