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Gurkha Palace

July 17, 2016
buffet lunch at Gurkha Palace

buffet lunch at Gurkha Palace

A Nepalese restaurant, Sunday buffet, food variable, best just after lunchtime peak, otherwise food is sitting there all day.

I walked in around half past two to be told I only had half an hour.

Half an hour for what?

To eat, we close at three.

Since when?

Since beginning of year.

At least explained why it was nearly empty.

But with Farnborough Airshow on, would have thought would be open all day.

I would have sat inside, by the window, but a lady who was sitting outside, asked would I tell her what the planes were, I sat outside.

She invited me to join her, but as the tables were tiny , I grabbed an empty table.

Food was ok, but nothing special. I also noted that had jacked up their prices, charging evening prices for lunchtime buffet.


Buffet lunch at Gurkha Palace

January 19, 2014
my selection for main course

my selection for main course

Several weeks ago, I had lunch at Gurkha Palace, a Nepalese restaurant. It was at best mediocre.

I thought I’d try again today. It was better, why was it better?

When I ate there some weeks ago, it was late afternoon. I was the only one there, the food had obviously been lying there since lunchtime. Even worse, come five o’clock when the price goes up, not attempt was made to clear away the food and lay out fresh.

Today, I was there a little after two o’clock, the place was busy, around two-thirds full, and more importantly the food was fresh, had not been sitting there for hours. The buffet was being regularly topped up, small portions, little and often, which is how it should be.

The food being freshly prepared, made a huge difference. I did though notice, coming up to three o’clock, when most of the people had left, no fresh food. Anyone coming after three o-clock, would be getting food that had been sitting there for hours.

Last time was chicken and sweetcorn soup. It was ok, but dredging the bottom of the pot. Today, vegetable soup, very poor. More like watery gruel, with some unpleasant spices to give the impression of substance.

Main course, a selection of vegetables and meats, was quite good, mainly because it was fresh.

For dessert, yoghurt with tiny slivers of fruit.

Service was poor. Dirty dishes were not cleared until I had almost finished my meal. A very long wait for the bill, and in the end I had to ask.

Plates were cold.

A Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor is not deserved. Though this may in part be based upon what is served in the week which is not buffet and may well be much better.

Farnborough and neighbouring Aldershot are dire in terms of anywhere decent to eat, mainly junk food outlets. Gurkha Palace is probably about as good as it gets.