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Piss-poor service at J D Wetherspoon

June 27, 2016
gammon steak, mash and peas

gammon steak, mash and peas

A couple of weeks ago at The Queen Hotel in Aldershot, I had a rump steak. It was excellent.

Last week, gammon steak. It too was good. I asked did it come with anything? I was told no. I was thus annoyed to find it came with two fried eggs, as I would have chosen something else.

Today, at The Queen Hotel, I ordered gammon steak, but this time asked for something else instead of eggs. For example peas or mushrooms.

I sat and waited. From where I was sat I could see a dinner sitting by the kitchen. Why was no one bringing it to a table? Was it mine? Several minutes passed by. A man and a child sat at a nearby table. They had to clear the table. Should I go and ask? Eventually it was brought over having been stood for several minutes. Part of the gammon steak was dried up,  the meal was not hot. I guess I should have rejected it.

Whilst I was eating my dinner, no one cleared the tables, now piled with dirty dishes, empty glasses. I noticed other dinners sat by the kitchen, no one collecting.

No one asked how was my dinner.

The pub was not busy.

Service is not usually bad like this. Something going very wrong.

J D Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin needs to investigate.

Lunch at Oliver’s coffee shop

January 9, 2014
gammon steak

gammon steak

scampi and chips

scampi and chips

You take pot luck on finding Oliver’s open. Today, open.

I had gammon steak, comes with a slice of pineapple, chips and peas and a tiny piece of salad.

Fellow guest scampi and chips and peas plus a small bit of salad.

Portions are generous, and the food excellent.

Pleasant ambience, rock n roll playing in the background.

Good value for money.

Oliver’s is located bottom end of The Strait, on the left hand side as going up hill.

You take pot luck on finding open, but worth taking a look.

If it looks busy, looking in the window, still pop in and enquire, as they have two more seating areas, not visible through the window, but as a rule, they are rarely busy.

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