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Freezing cold morning in Lincoln

January 17, 2013
Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

Sincil Street

Sincil Street

Café 44 - Sincil Street

Café 44 – Sincil Street

Travelling into Lincoln this morning, white with frost. 10-30 in the morning and only -5 C.

I spent most of the morning at Stokes on the High Bridge, not a bad place to be. But even in Stokes cold.

Lacked time to climb The Strait and Steep Hill.

I had a wander around the market, but very cold walking alongside the River Witham. The river icing up.

I learnt one of the shops in Sincil Street is a listed building (do not know details). We need the entire row to be listed to stop destruction of Sincil Street by greedy developers, aided and abetted by local council.

Excellent lunch at County Restaurant, grilled gammon. When they try they do an excellent job.

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