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Friday 13th Pepsi Trump Horror Show

December 13, 2019

The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them. — Turkish proverb

Thursday night exit polls showed a massive swing to the Nasty Party. As the results poured in, exit poll confirmed.  I turned off the coverage, it was too depressing.

A nightmare.

A decade of the Nasty Party — zero hours employment, pay less than living wage, poverty, mass closure of libraries, food banks, serfs working for apps, human robots in Amazon warehouses, class warfare, mass transfer of wealth to the rich, tax dodging on an industrial scale, austerity, neo-liberalism, shock doctrine, NHS on point of collapse, disintegration rail infrastructure.

Labour offered a radical progressive future, a green new deal.

But hey what the fuck, let’s vote for Pepsi Trump.

What went wrong? Why did people on the doorstep say No Jeremy Corbyn.


Wherever Jeremy Cobyn went, he was greeted to rapturous applause, he related to people, in debates he was calm and measured, had good grasp of the issues.

The problem therefore was not Jeremy Corbyn. The problem was the perception of Jeremy Corbyn.

We had the most vicious smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. And it was not only the usual suspects, Murdoch and The Scum. It was fake-Left Guardian, too often the originators of the smears.

Then we had back bench MPs who thought they had a sinecure for life, wanted to back to the good old days of corrupt Labour, who spent their time sabotaging Labour, aided and abetted by the media, especially BBC News and fake-Left Guardian only too willing to grant them a soapbox.

Again we have to ask why?

Those in poser were scared shitless of radical change. The Deep State was under threat.

Had Labour a leader who would tinkle at the edges, policies that were businesses as usual, the choice of Tweedledum or Tweedledee but no real change, they would have been happy.

Therein lies the dilemma. Labour must not lose sight of the prize, dealing with tax dodgers, bringing in a fairer society, a green new deal.

In the meantime, take to the streets, direct action, form the resistance.

To those who say it was democracy, I suggest visit an exhibition in Berlin at the foot of the Berlin Wall which drawing upon Nazi archives shows how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power. Adolf Hitler was elected.

In Hungary and Poland, Fascists have been elected. They are shutting down a free press, destroying the judiciary.

When Pepsi Trump failed to attend the Channel 4 Climate Debate and in his place a block of melting ice, unnamed Tory sources threatened to remove the broadcast licence of Channel 4.

We have had Laura Kaunsberg and Robert Peston act and still acting as Pepsi Trump propagandists, drip drip drip of propaganda from unnamed sources. If not on record then do not regurgitate as news. Otherwise being played like a fiddle.

What of the climate?

Five more years of no action on climate. We have seen COP25 collapse with no firm commitment to cut carbon emissions by the levels required, zero carbon by 2030. The climate will not wait, the planet burns whilst corrupt politicians fiddle. What we can guarantee is cataclysmic chaos, brought about by climate change and the rapid deep cuts in carbon emissions that will have to be made.

The longer we leave action, the greater the impact, the deeper the cuts will have to be. How much more flooding, when do we act, do we wait until London is flooded?

I fear for this country. I also feel ashamed.

I know how they felt in US when Donald Trump was elected.

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Council run markets an outstanding success!

April 13, 2015
Tuesday market an outstanding success

Tuesday market an outstanding success

support sound planning policies

support sound planning policies

redevelop the Civic Quarter

redevelop the so-called Civic Quarter

claim credit for Farnborough Tech

claim credit for Farnborough Tech

One has to ask, what are the local Tories on?

First we had Gerald Howarth claiming he had saved The Tumbledown Dick. At best a sick joke.

Now we have Roland Dibbs claiming council run markets an outstanding success.

Try telling that to stallholders who have seen an increase in their pitch fees.

Try telling that to stallholders who have been forced to buy unwanted gazebos, even though they have their own stalls with their own awnings.

Try telling that to stallholders who have pulled out.

The move of Farnborough market to the town centre, is to be welcome, but why was it not done years ago, not leaving the market to die a slow death? And the only reason it has been moved, has not been for either the good of the market or of the town, but to make the land available for greedy developers to make a fast buck.

Local markets a success are not the only ludicrous claims being made by Roland Dibbs and the local Tories.

It is claimed they support local businesses.

Try telling that to the local businesses destroyed when half Farnborough town centre was destroyed.

Try telling that to the local businesses at Firgrove Parade.

Try telling that to the local businesses driven out of The Arcade.

Try telling that to the local businesses suffering because of Wastegate.

Try telling that to the local businesses kicked out of The Arcade.

Try telling that to stallholders who have seen footfall collapse due to crass planning decisions, who have had their pitch fees hiked,and been forced to buy unwanted gazebos.

