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Boris criticised for comparing EU with Adolf Hitler

May 16, 2016

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been criticised for comparing the EU with Nazi Germany, and yet history supports him. Not for nothing is the EU known as the Fourth Reich.

The EU was a Nazi project. A project to be established by military might, a Third Reich to last a thouand years.

Joseph Goebbels speaking in 1940:

The people of Europe understand increasingly that the great issues dividing us, when compared with those which will emerge and will be resolved between continents, are nothing but trivial family feuds. … In fifty years Europeans will not be thinking in terms of separate countries.

Arthus Seyss-Inquart, Minister of Security and the Interior in the post-Anschluss Nazi government, 1938, and later Prefect of Occuppied Holland, addressing his Dutch subjects:

Above and beyond the concept of the nation-state, the idea of a new community will transform the living space given us all by history into a new spiritual realm… The new Europe of solidarity and cooperation among all its peoples, a Europe without unemployment, without monetary crises, … will find an assured foundation and rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic barriers are removed.

Walther Funk, Finance Minister in Hitler’s government, 1942:

There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to that of the European Community.

Memorandum of the Reich Chancellery, 9 July 1940, signed by Hermann Göring:

The solution to economic problems… with the eventual object of a European customs union and a free European market, a European clearing system and stable exchange rates in Europe, looking towards a European currency union.

Alberto de Stefani, Finance Minister in Mussolini’s government, 1941:

The results of excessive nationalism and territorial dismemberment are within the experience of all. There is only hope for peace by means of a process which on the one hand respects the inalienable fundamental patrimony of every nation but, on the other, moderates these and subordinates them to a continental policy… A European Union could not be subject to the variations of internal policy that are characteristic of liberal regimes.

Camillo Pellizi, editor of Civilita Fascista, in an article entiled ‘The Idea of Europe’:

A new Europe: that is the point, and that is the task before us. It does not mean that Italians and Germans and all other nations of the European family are to change their spots and become unrecognizable to themselves or to one another, from one day or one year to the next. It will be a new Europe because of the new inspiration and determining principle that will spring up among all these peoples. … The problem of the hierarchy of states will no longer arise. At least in its usual form, once we have cut off the dragon’s head; that is, the notion of state sovereignty. Moreover, this does not have to be done outright, but can be achieved indirectly, e.g. by creating interstate European bodies to look after certain common interests (exchange rates, communications, foreign trade etc….).

Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian Nazi Collaborator, ‘Prime Minister’ of Occupied Norway, 1942:

We must create a Europe that does not squander its blood and strength on internecine conflict, but forms a compact unity. In this way it will become richer, stronger and more civilized, and will recover its old place in the world. … National tensions and petty jealousies will lose their meaning in a Europe freely organised on a federal basis. World political development consists inevitably in the formation of larger political and economic spheres.

Adolph Hitler, addressing the Reichstag, 1936:

It is not very intelligent to imagine that in such a crowded house like that of Europe, a community of peoples can maintain different legal systems and different concepts of law for long.

Joseph Goebbels, 1940:

In my view a nation’s conception of its own freedom must be harmonised with present-day facts and simple questions of efficiency and purpose… Our only requirement of European states is that they be sincere and enthusiastic members of Europe.

But EU lacks the cruelty of Adolf Hitler, say the critics of Boris Johnson.

Try telling that to the Greeks.

Greeks dared challenge the EU. Instead of using tanks, banks were used. The result the same, EU has laid waste to Greece. The people are starving, infant mortality has risen, suicide rates have risen, the economy resembles that of a war ravaged country.

If the EU had an army, and it keeps pushing for one, EU jackboots would be stamping on the face of every Greek, with Made in Germany imprinted on the sole.

The EU as constituted, is a democracy-free zone, it has contempt for democracy built into its mindset, the countries of southern Europe exist as vassal states of the EU, their elites the Quizling governments of the EU.

The Syriza government in Greece, the equivalent of the Vichy Regime in German occupied France during WWII.

We have been here before.

Ken Livingstone dared to say that Hitler was in negotiations with Zionists to ship Jews to Palestine. For daring to state historical fact, Ken Livingstone was castigated by the mainstream media and suspended frm the Labour Party.

Swiss solution for Greece: two currencies

July 14, 2015

One of the architects of the Euro, Bernard Lietaer thinks hard liners in bailout negotiations are only twisting the knife in the wound.

Yesterday, Greece agreed to occupation by the Fourth Reich. They have become a vassal state of the EU, occupiers will be in every Greek ministry.

