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Mindful Chef

January 16, 2021

I have come across veg boxes, though have never used, have not before come across recipe boxes.

I had not been out since New Years’s Eve, was not feeling well, I had been in contact with some one who was ill with coronavirus, food was running low. Mindful Chef seemed an option to consider.

A recipe box I learnt is a box of ingredients with a recipe giving instructions on the cooking.

I scrolled through the options, not sure how large the portion size, picked three meals for one person.

  • Mexican-style steak, avocado salsa & brown rice
  • Swedish-style pork meatballs & potato mash
  • Steak with salsa verde & parsnip fries

Late one night last week I tried to order. It would not progress beyond entering my post code.

Next day I tried again. This time I entered delivery address manually, all seemed to work, how to deliver,  credit card details.

Saturday an e-mail conforming delivery next day, or so I thought, I had scheduled Sunday. It was only later when I checked, it was junk meal offering frozen meals next day delivery.

Sunday I waited all day, night came, no delivery.

I posted on their facebook page, got nowhere. I sent an e-mail.

I was then given the run around over the following days.

Asked for details of my order. This I gave.

Next day asked for my post code.

I then volunteered my address, which I assumed they already had having given when I ordered. I clearly stated I required confirmation of delivery.

They had my details as how otherwise were they sending junk e-mails addressed to me personally?

Then nothing, a reminder each and every day, nothing. Request for e-mail of CEO, nothing.

In the meantime, to add insult to injury, junk e-mails every day, unwanted posts on facebook.  And just  when I thought could not get worse, I find posts on Facebook messenger.

I only have to open facebook, and there in my face unwanted junk from Mindful Chef, scroll a short distance, more junk from Mindful Chef.

Friday afternoon having heard nothing for three days, apart from unwanted junk. I called.

Ten minute wait to get a real person. Whilst waiting a robot message, get a quicker response if e-mail.

Eventually after waiting ten minutes a real person came on the line.  I am told the long delay, failure to deal with e-mails failure to deal with the problem, I am told a small team, too many queries. I was told the same story in one of the first e-mails. Clearly trained to trot out this pathetic excuse. And why so many queries? Many queries, people like me getting nowhere?

I place an order again over the phone, only now I cannot order what I originally ordered and have to pay again.

  • Denver steak with harissa chickpea & pea shoot salad
  • Pork with colcannon and mustard sauce
  • Asian pork meatballs, kale & brown rice

A rotating weekly menu, but if compare with my original order, which was not delivered, variations on a theme.

At £11 a dish, expensive. I could eat out cheaper, and not have to prepare, cook and do the washing up after.

Other dishes more expensive, salmon £12-50, venison £14.

A few dishes were cheaper, but with very cheap ingredients, for example beans and potato wedges £8 or chick peas and fried sweet potato wedges £9-50, although lentils and cauliflower £10. To put in context, cod and sweet potato chips, with a tiny bit of salad £12, whereas if I pop along to my local fish n chip shop and pick up excellent takeaway haddock and chips at a little over half the price, order on-line and ready for me to collect, or if it was open, one of the best fish n chip restaurants in the country excellent haddock and chips and I am still paying less.

Note: Prices quoted single person per dish. If ordered for two or four, the cost would be lower, significantly lower, per person.

A reputable company would have not forced me to pay again, they would have apologised and sent out the order gratis.

Now the order not what I originally ordered will be delivered Tuesday, a week and two days late.

Every time I open facebook, unwanted junk posts from Mindful Chef.

Today in my face, Mindful Chef, smoothies for a delicious breakfast.

Delicious breakfast not difficult.

  • muesli zero waste stall
  • unpasteurised raw milk farmers market
  • bananas fruit and vegetable stall
  • wholemeal bread local baker

Smoothies are hot healthy. Smoothies are very high in sugar content.

Sugar is a killer. Obesity, type II diabetes, heart conditions, tooth decay.

Are these smoothies even fresh?

Delivered in a pack, stored in a freezer, watered down to consume, sounds like dehydrated. Not very fresh. Big mark up.

Invest in a decent blender (need two) buy fresh fruit and vegetables off a decent market stall and make ones own.


  • apple, orange, carrots and ginger

A juice not a smoothie. The ginger about the size of a thumb.

But, having not watched the video, and now watched, would still need a blender for the Mindful Chef packet, therefore what has been gained? Would still need a blender. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables off a market stall.

My contact details have been given for the sole purpose of fulfilling my order. My consent has not been given for any other use. Mindful Chef are in breach of data protection legislation. A breach ICO should look into.

Mindful Chef likes to masquerade as an ethical company.

we can’t just work with anyone. Look at our name – Mindful Chef – they have to fit in with us and our values and what we’re trying to achieve. We’re an ethical business trying to do things better which is a lot harder doing it that way; it’s more difficult to get really good margins. For example when you buy free range chickens or 100% grass fed beef then it’s a lot more expensive.

Mindful Chef is owned by Nestle.

And the food, the contents of the recipe boxes, does hype pan out in reality? I do not know, as come tomorrow, it will be a week has passed by for my original delivery. When it does arrive Tuesday, I will post again as to what was my experience.

But my experience to date, Mindful Chef a company with piss-poor service and appalling customer service when things go wrong.

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