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Farnborough patients denied patient choice

October 11, 2011

This institution belongs to the people and the people do not want it run on a competitive model. — Baroness Bakewell

The NHS is an icon for British people. If you sign the death warrant of the NHS you will not be forgiven. — Baroness Billingham

The British public fear losing an altruistic health service to one which is market based. — Baroness Williams of Crosby

There is a failure towards any responsibility of equality. — Baroness Williams of Crosby

Patients living in Farnborough are being denied patient choice, they are being told they have to go to Basingstoke not Frimley Park which is just up the road.

Patients are not being told they have a choice. If they try to exercise patient choice they are told no, you have to go to Basingstoke. If they really push hard, they may get referred to Surrey PCT but not Frimley Park which means they could be sent anywhere in Surrey.

Instructions have been handed down from Hampshire PCT telling local doctors and dentists they must send their patients to a hospital in Hampshire, not their nearest hospital Frimley Park.

This instruction has nothing to do with medical needs or what is convenient for patients but to satisfy the market.

This is a farce. It is claimed Hampshire PCT has told doctors and dentists in Hampshire they must refer patients to hospitals in Hampshire. This is to ignore medical need and convenience of the patient.

This is market forces determining patient care!

Frimley Park no longer local hospital for Farnborough and Aldershot

It begs the question why local doctors and a dentists are going along with it when it is not in the best interest of their patients.

I have requested a copy of the instruction that Hampshire PCT has issued.

Is what we are seeing a sign of things to come, the final destruction of the NHS?

Block the Bridge

Frimley Park no longer local hospital for Farnborough and Aldershot

October 7, 2011

I wonder how many local residents in Farnborough and Aldershot realise that Frimley Park Hospital in Frimley is no longer their local hospital, that local doctors and dentists have received instructions to refer their patients to hospitals in Hampshire not Surrey, that patients are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley?

This is the infernal market gone mad, it is to ride roughshod over patient choice.

The first many patients learn they are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley is when they receive written confirmation of their hospital appointment. They are not being told they have a choice, let alone given a choice.

No one I have spoken to is aware this is going on.

From Farnborough it is a ten minute ride on the No1 bus to Frimley, then a ten minute walk from Frimley to Frimley Park.

To a hospital in Basingstoke, it is a 20-25 minute train jorney Farnborough to Basingstoke, then what as the hospital is not nearby, it is not in the town centre.

I have spoken to Basingstoke Hospital, they are baffled why patients in Farnborough are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley. I have spoken to Frimley Park and they are equally baffled.

For people living in Aldershot, a much worse journey by public transport to Basingstoke.

This would be like living in a village outside Lincoln and being told you cannot go to a hospital in Lincoln because you reside outside the city boundary, instead you have to travel to Pilgrims Hospital at Boston!

First world championship fight John Heenan (USA) v Tom Sayers (UK)

April 17, 2010
Sayers v. Heenan, 17 April 1860. Drawn by the lithographer W. L. Walton (c. 1811-75)

Sayers v. Heenan, 17 April 1860. Drawn by the lithographer W. L. Walton (c. 1811-75)

Exactly 150 years to the day, on 17 April 1860 an illegal bare-knuckle fight took place in a field at the back of the Ship Inn in Farnborough, Hampshire, on the Surrey-Hampshire border. Prize fighting at the time being illegal.

John Heenan (USA) v Tom Sayers (UK) the fight was in essence a world heavyweight fight. The reason for the location was that in the event of the Hampshire Constabulary turning up (which they did) the fighters could cross the River Blackwater and be over the county border into Surrey, and out of reach. Not that the constabulary were going to do much in the midst of a large bloodthirsty crowd.

The fight that took place behind the Ship Inn on 17 April 1860 between the Irish-American John Heenan and the gypsy Tom Sayers was the first world championship fight. A bare-knuckle fight, it went into 37 rounds before the ropes were cut, the ring invaded, and the referee abandoned the fight. The fight went on for a further 5 rounds, a total of 2 hours 20 minutes, before being declared a draw. Both contestants were awarded a championship belt. A crowd of 12,000 attended the illegal fight. Sayers was reported in The Times as continuing the fight with a broken arm.

Tom Sayers (1826-1865), born in Brighton, only ever lost one fight in his boxing career. After the Farnborough fight, he and John Heenan became good friends. They toured the country putting on exhibition fights to commemorate their world championship fight in Farnborough. Sayers lies in Highgate Cemetery.

The fight was the last of its kind. The nation was so shocked by the brutality of the fight that legislation was pushed through Parliament that put an end to bare-knuckle fighting.

What is strange is that there is nothing at the Ship Inn to commemorate the fight, no plaque, no poster. Although talking to the landlord some weeks ago, he did start to tell me of the fight and was very surprised to learn that I already knew of it.

Locally, no one seems to be aware the fight took place. With such an important anniversary taking place, one would expect something to commemorate the event, but nothing. Nothing that is other than a book signing in the local library by an author of a book on the fight. And even for this, no publicity, not even a poster or flyers in the Ship Inn! And the obvious place for the book signing would have been the Ship Inn, not the local library. This should not though be seen to imply any criticism of the current landlord of the Ship Inn.

The day before, local TV conducted an interview, only it took place two miles away at Mytchett in Surrey, not outside the Ship Inn!

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