They have not agreed lightly, they did so with a  gun to the head of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, agree to our terms, even worse austerity than we have already subjected you to, or we destroy Greece.

It was as Caroline Lucas described, a dark day for democracy. For the moment the Forces of Darkness have won.

These are dark days for anyone who believes in democracy. Against the will of the Greek people, and in spite of the plain economic facts, EU ministers and the IMF are inflicting ever more pain on a country that’s already been utterly devastated by austerity.

The latest announcements from Eurozone chiefs make for grim reading. A deal has been reached – but it sees the Greek Prime Minister sent back to his country with his own Government’s sovereignty stripped away. The measures which he’ll present to his Parliament – further privatisation, the curtailing of workers’ rights and the liberalisation of the economy- make it plain just how little power was wielded by Tsipras in these negotiations. He went to Brussels hoping to save his country from austerity, and he lost.

It’s easy to pour scorn on the Greek prime minister but, let’s just be clear: the oldest democracy in the world has been subjected to a coup. The Greek Parliament is being asked to debate this package in just a couple of days. The emergency legislation, which will entirely restructure the way the economy of the country is run, can’t possibly be properly scrutinised in the time available yet, once again, elected Greek politicians are having a gun held to their head by the forces of darkness – the IMF, the Eurozone and the ECB. It’s particularly depressing to see EU member states, all of whom having signed up to a charter which promises a Union “based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law”, denying Greek people the right to have a proper say in how their country is run.

Surrender does in theory, give as a Greek Minister has said, leeway to fight another day.

Greece has been told to push Emergency Legislation through the Greek Parliament by Wednesday.  This gives no time for proper scrutiny.

The Dark Forces may have won a battle, but we must not let them win the war.

They have imposed what will be seen as a modern-day Treaty of Versailles on Greece. Punishment for daring to defy the EU, a warning to other countries not to defy the Fourth Reich. We all know where the Treaty of Versailles led, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Second World War.

The Greek Parliament may vote no.

The debt has not been written off.

ECB has still kept the tap turned off, there is no money flow to the Greek banks, the bank doors will remain closed.

The best that can be seen, a breathing space.

Greece must now do, as Bernard Lietaer has recommended, create a second parallel currency.

This was considered, but was rejected, as no time, and Greece lacks the expertise to implement.

Greece must put out a call, please experts come to Greece and help us.

There is a precedence for this.

When banks shut in Ireland during a bank strike, the economy functioned, people created their own money by writing cheques. The system worked on trust.

During the Great Depression, many what were known as scrips were created. Bernard Lietaer mentions the Wir which is still functioning in Switzerland. A coal mine owner, created one backed by coal, to pay his workers. It was accepted by local businesses and became a local currency, the mine was opened, economic activity created. Such was the success of scrips that they were eventually outlawed by Central Banks as they were losing control of the currency.

If we assume every family has a smart phone, could create a parallel digital currency, non-convertible, into which the Greek Central Bank pays each account holder at least a thousand euro-equivalent. This is far more efficient at creating economic growth than Quantitative Easing. But again have infrastructure and logistics problem and lack of expertise which is why the Greek government decided against a parallel currency.

Iceland let the banks go bust, tossed a few bankers and corrupt politicians in prison, the citizens overthrew the parliament and created a new constitution, and rejected austerity. They have not looked back. And they are not in the euro or under occupation by the Fourth Reich.

Occupation of Greece by the Fourth Reich

July 13, 2015
Greece all options are on the table

Greece all options are on the table

There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. — John Adams

It was not meant to be like this. The siege was not going according to plan, there was not even meant to be a siege. It was not going according to plan, not going to plan at all.

When the marauding hordes descended upon a city one of the aristocrats could always be relied upon to betray the city. He would then be installed as ruler of the city. This was far better than the Hun ruling the city. Local rulers wee always more ruthless, could extract more wealth, and it saved the Hun manpower.

The Hun had the city under siege for years. Those  inside were half starved, and yet still they had not surrendered. Terror tactics had been tried, flaming arrows had been fired, traitors had spread rumours in the market, and still the city had not fallen.

The problem was the charismatic young leader, and his very able treasurer. Even Leader was something of a misnomer. But certainly he was not a ruler. These Greeks, the people of Athena, had a strange idea called Democracy. The ruler or leader did not tell the people what to do, he held meetings with them and heeded their opinion. If the Leader was failing to heed the people, the people could even agree to replace him and choose a new Leader. Very strange indeed.

