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Lunch at Pinetrees restaurant

August 19, 2014
Frimley Park baked fish

Frimley Park baked fish

A hospital is not somewhere you would go out of your way to eat, not unless you were already there, but Pinetrees restaurant, buried deep in the bowels of Frimley Park Hospital, is worth a visit, or was.

As I was at the Frimley Park Hospital in the morning, I thought I would eat there, via a round trip to Camberley.

I had to ask directions, as I could not remember how to find it.

The emphasis is on healthy eating (which is more than can be said of their public café by the main entrance), a wide choice of salads.

The choice was baked fish or meat balls, starter leak and potato soup.

I skipped the soup.

The baked fish came with mashed potatoes, sweetcorn or green beans.

Price is incredibly cheap £2-75 (25% more for visitors), which probably explains why packed.

I noticed at least half had a takeaway, exactly the same meal, but in a polystyrene burger box.

Water, from a machine, in plastic cups.

Very poor environmental awareness.

I thought at first, maybe disease control, but cannot be, as I had a plate, cutlery.

In the entrance to the hospital, a little café, junk food, sugary cakes. In the corridor, a widescreen TV, information on healthy eating, avoid sugar, excess alcohol, only too fast to read. Opposite the information display, a vending machine dispensing Coke.

Frimley Park no longer local hospital for Farnborough and Aldershot

October 7, 2011

I wonder how many local residents in Farnborough and Aldershot realise that Frimley Park Hospital in Frimley is no longer their local hospital, that local doctors and dentists have received instructions to refer their patients to hospitals in Hampshire not Surrey, that patients are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley?

This is the infernal market gone mad, it is to ride roughshod over patient choice.

The first many patients learn they are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley is when they receive written confirmation of their hospital appointment. They are not being told they have a choice, let alone given a choice.

No one I have spoken to is aware this is going on.

From Farnborough it is a ten minute ride on the No1 bus to Frimley, then a ten minute walk from Frimley to Frimley Park.

To a hospital in Basingstoke, it is a 20-25 minute train jorney Farnborough to Basingstoke, then what as the hospital is not nearby, it is not in the town centre.

I have spoken to Basingstoke Hospital, they are baffled why patients in Farnborough are being sent to Basingstoke not Frimley. I have spoken to Frimley Park and they are equally baffled.

For people living in Aldershot, a much worse journey by public transport to Basingstoke.

This would be like living in a village outside Lincoln and being told you cannot go to a hospital in Lincoln because you reside outside the city boundary, instead you have to travel to Pilgrims Hospital at Boston!

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