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Cold frosty day

December 29, 2016

Tuesday, frost all day, it never cleared.

Tuesday night, inky black sky, stars shining bright.

Wednesday morning a hard frost.

The sun was shining in the morning.

Fading light, since early afternoon fog rolling in, visibility dropping by the minute.

And yet only three days before, on Christmas Day, temperature was 15 C in Aberdeen, 14 C in Hull in Yorkshire.

Hard frost at midday

December 12, 2012
midday cold frosty garden

midday on 12 of December 2012

Midday, and yet cold hard frost.

I went out lunchtime. Only a few minutes down the road, I was frozen, my feet were cold. Ten minutes later, my head was throbbing with the cold.

Twenty minutes later, I was at a railway station waiting for a train.

From the train window, everywhere white with frost. It was as though I was travelling through Siberia.

Only last night, I had been discussing Aleph, travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Hard frost this morning

December 11, 2012
a hard frost

a hard frost

a hard frost

a hard frost

a hard frost

a hard frost

A hard frost this morning that remained all day.

By night time, close to midnight, minus two degrees Centigrade.

First hard frost of the winter

November 30, 2012
frosty garden

frosty garden

Last day of November, this morning saw the first hard frost of the winter.

By late morning, the sun was melting away the frost, but in the shade, still hard with frost.

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