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V60 Japanese iced filter coffee at Taresso

May 16, 2019

Brew as V60.

Use only half the water, the other haldf as ice in the carafe.

As the hot coffee drips through, instantly chilled by the ice.

— to be continued —

V60 Japanese iced filter shaken not stirred

September 12, 2018

James Bond likes his martini shaken not stirred, that was my V60 Japanese iced filter coffee at Outpost Coffee.

A V60, no, I changed my mind a V60 Japanese iced coffee. But with an added twist, as James Bond would say, shaken not stirred, shaken in a cocktail shaker. Even though I observed how it was made,I queried what was served, as noticeable difference, a different taste.

V60 made as a V60, but half the water as ice, which instantly chills the coffee as drips through.

I say half, I am assuming the ratio was 1:1.

The coffee was a very expensive Kenyan, sold only by the bottle at £10 per bottle.

I had tried on my last visit. The taste was different, very fruity. Though the only real comparison would be to try both methods, not rely on memory.

I think the agitation, introduction of air, has made a difference. Think Champagne.

It was though an excellent drink of coffee.

V60 Japanese iced filter coffee at Coffee Aroma

May 8, 2018

Today a hot day, not as hot as Monday when it hit 28.7 C, but still a very hot day.

A cappuccino out of the question.

What I had in mind when I asked at Coffee Aroma was a V60 Japanese iced filter coffee brewed with a single origin supplied and roasted by Hasbean.

As a V60, with one big difference, half the hot water as usual, the other half as ice in a carafe.

As the hot coffee drips into the ice it is instantly chilled.

Not cold brew, nor the same as a V60, brewed with hot water then chilled.

Very refreshing on a hot day.

This was 50:50 hot water to ice. May wish to try a ratio of 3/2.

V60 Japanese iced coffee

July 18, 2017

V60, as with Chemex, is a pour over filter coffee.

Pour hot water, just off boiling, over the ground coffee, collect below.

The difference with Japanese iced coffee, is that the hot coffee drips straight into a jug of ice to be immediately chilled.

Note: This is not cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is made with cold not hot water, made over a period of hours, not minutes.  For more on cold brew coffee see Cold Brew Coffee.

Pour hot water into the V60 filter, then discard. This cleans the filter and for a hot coffee warms the jug cf warming the tea pot.

Note: To appreciate why cleanse the filter. Fill two mugs with hot water, into one place a filter paper.  Leave for four minutes. Taste the water in both mugs.

Pour water in concentric spiral to wet the ground coffee.

Pause, then pour water again in concentric spiral over the wet grounds.

Pour and enjoy.

Unfortunately a takeaway used. KeepCup would have been better, better still a glass suited to Japanese chilled coffee.

Coffee used was Pacamara Natural de El Salvador.

Special thanks to the ever helpful baristas at Coffee Island in Covent Garden for indulging me and making a Japanese iced coffee.


Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

September 22, 2015
fredo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie.

They need though to up their game, quality beans from an independent roaster, grind beans fresh for each coffee.

Freddo cappuccino

May 21, 2014
freddo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

How not to

  • coffee brewed
  • milk frothed
  • coffee frothed

Then, frothed milk poured in glass full of ice, and frothed coffee poured through the milk.

No, no, no!

Freddo cappuccino, milk carefully poured on top of coffee, not mixed, the coffee drank through a straw.

Excellent glass, method wrong!

Freddo cappuccino

May 16, 2014
freddo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

One and a half shots of espresso. A single shot too weak, double shot too strong.

Whilst coffee brewing, foam skimmed milk. Has to be cold out of the fridge, has to be skimmed milk. Froth until thick like cream.

Coffee pour into cocktail shaker. Two lumps of ice, not one, not three. Froth coffee until bubbles appear.

Fill tall glass with ice. Pour in the coffee leaving a gap at the top for frothed milk. Fold the frothed milk back and forth very slowly. It should not sink into the coffee. It should be possible to form a curved meniscus on top.

The perfect freddo cappuccino, almost jet black coffee, topped by a creamy brown layer and creamy white layer.

Drink through a straw.

Looks good. Tastes good. A very refreshing drink on a hot day.

Requires high quality coffee.

A very skilled job to make, a lot of practice to perfect the various stages.

That shown not perfect.

That shown, freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie.

Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

May 17, 2013

Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie tonight, not one of their best in terms of presentation, but tasted excellent.

It only serves to show, more skill than one may imagine.

Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

September 30, 2012
freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

Early hours of this morning, some time after midnight, I sat on my balcony overlooking the sea. It was too warm to feel comfortable. I decided to take a walk.

I took a walk to a coffee bar, patisserie amelie, where I sat outside with a freddo cappuccino.

Patisserie amelie, a lovely little coffee shop in Protaras in Cyprus.

No need for music, bar across the road, bar down the road, so loud, that loud where I was.

Finally got to bed around 2am, still very warm, awake gone 3am, awoke sometime 6am before the sun rose, three hours sleep.

Another very hot day. I decided to go out on a boat where it would be cooler, but boat rather crowded. A pity I did not go the day before, as was not many on the boat, but as I was going in the evening, decided not. Then the evening boat trip fell through when a friend invited me to join her for coffee.

No 1 Top Story in The Cyprus Holiday News (Monday 1 October 2012).

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