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Flickr to sell your pictures

November 30, 2014

Flckr / Sarah (Rosenau) Korf via Flickr

Greed once again rears its ugly head.

When people upload their pictures to Flickr, they do so to share with their friends, maybe to use elsewhere. What they do not do is upload for Yahoo to sell and make money off their pictures.

I once contemplated using Flickr, but when it was acquired by Yahoo, I thought no way.

Most sites cannot be monetised, and when they cannot, the sites try to by pushing adverts in your face, selling your personal data, or some other way to rip you off.

Sites that provide a service, for example bandcamp, which takes a small fee when artists sell their music are fine, as everyone benefits.

Sadly Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, they do not learn.

Instagram tried it on a couple of years ago, they claimed ownership of what was not theirs. It simply led to a mass exodus from Instagram, with posts of how to download all your pictures and other alternative sites to use.

Nor has it gone down too well with soundcloud saying it will insert ads in the music, or you have to pay for a premium ad free service.

Now is the time for mass exodus from Flickr.

It is apparently possible to set settings of Creative Commons licence, in order that pictures cannot be sold. But that is to miss the point, Flickr/Yahoo should not be selling what is not theirs.

If they wish to establish a site like bandcamp (music or spoken word) or leanpub (written word) where users places their pictures, set the price, with the express intent for selling or licensing their pictures, and the site takes a small cut, that is fine, but this is theft, pure and simple.

Big Businesses screams foul when we share what they have produced, but on the other hand ok for them to steal and make money off the back of someone else’s work.

It was exactly two years ago when Instagram tried the same scam. This led to mass exodus from Instagram. And numerous articles were posted, how to download your pictures, where to post where to share you would not be abused.

We now need the same for Flickr. Ideas welcome.

We share our pictures, we freely share our pictures, we in the main do not mind their non-commercial use provided we receive due credit and a link back to original, but we object strongly to Big Businesses profiteering off the back of our work.

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Never Give Up

September 6, 2012

Never Give Up, Free Pussy Riot.

Images concert in Copenhagen.