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Afternoon tea at Henry’s

April 14, 2017

Henry’s is a lovely tea room, sits above Ruddock’s.

Sadly, it closes Easter Saturday.

Henry’s has been open for four years. According to the staff, who will all lose their jobs, it was a very popular tea shop.

Henry’s will close, because Ruddock’s is closing after 163 years in business, and access to Henry’s on the first floor is through the shop.

But could more not have been done to keep it open?

There is a side entrance, thus access through the shop is not essential, and other tea shops mange this situation including deliveries, though access through the shop is required if require disabled access.

What therefore are the options?

If the ground floor is leased out as a shop, then condition of the lease access must be maintained.

This is not a negative, it would bring people in and through the shop.

Have any discussions been held with Madame Waffle next door to take on the running of the tea shop, if not, why not?

Ruddock’s blame lack of car parking in the town centre. This is nonsense, and do we really wish more cars to drive into the town centre to bring about gridlock?

There are people on the street. The problem is, Ruddock’s lost their way, changed from an indie bookshop to a shop selling rubbish.

Today Ruddock’s was busy, only time I have ever seen busy. Vultures picking over the carcass.

I was surprised reductions of only 50% with only one day to go, as will get far less for any stock left. If closing, shift the stock, even if selling at a loss, as will still be more than will get once the shop closes.

Ruddock’s claim to have the oldest telephone number in the country, the same telephone number for over 100 years. In 1905, the number was Lincoln 85, then Lincoln 285, then 28285, until today 528285. Could this be the oldest telephone number in continuous use in the world?

A very sad day, both for Ruddock’s, Henry’s and all the staff who will lose their jobs.

It is also a very sad day for the town, but the city council do not care, all they are interested in are greedy developers who are trashing the town.



Cappuccino in Henry’s

January 9, 2017

Henry’s is a relatively new tea shop, situated on the first floor of Ruddocks.

It has been there a couple of years or more, I had looked in when first opened, but never sampled the coffee.

Habit of always taking a coffee in Stokes and not venturing further afield.

Last year I tried Coffee Aroma, and this year decided to try a few more of the indie coffee shops in Lincoln. Last week I tried Makushi Coffee House, halfway up Steep Hill.

As I passed by Stokes, very tempting, even more temping to visit Coffee Aroma, but no must keep my resolve, and so Henry’s it was.

Ruddocks is not where you’d expect to find a tea shop, a stationers cum bookshop cum art supplies. Or at least was once a bookshop, now sells newspapers and magazines, a very retrograde step. There used to be a very up-market art shop top end of the High Street, Gadsby’s, but sadly no more. Strange as Lincoln has an art college, or did. Ruddocks is also a printer and publisher.

Ambience in Henry’s very agreeable, a 1930’s feel, almost expect to look out the window and see the Brown Shirts marching past. Or maybe they simply opened it as it was. Music from the period playing.

Sadly my cappuccino did not live up to the promise of the ambience or the price.

At £2-90 I expect quality. It was undrinkable. When a cappuccino does not look good appearance usually not deceptive, it was not good. Not the disgusting undrinkable yuk they serve in Costa, Caffe Nero or tax-dodging Starbucks, but undrinkable nevertheless.

No, you do not add chocolate to a cappuccino. You ask, and even then, use high quality cocoa powder.

The only reason chocolate added, is to hide the fact disgusting coffee.

To be fair it is a tea shop, and to be fair the barista was not there. Whoever prepared the food prepared the coffee.

I inquired as to the coffee beans. Stokes espresso blend. Unless Stokes is supplying rubbish for cafes, then they should be worried the damage this does to their reputation. They should periodically visit places sourcing their coffee, exercise quality control.

The young lady serving made up for the poor quality coffee. She had been doing a coffee course at Stokes and was keen to learn more. But training only takes you so far. She needs to work alongside top quality baristas.

Henry’s is not any time soon going to make it into Northern England Independent Coffee Guide.

On leaving Ruddocks, I found Stokes coffee beans on sale. How old, and the last place would think of looking for coffee beans. Obvious place to sell would be on the counter in Henry’s. And to be sure of freshly roasted, buy from Stokes. Though Stokes fail to put the roast date, a major omission, and Stokes should know better.

Passing by Stokes on may way up, not busy. Passing by Coffee Aroma on my way back down, packed.

Passing through The Stonebow, a young guy playing an acoustic guitar. Not bad, especially compared with the rubbish usually found on the street in Lincoln. I picked up a free CD.

Popped into Waterstone’s High Street. When last week, I went to pick up a copy of The Spy I had ordered, I actually did not, I asked for two copies, which they collected from upstairs. Was it still there? No, but I showed then the reference code, they checked, and yes, should have been collected. I picked up two at £6-50, full price £12-99, thus getting two copies for one pence better than half price.

A sticker ‘Just 12-99’ is deliberately misleading, as that is the price, but gives the false impression getting a reduction.

To download the e-book is a blatant rip-off Kobo £9-49, Amazon Kindle £9-49 and Google Play £9-49.

I picked up another free CD off Sam Harrison busking in The Stonebow. Gave him my small change. I said put on bandcamp. He said people find him on spotify. Yes, only because you send people there. Do not encourage people to use a platform like spotify that screws musicians big time. Send to bandcamp where everyone gets a good deal. He agreed, sound advice, especially if people had picked up a free CD, they may then pay him some money.

I picked up a copies of Rain & Voices from the Sky by Sam Harrison and the Society of Strange Living. Not yet found its way onto bandcamp.

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