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Dinner at Nicolas Tavern

September 30, 2015
Nicolas Tavern

Nicolas Tavern



Excellent dinner at Nicolas Tavern.

Choice of soups. Chose mushroom and chicken. Both were excellent, served piping hot.

Sword fish, I have never seen a portion this size before.

Excellent souvla, peices of pork spit roasted.

The pork was far superior to the pork at No 1 a couple of days ago, though maybe not a fair comparison, one peices of pork, the other a pork chop.

Skipped dessert as portion sizes large.

To drink, water, beer, followed by a brandy sour.

Nicolas Tavern is a traditional Greek-Cypriot taverna in Protaras. Kleftiko is cooked in the traditional manner in a wood-fired clay oven.