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Greek coffee heated in hot sand at Mokka

October 24, 2018

At Mokka, Greek coffee is heated in hot sand not over a naked flame.

The Ibrik is half immersed in the sand. This provides heat around as well as from below.

The sand is moved around the Ibrik, as well as the Ibrik being moved around the sand.

The coffee sits atop the water until engulfed by the hot water.

When the brewed coffee rises to the top it is withdrawn, then half poured, served with a glass of water.

Contrast with Turkish coffee, rises to the top, withdrawn from the flame, put back over the flame,  withdrawn. This is done three times.

The coffee is very finely ground, consistency of talcum powder. A light roast, lighter than for filter coffee.

The bed of sand is heated by a flame beneath.

Mokka coffee shop and roastery is located outside Athens Central Market.

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