They claim to support pubs.

We saw that when the local Tories fell over backwards to destroy The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

We saw that when the local Tories stitched up a dirty little behind closed doors deal with McDonald’s.

We had Roland Dibbs claim a police van was parked every night outside The Tumbledown Dick, that once he met two old ladies and they had found two drunk girls in the street, that someone he knew once had a bad meal in The Tumbledown Dick, and for all these reasons he would be supporting the destruction of The Tumbledown Dick.

We still have a Tory councillor gloating over the destruction of The Tumbledown Dick.

The local Tories support sound planning policies.

Decades of bad planning decisions have led to the destruction of Aldershot and Farnborough town centres.

Bad planning decisions led to the destruction of Firgrove Green, with four local businesses facing destruction at Firgrove Parade.

Bad planning decisions led to the destruction of half of Farnborough town centre.

Bad planning decisions led to Wastegate which has laid waste to Aldershot town centre, that drains money out of the local economy.

Development of the so-called Civic Quarter, the green space by the Public Library,  a foregone conclusion.

Er, was this not put put out to consultation?

Local people wish to see the only green space in the town centre retained, designated as a Village Green.

Local Tories wish to see it developed.

With development, there is always the opportunity for backhanders for corrupt councillors and officials.

It is even claimed success for Farnborough Tech.

Farnborough Tech is an independent bums-on-seats business. Farnborough Tech along with other similar bums-on-seats businesses face a very uncertain future, possibly annihilation, with the drastic cuts Tories are planning for Further and Higher Education.

The usual nonsense about Labour destroyed the economy. No, it was the bankers, although George Osborne with austerity is doing an excellent job destroying the economy. It was not the sick, the poor, the disadvantaged, who destroyed the economy, but is is they who are paying the price.

A headline: Working for You All Year Round.

Er no, working for greedy developers and Big Business and two fingers to the local community and small businesses.

Why vote?

April 8, 2015

There is a popular misconception that there are around 10% of floating voters, who must be swayed one way or the other.

This is simply not true.

If you take the trouble to explain to people that what they think is a position, is mainstream media filtering and propaganda, they will often come to an entirely different position.

Not the view politicians take, knock on the door, vote for us, and off they go. No time to talk, and somewhat arrogant to take a vote for granted, and how you vote is none of their business anyway.

I have found, a room, a packed hall, all of one view, can be brought around to an entirely different view.

Context matters too.

Talk to people about global warming during the floods of last winter, or during a hurricane,and they will accept something is wrong with the weather, if not the climate.

Tell them the climate is not warming, when there is snow on the ground and public transport has ground to a halt, and they will also believe you.

Talk to them with a wilted plant, dying of thirst, brown leaves, sitting in the corner, and they are more influenced by thoughts of drought and global warming.

Anecdotes matter. Data people do not understand.

Are people better off? Most people know they are not, or feel they are not better off. The data has no meaning.

Tell people crime is falling, and they will not believe you when they know Mrs Jones down the road was robbed only last week.

The data has even less meaning when it is distorted.

David Cameron tells us we are better off under the Tories, tax has gone down.

Simply not true if we take account of income tax, VAT, benefit cuts and Bedroom Tax.

We have wealthy people who live mainly in London who do not pay tax. Is it fair? Of course not. Will they all leave the country, if forced to pay tax? Maybe, but no great loss if they do, as they are sponging off the system.

Order in which information is presented matters.

Ask people about their life. Then ask if they are happy. One influences the other.

Why vote?

Why bother wasting time when you know it makes not a jot of difference?

People vote out of a sense of duty, it is something you do, did people not shed blood to obtain us this right?

People vote as herd animals, their group votes this way, their family votes this way.

The seven party debate last week, for many people opened a little window, there is an alternative to austerity. But that window has already been closed and shuttered. It is back to the illusion of choice, Tweedledee v Tweedledum, he said this, he said that. Meanwhile everyone turns off because it is so bloody boring and of no relevance to them.

There have been massive demonstrations against austerity, against climate change, and yet few are aware as does not get reported.

As Russell Brand says in Revolution, voting makes no difference, and if it did, you would not have a vote. It creates an illusion, you have cast your vote, makes you feel good. Without the illusion, people would take to the streets and string up every banker.

As Naomi Klein describes in This Changes Everything, Big Business controls everything.

We do not have democracy.

The ancient City State of Athens had democracy. On a hill overlooking the Acropolis there is a stone and a natural amphitheatre. Anyone who had something to say, stood on the stone, addressed the crowd, issues were discussed and decided upon. What was agreed, was then inscribed on stones and placed around the city.

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