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Freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

September 30, 2012
freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie

Early hours of this morning, some time after midnight, I sat on my balcony overlooking the sea. It was too warm to feel comfortable. I decided to take a walk.

I took a walk to a coffee bar, patisserie amelie, where I sat outside with a freddo cappuccino.

Patisserie amelie, a lovely little coffee shop in Protaras in Cyprus.

No need for music, bar across the road, bar down the road, so loud, that loud where I was.

Finally got to bed around 2am, still very warm, awake gone 3am, awoke sometime 6am before the sun rose, three hours sleep.

Another very hot day. I decided to go out on a boat where it would be cooler, but boat rather crowded. A pity I did not go the day before, as was not many on the boat, but as I was going in the evening, decided not. Then the evening boat trip fell through when a friend invited me to join her for coffee.

No 1 Top Story in The Cyprus Holiday News (Monday 1 October 2012).

Freddo cappuccino by the pool

September 29, 2012
freddo cappuccino by the pool

freddo cappuccino by the pool

I was going on a boat trip, I was looking forward to going on a boat trip to see the sun set, especially as there was a full moon and the sea was to be bathed in moonlight, but sadly it was not to be, a friend said come to my house and I will make you a freddo cappuccino.

I had suggested I take her to patisserie amelie and treat her to a freddo cappuccino, but she said no, come to my house and I will make you one.

And so it was to be, freddo cappuccino (iced cappuccino) sat by the side of her pool.

I suggested we went out later to dinner at Nicolas Tavern, but this was not possible as that evening she was going to a wedding party (around 3,000 guests).

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