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The facts don’t lie, and nor do I – An open letter to Jeremy Hunt MP

June 13, 2017

NHA - South West Surrey Group

Dear Mr Hunt

On Thursday night, in your acceptance speech, you accused me of “falsehoods”.

In your words, you accuse me of lying about “both our record with the NHS and also our motives”. You were clearly rattled that over 12,000 people in South West Surrey showed their concern for the NHS and voted for someone who questioned your record, but that is what democracy is all about – holding the government to account.

The truth is that I haven’t lied for the simple reason that I haven’t needed to. The facts speak for themselves.

When I talked about your record, I drew out many facts:

  • The number of people lying on trolleys waiting more than 4 hours to be admitted to a hospital bed increased from 387,737 in 2015/16 to 560,108 in 2016/17 – that’s a 45% increase in one year. I’m sure…

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Theresa May must go

June 9, 2017

Theresa May subjected the country to an unnecessary General Election. She claimed she was being obstructed over Brexit and needed a strong mandate.

This was not true. There was overwhelming support in Parliament to go forward with Brexit.  There was support in the country to go forward with Brexit.

Her call of a General Election was cheap politics at its lowest. She thought she could rely on Labour MPs to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn as they had been doing over the last two years, she thought she could rely upon the media, of the smears in the Murdoch owned media.

She was proved wrong.  Her gambit backfired, blew up in her face.

People saw her for what she was, a cheap politician with nothing to offer, nothing positive to say, lacking in empathy, who could not face the public, could not engage in debate, who appeared as a badly programmed robot that needed a factory recall.

EU must be overjoyed at negotiating with Theresa May.

She should go, but she has the gall to try and form a government.

Even worse form a government with DUP, a party with strong links to Irish terrorists, a party that makes UKIP look like a party of the radical left.

But it is even worse than this.

Devolved government and power sharing in Northern Ireland, always fragile at best, has collapsed, we could easily slip back into violence, the two strong men are no longer there. UK government has to be seen as impartial. Cannot be if favours one side.

Pause and reflect for one moment, if Jeremy Corbyn formed a government dependent upon IRA support?

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn

June 9, 2017

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

Jeremy Corbyn offered hope, he addressed mass rallies where he inspired people, a future we could all feel proud of, be part of.

Congratulations John McDonnell, a viable economic plan that would help to rebuild a broken country, where the rich and large corporations pay their fare share of tax.

And what did the Tories offer? Nothing. Theresa May who would have trouble filling a telephone box with her supporters, who appeared to be a robot with faulty programming destined for a  factory recall.

The media did everything they could to smear Jeremy Corbyn. They failed. They are a busted flush.

Polling day, former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove was on the front page of The Telegraph stating Jeremy Corbyn a security risk, unfit to be Prime Minister. This the man who colluded with war criminal Tony Blair to wage an illegal war in Iraq, provided dodgy intelligence to justify that war, has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands, has destabilised the Middle East and placed all of us at risk of terrorist attacks.

Theresa May, in a crude attempt to save her own skin and remain in power, gets into bed with DUP, not only getting into bed with terrorist sympathisers, but putting Northern Ireland peace in jeopardy.

Last night austerity and neo-liberalism died.

Once in a lifetime opportunity for radical political change

June 7, 2017

We are not the party of the billionaires. We are not the party of the corporate elite. We are the party of the people.— Jeremy Corbyn

The media today ran a vile smear campaign today against Jeremy Corbyn.


Because there is a very good chance that someone decent, who acts for ordinary people, may well by the end of tomorrow become Prime Minister.

This will only happen if everyone makes the effort to get out and vote.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to cause a political earthquake, to effect real political change.

Or do you wish to see

  • students start out in life with massive debts
  • continued harassment of the poor and disabled
  • elderly stripped of the winter fuel alliances
  • waiting times grow to see a doctor
  • collapse of NHS
  • our environment destroyed
  • elderly forced to sell the family home to finance care
  • pensions frozen
  • VAT rise
  • wealth transferred to the rich
  • increase in rail fares
  • increase in water, electricity and gas bills

Or do you wish to see a fairer society?

  • students granted free education
  • increase in minimum wage
  • end of zero hours contracts
  • end of exploitation by companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Sports Direct
  • rail taken back into public ownership
  • gas and electricity taken back into public ownership
  • corporations pay their fair share of tax
  • tax dodging stopped

For many working in the NHS it is quite literally a matter of life and death.

Same for the Police, they are stretched to breaking point.

Theresa May called the General Election. In doing so, she showed contempt for the Fixed Term Parliament Act. She thought she could rely on Labour MPs, fake-left Guardian, to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn.

It looks like she has made a fatal mistake. It looks like the Tory Party will be holding yet another leadership election.

Theresa May called an election, but then once again showed contempt for the people.

She could not be bothered to addressed ordinary people, invite only, careful screening

She has come across as a badly programmed robot.

BBC bias was appalling.

BBC reported Theresa May started the last day of campaigning at a market.

BBC did not report met with boos.

Contrast that with Jeremy Corbyn.

A few days ago, a massive rally in Gateshead. Tonight in Islington, where he is holding a final rally at Union Chapel, one cannot move in Islangton.

For the last seven years there has been despair. What we are seeing now is hope.

It is the hope we saw with the Arab Spring, the hope we saw with the Athens Spring.

The Arab Spring has been crushed with Fascist Islam and Fascist dictators.

The Athens Spring was crushed by the EU and the European Deep State, for fear of what they saw as a contamination that would spread across Europe.

But what you cannot crush is an idea.

What happens is up to you.

It is for you to get out and vote, to encourage friends and family to get out and vote

With Jeremy Corbyn we have a once in a lifetime opportunity for radical political change.

But it will only happen if you make it happen.