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Pizza at Home Slice

November 22, 2018

Late lunch at Home Slice in Neal’s Yard, excellent pizza.

I time it right, not busy, but starting to fill up.

On leaving Home Slice, I notice a new coffee shop in Neal’s Yard, Jacob the Angel an English Coffee House.

Closing. Not possible to try their coffee.

A cappuccino at Monmouth Coffee, a very quick visit to Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Cold misty day in London

November 22, 2018

A cold misty day in London.

Not sure if I will make the train.

Girl on bus told me long wait for the bus, the previous bus driver had refused to let her on with a buggie, even though there was room on the bus.

Ten minutes wait for train, five minute and queue has not moved, only one ticket office open. Barriers closed.

Luckily man operating barriers operated ticket machine for me. I asked he did the same for other passengers else they would miss the train.

Train companies must stop treating passengers as criminals.

Woking, only stop, massive tower blocks going up on both sides of the tracks.

On approach to Waterloo, more tower blocks under construction.

Waterloo Station concourse wide expanse, except being taken up by kiosks.

New food outlet Pure. Free water help yourself, biodegradable cutlery.

This should be the norm, free water as a human right, biodegradable coffee cups and cutlery. And councils must enforces the norm, especially on their own markets.

Kiosk outside Waterloo Station, Four Corners, packing up. Man tells me they have a coffee shop of same name in Lower Marsh. Coffee sourced from Origin.

Where once stood Shell Building, now massive tower blocks under construction.

Beany kiosk at foot of Hungerford Bridge serves excellent coffee, but no time to stop.

Misty walking over Hungerford Bridge.

Another coffee kiosk Embankment Station Blues and Royals.

I cut through Embankment Gardens, cross The Strand at The Savoy.

As I walk up towards Covent Garden I see a coffee shop Grind down a side street. I look in, turn on my heels and walk out, loud music blasting out.

I am cutting through Covent Garden to Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho.

I pass The Espresso Room. I am tempted to stay. Excellent coffee.

I am told of a shop like Magazine Brighton or Ideas on Paper, that sells quality magazines. I am told the name, head up towards Seven Dials, but I do not find.

I pass the road leading to Bar Italia. Excellent coffee shop, but no time.

I eventually find Algerian Coffee Stores.

Passing by Bar Italia on my way back to Covent Garden, a man called George says speak to his agent. I have no idea who he is.

Then retrace my steps to Home Slice in Neal’s Yard, excellent pizza. I time it right, not busy, but starting to fill up.

I had wished to walk back to Soho as number of coffee shops, but no time.

Jacob the Angel an English Coffee House, a new coffee shop in Neal’s Yard. They are serving Square Mile, which is a good sign, as unlike Clifton or Union who do not care about their reputation and will supply anyone, Square Mile are very picky. But it is closing. Not a good sign the two girls working there did not know the name of their espresso machine.

I decide on Monmouth Coffee. It is never very good, and today was no exception, though very helpful girl serving. A pity as they were pioneers of specialty coffee in the 1970s but have sadly lost their way.

I pop in Neal’s Yard Dairy. A mecca for cheese lovers. They ask me to try a cheese, Doddington. It is excellent, I buy a piece.

It is then to Covent Garden Tube Station. Considering the number of people who pass through Covent Garden, it is insanity the ticket office is closed.

Dark Mountain Terra book launch at Baldwin Gallery. A trek to south east London.

Train from Charing Cross to Dartford. Alight at Lee.

Can I find Baldwin Gallery, no. I pass by and find myself in Greenwich. I retrace my steps.

I find the venue, Baldwin Gallery, eventually.

Then back to Waterloo East. Wait for a train? I decide to find Maria’s Cafe in Lower Marsh.

Maria’s Cafe is packed and very noisy. Problem is a gang of drunken yobs on a table. I stay and have stir fried cashew nuts and pork served with rice.

As I leave a couple also leave, they comment they too could not stand the noise. It is not usually like this.

I return to Waterloo Station in time to catch a train at 2212, a slow stopping train.

