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The Speyside Sessions

June 16, 2012
The Speyside Sessions

The Speyside Sessions

I am no great fan of Scottish music or folk, two reasons not to like The Speyside Sessions, and yet to my surprise I find I like.

The sessions, an intimate mix of traditional Scottish ballads, reels and bawdy crowd pleasers, were recorded live last winter in a sprawling old house on the banks of the River Spey, in the Scottish Highlands.

A lovely example of simple live recording and yet very high quality. Profits from which go the Save the Children.

Speyside is the centre of Scottish whisky. In the 1970s, snow on the ground, I was in Grantown-on-Spey for Christmas. I was at a Ceilidh (do not like either). I won first prize in the town’s raffle. It was crate loads of whisky (I don’t like whisky either). Most of it I gave away (I don’t think I would have got out alive). The rest went into my cellar. Each Christmas my grandfather (who did like whisky) was very happy to receive a bottle of whisky for Christmas.

Top Story in The Waverley Daily (Saturday 16 June 2012).

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