He had bought the people, that is why they loved him or that is what was said. He forced the Aristocrats to declare how much gold they had. Then they had to share it with the people. Not all of it, they were allowed to keep some. The grain merchants could no longer store grain and profit from it during hard times, charging high prices.

The terror tactics had not worked. The Leader asked the people, and rather than be frightened, thy were determined more than ever to withstand the invaders.

But they were tired and hungry, they knew they could not hold on much longer.

The Invaders asked for a  pally. Would the Leader come out and talk to them.

The Leader was now all alone. His Treasurer had to relinquished his post from sheer exhaustion, but the leader knew he could rely upon his support and advice if needed.

The Leader set forth from the city gates. He knew he could not trust the Invaders, they had passed this way before and stole much gold and laid waste to the land. But he also knew he had little choice but go out and talk. The only thing that kept him going was the love of his people and the trust they had placed in him.

As he set forth from the city gates, he saw the army they had held back. He was amazed they had held out so long. He saw the hatred on their faces, for him, for what he represented. He knew the City could not hold out for much longer. He knew what would happen, the women would be raped, then sold off as slaves, the men would be hacked to pieces, the city would be looted, set fire to, then razed to the ground. He knew what had happened to other cities, their churches ransacked and desecrated, their icons taken.

The Leader knew he had no choice. He knew he had to surrender. He could only hope his people who had so much hope in him, would not see it as betrayal.

He met the Hun and they were vengeful. They were going to exact a very high price far higher than if the city had surrendered and not defied them. An example must be set, otherwise other cities would defy them. The city must hand over its gold and grain, the churches would be closed, and as ultimate humiliation, he would remain as leader, to run the city on behalf of the invaders.

No other city would defy the Invaders, as they would all know of what happened to the City with Democracy, the City that thought it could defy the will of the Invader.

Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Greece finally gained its independence.

Following its defeat at the end of WWI, Germany was subjected to Draconian conditions, the country had to bear the reparations, as signed in the Treaty of Versailles. J M Keynes refused to be party to the talks and walked out.

Adolf Hitler and German Socialists rose to power from the ruins of Germany and the resentment of the Germans to the Treaty of Versailles.

Italy, then Germany, occupied Greece during WWII. Germany demanded and got 476 million Richsmarks from Greece. Germany has never paid that money back.  The sum total of what Germany extracted from Greece, exceeds the total of the Greek debt.

In December 1942 Greece was forced by Nazi authorities to loan German 476 million Richsmarks to cover the cost of the German occupation, that is €279 billion. The modern-day euro figure is the Greek government’s calculation of what the loan would be worth today.

Greece is demanding Germany repay, with interest.

In the dying days of the Third Reich, German intellectuals developed the idea of the Fourth Reich.

London conference  Germany bailed out in 1953

London conference Germany bailed out in 1953

It was decided not to repeat the mistake of WWI, all countries, including Greece, contributed to the rebuilding of Germany. Germany was given very favourable repayment terms, only had to repay when in surplus.

Greece joined the euro. The books were fiddled by Goldman Sachs, with the connivance of Greek corrupt political elite. The EU turned a blind eye.

Feckless German banks lent money to Greece.

2010, it was apparent the Greek debt was unpayable. More money was lent to Greece, to pay off the German bankers.

Austerity was imposed on Greece as a condition of the loans. Austerity has caused the Greek economy to shrink by 25% (by 1/3 of GDP since banking crisis). Unemployment at 25% (50% for young people), 25% below poverty line, sharp increase in infant mortality, in suicides, rise in food banks.

January 2015, a new government elected with a promise to end austerity. Negotiations with creditors got nowhere, even though reasonable proposals were put on the table.

With an impasse, a mandate was sought from the Greek people. A referendum was held. A landslide said NO to austerity.

The role of a Central Bank is that of a lender of last resort. The European Central Bank turned off cash flow to Greek banks forcing banks to close their doors.

Fresh negotiations. Greece has been forced to accept conditions even worse than before. What we now have is occupation by the Fourth Reich. Officials from the Fourth Reich will be in every Greek Ministry. Emergency legislation to be forced through the Greek Parliament, dictated to by the Fourth Reich. There will be no time for proper scrutiny.

Money flow from the European Central Bank has not been turned back on. The Greeks banks remain closed.

Everyone recognises the Greek debt must be written off. But this is not about debt. The intention has been to send a clear message to any country that defies the Fourth Reich. Greece is no longer a free country, it is a vassal state of the Fourth Reich.

This is a very dark day for democracy.

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