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Refurbished trains Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line

June 5, 2015
refurbished trains

refurbished trains

refurbished trains

refurbished trains

From Guildford, one of the clapped-out, Third World cattle trucks refurbished. Now clean seats, but fewer seats. More like a high density urban train, or a Tube train, the emphasis on standing and cramming in as many passengers as possible. Still no toilets.

Completely unsuitable for the Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line. They should put these refurbished trains elsewhere and bring back the trains that were on this route.

I did wonder did the trains have wifi, but this I did not check. I saw no signs to indicate wifi available, though I did notice a passenger accessing information on a tablet.

Dysfunctional South West Trains and Stagecoach buses

December 2, 2014
SWT cattle truck

SWT cattle truck

It was touch and go, if I would make the Reading-Guildford train if I walked to the station and caught the train, therefore I decided to catch a bus to Aldershot (problematic as bus service unreliable at the best of times) and catch the Aldershot-Guildford cattle truck. I managed with a few minutes to spare, only to find no train, half an hour wait for next train.

Ticket office asked did I want a single to Guildford. I said no, a return on a rail card.

I thought maybe catch the bus, even though I had paid for the train. I asked the bus driver what time bus arrived in Guildford. His dumb reply: When it gets there. As it was a clapped-out double decker bus and not a very pleasant journey, I decided to wait for the next clapped-out cattle truck.

First carriage I tried, freezing cold, no heating. Next carriage, all the windows open. Third carriage heating, about as effective as a candle.

One of the features of these clapped out filthy cattle trucks, is when they wait several minutes at Aldershot, they do so with all the doors open.

On arrival at Guildford I find I had been sold the wrong ticket, a single not a return, even though I had explicitly stated I wanted a return.

More hassle sorting that out.

I queued at the ticket office, to be told, no I could not change it to a return, it was my fault and the ticket had been used.

I demanded the station manger. Clerk in ticket office refused to get the station manager. I went looking.

No manager, no acting manger, but I did find a helpful supervisor. She said ticked office was in the wrong, wrote out a note, which she said use in lieu of ticket and apologised for how I had been treated.

On return to Aldershot, ten minutes wait for bus at seven o’clock, only no bus. Twenty minutes wait in the cold for the next bus.

Local buses and South West Trains run and owned by Stagecoach.

Richard Branson and Stagecoach have just been handed the lucrative East Coast Mainline.

Clapped-out trains Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line

April 6, 2014
Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line

Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line

Why is Southwest Trains running clapped-out trains on the Guildford-Aldershot-Ascot line?

This does not seem to be a temporary measure as the logos have been removed from the exterior of the trains, and Southwest Trains posters stuck up inside the trains.

This has happened over the last few weeks.

The trains are two-car units, joined together to form a train of four carriages.

They are dirty, the seats sagging, worn and dirty, no toilets.

These are basic, inner-city commuter cattle trucks.

They are vastly inferior to the new Southwest Trains they have replaced.

To add insult to injury, trains fares went up yet again in January. For, we are told, an improved service.

This is not acceptable, and the trains that were running on this line should be brought back. Where have they gone?