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Garden Party at the Old Vicarage

July 8, 2017

An annual event, though varies when held.

It could not have been better weather, hot and sunny, which makes all the difference for a garden party. Last year it was cold and raining.

I was pleased to find my friends Curries from Home as they do excellent  food. Everyone was commenting how good the food. Last year someone doing awful food.

Unfortunate Loseley ice cream not Dylan’s ice cream. Loseley is not quality, nor does it come from Loseley House as everyone is conned into believing. It comes from a multinational company that bought the name. Dylan’s ice cream is quality. I said I would find out why not there.

I suggested invite Bedda excellent pasta and Karuna Coffee excellent coffee.

This year a lot of activities.

Tree climbing. It was incredible seeing little girls at a guess under five, climbing up a rope up a tree. Earlier slightly older kids had climbed a long way up the tree.

In the grounds beehives. These were there last year, but this year several that were polystyrene boxes. I do not know if new form of hives, or maybe shipping boxes.

Different bands playing, were all very good. A group of kids, the maturity of their music way beyond their years.

I spoke to the first lot that played, maybe not the first but first I saw, suggested they be on bandcamp. They are going to look into it.

The last lot, again kids, but slightly older, jazz, but again very good. One playing an electric bass.

All three bands I saw would be ideal to play at The Village in Guildford, as it needs quality live music.

Live music finished at nine,  music continued. Down by the river a bonfire and acoustic guitar.

As it turned dusk, braziers were lit, giving the impression of a medieval encampment.

As always Lu, not sure if spelling correct, hosted an excellent party.

Garden party at the Old Vicarage

August 29, 2015


garden party at Old Vicarage

garden party at Old Vicarage

sunken garden

sunken garden

Curries from Home serving delicious Indian food

Curries from Home serving delicious Indian food

bridge over the stream

bridge over the stream

Sadly something of a washout. It rained all afternoon, at times heavy torrential rain.

On arrival, after a wander around the garden and grounds, delicious Indian food off Curries from Home. I had wanted chickpea, I got chicken, but I was ok with that.

Dogs running around like crazy.

Most of the time in one of the marques. One was lined with a long table for people to sit and eat and chat, the other straw bales to listen to the live music.

Varied live music, a guy on guitar and vocals when I arrived, then a duo a girl singing, a guy on acoustic guitar. Then a trio, a girl on vocals, guy on guitar and another on drums. They were very talented. I had a chat when they were leaving, and suggested if they recorded anything, for tracks or work in progress, use soundcloud, for albums, use bandcamp. I suggested they contact Godalming Town Council and express an interest in performing at Staycation Live next year, if not the bandstand, then certainly the cloisters, as they were better than most of the acts this year.

I suggested to Lou, Jewelia if available for next year.

One thing I find, and what I am finding everywhere, I found the same at Staycation Live  in Godalming, the excitement and interest in Jeremy Corbyn and that people wish him well. It only shows how out of touch is the political establishment with the ordinary people.

Interesting conversation with the guy handling the drinks. Capitalism has ran its course, we must move to postcapitalism. Continued growth, is incompatible with a finite planet, it is ether capitalism or the planet. The market does not work, we saw that with the banking crisis of 2008, which trigged and economic crisis and now a social crisis. We bailed out the banks, no strings attached, obscene bonuses for bankers, and we now face the same again, only this time there will be no bail out. Austerity used as shock doctrine, slash and burn of public services. welfare cuts, library closures. If the marginal cost of things tends to zero, there are no price signals. Price is a signal to the future. The value of oil companies should be low because they cannot recover most of their oil reserves to keep global temperature rise below 2C. In essence they are overvalued. The share price does not reflect this.

I suggested read This Changes Everything, PostCapitalism, I could have added Sacred Economics, as much of what we were discussing.

I had seconds off Curries from Home, this time I did get chickpea curry, though they added some chicken and a vegetables. Last year they ran out of food, this year food left as not many people. I suggested for next year Godalming Food Festival and Staycation Live, contact Godalming Town Council.

The Old Vicarage is at the back of Farnham Parish Church. It borders onto Manor Field and Bishop’s Meadow.  Information was on hand on Bishop’s Meadow Trust and members there to answer questions.

Sadly not many people. Not really a day for a garden party, but those who made the effort, rain or no rain, enjoyed themselves.

I stayed until night, then walked to Farnham Station and caught the train.

Many thanks to Lou for hosting in her lovely garden.

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