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How not to

November 20, 2013

Last night I came across a guitarist showing a little trick he had picked up, that he had incorporated in a song. All well and good, but where was the song? Surely after showing the trick, you then show the song? Also mentioned in passing, a newly released album, the name of which I did not catch.

I contrast this with Steve Lawson at the London Bass Show 2012, he gives a tour of his gear, then plays Small Marvels from 11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything.

There was only one thing for it, ask, which I did.

This was the reply

Keith, feel free to google my album, or visit my website, amazon, iTunes etc

It was probably meant to be helpful, only it wasn’t, as I did not know the name of the album (which meant a replay of the video) and I made the point, I do not use iTunes, Amazon or spotify, as they rip off both fans and artists.

I decided to search on the artist, to see what I could find.

I found a song, using the technique he had mentioned, but so badly filmed, bad video, bad sound quality, it was not doing him any favours.

I also found a video, again poor quality, that mentioned a new album. It even had a link. I clicked on the link, it took me not to the album, not even to the artist, but to the record label. No search engine for the site. Obviously the record label happy to promote itself, not its artists. And yet the link actually mentions long awaited album!

I scroll through all shown, cannot find what I am looking for. I then notice tabs at the top, one is marked acoustic guitar. I decided to give that one a try, as the demonstration was using an acoustic guitar.

I finally find the album. What palaver.

In the meantime, someone, not the artist, had kindly posted a link to the album.

And was it worth finding after all this hassle? Sadly not.

I find poor choice of material, poorly recorded, and all of 30 second samples to listen to. 30 second samples is to insult listeners. What is on the album, seems more to demonstrate technique. Technique should be invisible, it is the music that matters, on the other hand, if you are giving a music lesson ….

When I find the album, no links to further information on the artist. As already noted, all about promoting the label, not the artist.

The artist does have a website. A new website, inferior to the old website. You can buy the new album off the new website, at least you could if it worked.

Now if there had been a link to bandcamp from the original video I had come across …

Why reinvent an inferior wheel?

For some reason artists are obsessed with being on a record label. I have yet to understand why. Yes, they may record your album for you, only they are not doing it for free, it all comes out of your future earnings.

At this point, take a break and read what Andrew Dubber and Steve Lawson have to say in Music in the Digital Age, The 360 Deal and Rock and Roll is Dead.

I have not mentioned the artist, as to do so would be unfair to the artist, and would add nothing to this sorry tale.

I was though tempted to name and shame the record label, but decided best not.

It is not though only this artist.

An early music choral group has released a Christmas single with all the monies raised to go to the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal for the Philippines. So far so good. Except, you have to download from their website which is a nightmare, can only listen to a 30 second sample on their kludgy media play, the download is in a zip file containing all formats, and if you wished to give more, there is no mechanism to do so.

On the other hand, were this release to be on bandcamp, download is a single click, choose the format you want, set a low price and the user can choose to pay more, and you would be able to listen to the entire piece, and with a single click, share with friends, and embed if you wish to write about (as I have promised I will, if they make available on bandcamp).

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