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Greek Solidarity demo in Trafalgar Square

June 29, 2015
Greece Trafalgar Square protest

Greece Trafalgar Square protest

Troika is afraid of alternatives to austerity. — Caroline Lucas

Austerity is not only destructive it is economically deluded. — Caroline Lucas

This evening saw a big demonsration in Trafalgar Square in London in soladarity with Greece.

Greece is urged to stand firm against EU-IMF-Gernam bullying and vote NO to EU propsoals

Greece has said no to asterity. Fiver years of suffering is enough.

EU wishes to destroy Greece.

Earlier today the EU President launched an unprecedented attack on Greece, calling their government egoists. Who is the EU President? A has-been politician who represent no one, who was not democratically elected.

EU, having bullied Cyprus two years ago, thought they could do the same to Greece. They have bee proven wrong.

Tonight saw big demonstrations in Athens in support of the government standing firm against EU bullying.

What we are seeing is a democracy Greece, standing up to the corrupt EU.

It has sent a very clear message to all the countries in the EU. It is time to break up the EU. Two years ago it was Cyprus, today it is Greece. Which country next will be subject to the EU jackboot?

The behaviour of EU to Greece, will not be forgotten when UK votes to leave the EU.