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Gypsy street musicans

October 30, 2015
gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

gypsy street musician

Gypsy street musicians, playing in the pedestrianised street that runs past The Acropolis Museum.

One less than previous day, as one got beaten by another kid, his musical instrument smashed over his head and his money stolen.

Rival gangs?


Seemingly not.

Various scams.

Would you like a rose? Most insistent, will not take no for an answer. Then if you do take. Two euros. One euro. Then snatched back. A rose broken off, put in top pocket then taken back. Pickpockets?

Talking to the police.

A map spread out on a table where tourists are eating at a restaurant. Please, where is …? Mobile phone, wallet, beneath the map vanish. Kid gets grabbed, but has already passed to another kid who has long gone.


Everyone calls them gypsies.

They are dropped off around Athens.

Raises question to people traffickers. Someone is exploiting these kids.

Dale Farm eviction

September 20, 2011

No one likes gypsies on their doorstep and anyone who says otherwise is being less than economical with the truth: dirty, half-naked children running around, savage dogs on chains, anti-social behaviour, petty thieving, rubbish burning etc.

But one is not allowed to say these things, let alone use to justify eviction of gypsies from a site they have occupied for over ten years.

Therefore why not use the planning laws? They have occupied land in designated green belt.

Dale Farm. One gets the image of a run down farm that gypsies have occupied. It is a scrap yard. Hardly a green field site. And the gypsies own the site.

Listening to Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council who are mounting the eviction, he comes across as as pig ignorant. He somewhat let the cat out of the bag when on the Today programme yesterday morning he said the evicted families would have to find somewhere else to live in another part of the country!

I wonder what will happen to the site once or if the current residents are evicted? Will it then be redeveloped?

I have seen too many green field sites developed, a blind eye turned, retrospective planning granted.

Bailiffs are thugs acting for a Court. I experienced this a few years back. A local Rachman landlord had bailiffs evict a disable man with mental problems, only they came to my house by mistake. They were hammering on my doors and windows. Had I not been in I suspect they would have smashed down the door. They demanded to know who I was. I refused to tell them and ordered them off my property. They had police back up. I asked the police to arrest the thugs for their threatening behaviour, instead the police threatened to arrest me.

The UN has condemed the action by Basildon Council. Why has the Foreign Office refused UN acess to Dale Farm?

Dale Farm: evicted Travellers will be forced to leave area

Dale Farm residents at the last minute yesterday afternoon were granted a stay of execution by the High Court. It remains to be seen what next?

Dale Farm Travellers win injunction delaying eviction
Dale Farm traveller site: Bailiffs urge end to obstruction

Basildon Council have cut disablity services by half a million pounds but could find £20 million for this eviction! Show where their priorities lie.

The Gypsies and the Mother Goddess

June 30, 2010
Saint Sarah

Saint Sarah

Once a year, gypsies from all over the world head to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the South of France, to pay homage to Saint Sarah. According to tradition, Sarah was a gypsy who lived in a small seaside town when Jesus’ aunt, Mary Salome, arrived with other refugees trying to escape from persecution by the Romans.

The statue of Sarah, dressed in beautiful robes, is taken from somewhere near the church (since the Vatican has never canonized her) and carried in procession as far as the sea, through narrow streets strewn with roses. Four gypsies dressed in their traditional clothes place the relics in a boat filled with flowers and repeated the arrival of the fugitives and their meeting with Sarah. From that moment on, everything involved music, feasting, singing and showing one’s courage in front of a bull.

It is easy to identify Sarah as another of the many black Madonnas to be found in the world. Sara-la-Kali, says the tradition, came from noble lineage and knew the secrets of the world. In my mind, she is one of the many manifestations of what they call the Mother Goddess, the Goddess of Creation.

Every year the festival at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer attracts more and more people who have nothing to do with the gypsy community. Why is that? The reason is because God the Father is always associated with the rigor and discipline of religion. On the contrary, the Mother Goddess shows the importance of love above all the prohibitions and taboos that we know so well.

The phenomenon is no novelty; whenever religion makes its rules tougher, a significant group of people tends to seek for more freedom in spiritual contact. This happened during the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church confined itself to imposing taxes and building luxury-filled convents; the reaction was the appearance of a phenomenon called “witchcraft”, which, despite being repressed on account of its revolutionary character, left roots and traditions that have managed to survive across all these centuries.

In earlier traditions, the cult of nature is more important than reverence for the holy books; the Goddess is in everything, and everything is part of the Goddess. The world is just an expression of her goodness. There exists many philosophical systems, such as Taoism and Buddhism, that do away with the distinction between creator and creature. People no longer try to decipher the mystery of life, but rather, take part in it.

In the cult of the Great Mother, what we call “sin”, generally a transgression of arbitrary moral codes, is far more flexible. Customs are freer, because they are part of nature and cannot be considered the fruits of evil. If God is a mother, then all that is necessary is to join together and worship her through rites that try to satisfy her feminine soul, such as dancing, fire, water, air, earth, singing, music, flowers and beauty.

The tendency has grown enormously over the last few years. Perhaps we are witnessing a very important moment in the history of the world, when at last Spirit integrates with Matter, and they unify and change.

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

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