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In my shadow

August 29, 2015

During my recent trip to NYC I was able to work once again with producer Johnny Nice at Spin Studios on an enigmatic song I wrote called IN MY SHADOW. A song made up of a simple three part movement that includes a cameo by the great thespian Charlie Chaplin, IN MY SHADOW is a reflection of oneself and/or an assessment of one’s personality disorder over the course of a lifetime, it all depends on who’s shadow you’re looking at.

In my shadow by K’noup.

In my shadow I’m a poltergeist.
In my shadow it’s just a way of life.
To always see yourself in vein.
In my shadow I’m accused of rain.

In my shadow I’m just statuesque.
In my shadow kissing a woman’s neck.
She’s always clinging onto me.
In my shadow I’m barely me.

I’m calling to you where it hurts, may your kindness go to bed.
I’m calling to you while it hurts, like a dying good ole friend.

I’m calling to you love.
I’m calling to you my dying good ole friend.

K’noup was born in Kastoria, Greece.

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