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Taverna Kamasias

May 28, 2017

The week before we had eaten at Ocean Basket in Ayia Napa. A big mistake, the food disgusting, service terrible, the KFC or McDonald’s of seafood.

Last year we ate at Papa’s fish and chips. Misleading, as although it is a fish n chip shop, it is also an excellent fish restaurant. Excellent sea bream.

Wednesday night Nicolas Tavern or Taverna Kamasias?

I was told that at Taverna Kamasias the sea bream even better than at Papa’s fish and chips.

I assumed Taverna Kamasias was a fish restaurant. I was wrong, a Greek-Cypriot taverna, strictly speaking a meze house serving fish and meat meze.

I asked was the fish freshly caught? I was told yes.

We ordered a Greek salad. This was served with bread and pitta bread.

For starter, we decided on what we had at Papa’s fish and chips, fingers of cheese, fried, covered in sesame seeds.

We must have got the name wrong. What was served, molten cheese in a bowl with hot tomatoes. It did not look appetising, but was delicious.

Then came the sea bream, my companion chose a seafood platter.

Both were excellent.

The seafood platter included very tiny crabs as find on the beach.

We could have taken our own wine. I did not know this. I could have brought a bottle of red wine from Melissonas Hill Vineyard, though it would not have gone with the fish.

A side dish of vegetables.

Neighbouring table had steak served on a wooden platter. Another table snails.

We did not order dessert, nevertheless a dessert arrived. Slices of watermelon, a couple of strawberries, a couple of Greek cakes and something I did not know what it was served in a jar of honey.

To one side, large loudspeakers, imply must be a venue for live music.

On arrival, maybe around eight o’clock, almost empty. When we left, a little before eleven o’clock, the place was heaving.

What we did not know was this was Black Angus steak night. Yes, it was chalked up, but I assumed it was one of the dishes on offer.

We then drove through Protaras. It was deserted, the bars and restaurants empty. The local economy destroyed by all-inclusive hotels.

Taverna Kamasias, one of the best places to eat in Cyprus, indeed one of the best places I have eaten.

Dinner at Nicolas Tavern

May 22, 2015

As always excellent dinner, but then expect no less at Nicolas Tavern.

Chicken soup and mushroom soup as starters.

Lamb chops and souvla (pieces of pork spit-roasted). These came with potatoes, instead of vegetables, Greek salad.

As always, generous portion sizes, several lamb chops.

Nicolas Tavern was busy, which was more than could be said for other restaurants.

The tourist industry appears to have collapsed, with rows and rows of empty sunbeds on the beach, boats sitting idle, thus to see a restaurant full, gives a measure of Nicolas Tavern.

Nicolas Tavern, is a traditional Greek-Cypriot taverna, more or less opposite Capo Bay Beach Hotel, at the Ayia Napa end of Protaras.

Nicolas Tavern

September 29, 2013
chicken soup

chicken soup

Greek side salad

Greek side salad

For starter, excellent chicken soup, far better than the chicken soup at Marcello’s a couple of days ago.

I had sea bass. I had sea bass last May, which I enjoyed. This time I did not though much enjoy it. There must be a nack to eating the fish, I made mess of it.

Others had grilled salmon and kleftico, which they said was good.

As the vegetables are never very good, a Greek side salad, which was excellent, far better than the side salad at Marcello’s a couple of days ago.

It was quiet, eight o’clock is probably early for a Greek-Cypriot taverna. It soon filled up, though not packed, it was very busy.

Although busy, Nicolas Tavern was not as busy as in the past or as busy as I would expect on a Sunday.

Hotels all-inclusive, is having a devastating impact on local businesses and damaging the local economy.

It is time the government got its act together and outlawed all-inclusive.

Nicolas Tavern is also being hit by fake reviews on TripAdvisor.

Nicolas Tavern, is a traditional Greek-Cypriot taverna, more or less opposite Capo Bay Beach Hotel, at the Ayia Napa end of Protaras.

Dinner at Nicolas Tavern

September 26, 2012


stuffed tomatoes

stuffed tomatoes

Dinner with Russian friends at Nicolas Tavern a traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant.

We ordered salad, cream of mushroom soup, chicken soup, stuffed tomatoes, sea bass (or was it bream), kleftico, sirloin steak.

Kleftico is a traditional Greek-Cypriot dish, lamb cooked slowly, slowly over many hours in a wood-fired clay oven.

For drink: water, house red wine, house white wine, Keo (a local lager).

Food as always at Nicolas Tavern was excellent. Portions are large, food was taken away for later.

To finish off, I had brandy sour (a local drink).

Nicolas Tavern is a traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Protaras in Cyprus.

Fake reviews are being posted on TripAdvisor. These stand out like a sore thumb. It does little for the credibility of TripAdvisor that they are failing to root out these fake reviews.

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