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Théodule Charles Cornu

November 11, 2018

EN FRANÇAIS voir plus bas

My grand-father went to war in 1916 when he was 18. Yes, my own grand-father.

His name was Théodule Charles Cornu. He was handsome, member of Lyon Bourgeoisie.

The day he had to go to war, his father brought him to the train station.

When they left the house, his father checked the mailbox.

There was a letter in it. His father took the letter, without showing it to his son. Then they walked together to the station. My great grand father put his son inside the train and said goodbye. Without saying anything about the letter. The envelope had a black bandstripe. It was the death certificate of his other son, the eldest.

Théodule was injured in 1917 and had to go back to war after a stay at the hospital.

My grandfather came back from war in 1919, traumatized, injured, decorated #croixdeguerre

He was over 45 when he met my grand-mother.

All his letters start with « I am well ». He never complains.


Mon grand-père est parti à la guerre en 1916 à l’âge de 18 ans. Oui mon propre grand-père.

Il s’appelait Théodule Cornu. C’était un jeune homme intelligent et beau, issu d’une famille bourgeoise lyonnaise.

Le jour de son départ, son père l’a accompagné à la gare.
En partant à la gare, son père a regardé la boite aux lettres et y a vu une lettre. Il l’a prise et mise dans sa poche sans la montrer à son fils.

Puis ils ont fait le trajet ensemble jusqu’à la gare, mon arrière grand père a installé mon grand-père dans le train et lui a dit au revoir. Sans rien dire de cette lettre.

Elle avait une bande noire. C’était l’avis de décès de son fils aîné.


Sur toutes ses lettres à ses parents il commence par « je vais bien ». Il ne se plaint jamais.

Revenu de la guerre en 1919, blessé, décoré #croixdeguerre, traumatisé.

A plus de 45 ans, il a rencontré ma grand-mere.

Alice Audouin

Politiciens vs Nuit Debout

May 16, 2016

Night after night, the good people of France have taken to the streets to protest against austerity.

Nominally a protest against the French government. In reality a protest against the undemocratic EU.

A couple of nights ago, the state struck back with violence, many peaceful protesters beaten and badly injured. Others teargassed.

When the state has to use force to subjugate its own people, the state has lost.

This is a foretaste of things to come, EU stormtroopers.

This is the beginning of the end of the EU. EU Spring, people are finally rising up against the corrupt undemocratic EU.

ISIS declares war on France

November 14, 2015
Paris Peace

Paris Peace

Listening to the radio last night, appalling news coming out of France. Coordinated terrorist attacks across Paris, many killed, ten o’clock 26 reported dead, midnight 36, early hours of the morning over one hundred, lunchtime today 126.

From eyewitness accounts, all the hallmarks of a commando style raid, only not against a military target but aimed at slaughtering ordinary innocent civilians.

France was already on heightened alert, due to host climate talks in a couple of weeks, and yet no warning, not even a whisper.

Not only well organised to carry out the attacks, well organised to have caches of weapons in place.

Where did they receive their training, where were they from?

We have had bombings in Turkey, in Lebanon, a Russian plane blasted out of the sky. Now coordinated attacks on Paris, and that follows on from the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January.

Last last night, France declared a State of Emergency, its borders were closed, roads in Paris were closed, people were advised to stay indoors.

The attack is seen as a declaration of war by ISIS. An attack on one Nato member is an attack on all.  France could invoke  Article 5.

The Schengen Agreement has to be suspended indefinitely, We cannot have the free flow of people, unchecked, across national borders.

We have to halt the flow of migrants into Europe, when we have not a clue who we are letting in. One of the Paris attackers is believed to be a Syrian who passed through Greece as a migrant. Isis in the past has said it will use migrants as a route into Europe.

The illegal migrant camps in France have to be broken up, breeding grounds for crime and terrorism.

For far too long we have been tolerant of Islamic extremists. We cannot allow women to wear the burka, with only their eyes visible through a narrow slit. We do not allow people to parade around wearing a Balaclava, so why a burka? If they do not like it they know what they can do they can head for Saudi Arabia.

There has to be military action against ISIS. Bombing is making the situation worse.

We have to cooperate with Russia.

We have to recognise we are in for the long haul. It could take ten years, it could take a generation.

Iraq, Libya, Syria, are failed states. We are dealing with the consequences of the break up of the Ottoman Empire, illegal wars by war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair and climate change.

Post-WWII, we ran Germany, we had a programme of de-Nazification. This we will have to do in the Middle East. We have to give all a part in society, Kurds, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Shia, Sunni. This was the mistake we made in Iraq, and as a consequence the country fell apart.

We have Syrians, or at least they claim to be Syrian, literally fighting their way into and across Europe, fighting with border police, fighting with each other. Why are they not in their own country, fighting to recover it? Contrast with the Free French, Free Poles, who fought with the Allies to recover their countries.

Wealthy Arab countries should pay for the cost of recovering the Middle East, if they refuse, seize their assets in the West.

We have to move to renewables (we need to anyway to deal with climate change), to end the flow of money into the Middle East.

ISIS will not talk. Canon Andrew White invited ISIS to dinner. They offered to chop his head off.

Prior to Peal Harbour, Americans were opposed to entering WWII. After Pearl Harbour, they were queueing to enlist.

The attacks on Paris last night is a wake up call. We cannot let ISIS expand.

On facebook last night, a page to let people know you are safe. And yet no mention in the media.

This evening the London Eye and London Bridge are lit in the French colours to show we stand with the people of France. As are many other buildings around the world.

Drawing a line in the sand: The movement victory at Ende Gelände opens up the road of disobedience for Paris

August 25, 2015

Charlie Hebdo massacre

January 7, 2015
Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo front cover

Charlie Hebdo front cover

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Who has damaged Muhammad more

Who has damaged Muhammad more?

Charlie Hebdo art critic

Charlie Hebdo art critic

Al Qaeda has hit the West in its back garden, while we at ISIS have been attacking our own sheikhs. — ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed Aladnana

They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience. — Gandhi

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. — Voltaire

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. ― George Orwell

Two possibly three gunmen walked into the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo and carried out a massacre. Twelve killed, many injured.

ISIS has called upon its followers in the West to carry out revenge killings. This though does not appear to be carried out by amateurs, too professional, more likely battle-hardened ISIS fighters returning to France.

The rounds fired into a police car, were closely spaced, the work of a professional.

They also seemed to be well informed, or lucky. They got into a secure building, at a time an editorial conference was taking place.

Sick trolls are having a field day, tweeting racist and inflammatory tweets, which only serve to worsen the situation.

The one thing we do not wish to see, is Muslims being targeted, but that is not to say, a clampdown on religious fanatics who are stirring up hatred (and that includes vile trolls).

We are seeing a failure of immigration policy, or the lack thereof. Both France and England, have large numbers of disaffected young Muslims, ideal recruiting grounds for ISIS.

Muslim schools should not be permitted. This is the West, tolerant yes, but Islam is not a religion of the West. If they wish to go to Muslim schools, then live in a Muslim country. Cannot have it both ways.

Freedom to practise a religion, provided it does not impinge on the freedoms of others, is not the right to impose your religion on the rest of society.

Islamists have scored a massive own goal. But to be honest I do not think they will care as they do not care what we in the West think of them. All they wish to do is bastardise women and see the Black flag of Islam flying across Europe.

Sony showed cowardice when they were hacked, pulled a rubbish film. The French have taken to the streets to show solidarity that they will not be intimidated by Jihadists (assuming that is who it was).

twin pencils

twin pencils

a terrible day

a terrible day

Asterix cartoon

Asterix cartoon

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