Pizza at Home Slice

April 20, 2016
Camden Hells Lager

Camden Hells Lager

mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli pizza slice

mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli pizza slice

I arrived around eight. Could I please pop back in an hour, my name noted down.

A freezing cold evening.

I popped in Wild Food Cafe next door. Pretentious and overpriced.

Returning, still a long wait.

Two, maybe three groups of people, escorted to a table before me.

The service is appalling.

Not the fault of the staff. Home Slice is too popular, they cannot cope with the demand. An enviable position many restaurants would love to be.

Were it not for the food being excellent, and I being cold and hungry, nothing since breakfast, I would have walked out.

I am finally shown to a table.

I  order a slice of mushroom pizza. Although tasty, not hot. Obviously been lying around.

Hungry, I order a second slice.

To drink, lager from a local brewery in Camden. This too is excellent.

Home Slice is located in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden.

Pizza at Home Slice

November 22, 2015
Home Slice in Neal's Yard

Home Slice in Neal’s Yard

Home Slice in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden very busy.

Full, though a few girls looked as though they were leaving. Are you on the list? What list? We put you on the list, then we call you when a table is free. We will call you in about one and a half hours.

A cappuccino in M&S opposite Covent Garden Tube Station. It was ok. Better than disgusting coffee in Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

A call, a table free.

Pizza is cooked in a wood-fired clay oven, choice of 20 inch or a slice (the choice of slice restricted to three options).  To put 20″ in context, that is four inches short of two feet.

A slice of mushroom pizza as on Monday. Hungry a second slice. Delicious.

Half of lager, another half. The lager locally sourced.

Wine is served in what looked like a 2l bottle, tall straight sides. A shock to the table next to me, a lot of wine to drink.

Not quite, they measure the bottle with a ruler, than charge for what you have drunk. At least that appeared to be what was happening.

It would be more relaxing without the loud music.

Walking in, hit by the noise.

Monday late afternoon, it was busy, but I was told it get much busier later, and so it proved to be, and it was Saturday night. I thought before seven o’clock it would not be too busy (I had hoped to arrive earlier) but not so.

Monday it was very hot (mild outside). Saturday night not too hot, but then freezing cold outside.

Monday I was given a card giving me 10% off. But did not have it with me. They accepted I had the card, and was given 10% off.

It was a relief to get back outside, away from the noise.

Home Slice

November 17, 2015
Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard

Last week, I thought of eating at Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, but as I was on my way to The Black Penny, I decided not.

Monday, I thought, give Wild Food Cafe a try.

How to get in, it was upstairs. Then I saw the door, it was closed.

Home Slice 00

Home Slice in Neal’s Yard

Home Slice in Neal's Yard

Home Slice in Neal’s Yard

Home Slice 02

Home Slice

Home Slice 03

Home Slice

Home Slice 04

wood-fired clay oven

Home Slice 05

pizza slice

Home Slice 06

20 inch pizza on communal table

Where now? I thought wander to Soho. But no, I would try the pizza place next door.  No great fan of pizzas.

Very basic, rough wooden tables.

I was shown to a communal table. It was ok, as I could place my stuff on the low window ledge behind. Other tables had coat pegs on the wall.

I was brought a bottle of cold water and a glass, and given an explanation of how the system worked.

I could order a slice (limited selection) or a  whole pizza. A whole pizza was a whopping 20 inches at £20. A slice a reasonable £4.

I ordered mushroom, with pumpkin seeds, I asked they skipped the chilli.

It came on a paper plate, no utensils, very thin base.

I started eating the edge, as less interesting, then watching others realised my mistake, hold by the edge, less messy.

It was the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted. Forget the rubbish served by Pizza Hut and Pizza Express.  Cooked in a wood-fired clay oven.

The only negative points, very hot, in the summer large windows to open, very noisy with awful music thudding out.

The place was very busy, I was told later they would be queueing out the door. It must be by word-of-mouth, as Neal’s Yard is not easy to find.

Home Slice started as a wood-fired stall in 2011, then opened in Neal’s Yard in 2013.

I did not try, they also have local beer on tap and in bottles.

I was going to The Black Penny for a coffee, but was advised to try a coffee in Monmouth Coffee Company. I was not disappointed.

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