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moussaka No 1 restaurant

October 19, 2020

It is strange, moussaka one of the few local dishes I had never tried.

Souvlaki, kleftico and more recently tsipira yes, moussaka no. Not until a couple of years ago at a greasy spoon café run by Turks.

Moussaka is never the same, everyone has their own recipe never to be shared.

The moussaka I had tonight at No 1 restaurant was excellent.

Moussaka with salad and a small bottle of red wine.

Very few places in Protaras open. I took a walk along the seafront, then cut through a dark alley up to Number 1. Places that on a previous visit to Protaras about ten days ago were then closed but with stock inside now stripped of stock.

No 1 restaurant one of the few places that are open. I was their only customer, the street outside, the main street through Protaras, deserted.

Covid-19 biosecurity good. Hand sanitiser as walked in, tables marble top easily kept clean, I cannot comment on menu as was not handed one, no loud music, waiter wearing mask correctly though not necessary outside though a government requirement. I suggested they implement track and trace, log date and time, contact details of diners to be notified if covid-19 outbreak.

No 1 restaurant will close end of the month end of season. The only reason still open, they own their own premises no rent to pay and government pays part of the wages of staff provided remain open until end of the season.

Dinner at Nicolas Tavern

September 30, 2015
Nicolas Tavern

Nicolas Tavern



Excellent dinner at Nicolas Tavern.

Choice of soups. Chose mushroom and chicken. Both were excellent, served piping hot.

Sword fish, I have never seen a portion this size before.

Excellent souvla, peices of pork spit roasted.

The pork was far superior to the pork at No 1 a couple of days ago, though maybe not a fair comparison, one peices of pork, the other a pork chop.

Skipped dessert as portion sizes large.

To drink, water, beer, followed by a brandy sour.

Nicolas Tavern is a traditional Greek-Cypriot taverna in Protaras. Kleftiko is cooked in the traditional manner in a wood-fired clay oven.

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