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Honest Burgers

June 17, 2019

Not seen before, Honest Burgers.

Trying too hard to be trendy, loud moronic music blasting out. Obviously not aware of the trend to quieter restaurants.

Two waitresses doing an excellent impression of robots, reciting from a brainwashed script.

Overpriced local craft beer served in a can. £5-50 for a small can. Served ice cold with a chilled glass. Similar to Punk IPA.

Overpriced expensive burger disgusting, served with dried up salty chips that had overpowering stench of rosemary. £9 for burger and chips.

If I wished for salt on my chips I am more than capable of adding myself. And no, I do not wished to be knocked out by the overwhelming stench of rosemary.

Advice to cut salt intake not got through to the chef.

Burger under-cooked, pink on the inside.

Served with a knife, no fork. Greasy fingers as a result, more paper napkins used to clean fingers, let’s generate unnecessary waste.

Very poor quality compared with Shoot the Bull Trinity Market in Hull Old Town or Organic Dirty Burgers North Laine in Brighton.

No surprise Honest Burgers empty.

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