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A morning walk along the River Brenta

March 16, 2012
A morning walk along the River Brenta

A morning walk along the River Brenta

This morning I went for what was to be a short walk just to see what was around Hotel Alla Corte.

My short walk turned into a three hour walk along the River Brenta.

I arrived last night in the dark in a taxi from the station. I had no idea where I was.

Looking out I could see what I thought was maybe a castle, a few old buildings. That, I thought, must be Bassano del Grappa across the river.

I was wrong!

Imagine my surprise when in the daylight this morning, I saw it was a nearby church, then mountains. From my windows, open countryside.

Hence my taking a walk.

I passed through a village, maybe two, then climbed down to the river.

It was very pleasant walking along the river. I walked for miles.

I walked as far as an aqueduct accross the river, then turned around and came back.

It was not though, the way to Bassano del Grappa. That I learnt was the other way! Though I had sussed that out already as the trip into Bassano del Grappa was through very flat countryside, whereas all morning I had been walking into mountains.

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