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200 Degrees Flying Horse Walk

May 1, 2018

On previous visits to Nottingham, I have not been able to find 200 Degrees Flying Horse Walk, even though I know I have been in the vicinity.  Therefore my first port of call on leaving Nottingham Station was 200 Degrees Nottingham Station.

Too early to eat and I did not want a coffee. I called in to ask where their other coffee shop was, as I had not found on previous visits, also to check the roast date on their beans.

For a coffee roastery, I would expect not to find old coffee beans. There can be no excuse for this.

When I queried why, they said deliveries Tuesday, today being Tuesday, check back later.

Following their directions the coffee shop was more or less where I expected it to be, though could I find it, no.

I walked through Flying Horse Walk, a modern arcade, no luck.

I walked around the block, no luck, checked alleys, no luck.

Then found it, hidden by scaffolding.

Inside dark and gloomy. Full of people on laptops. No ambience. I much prefer 200 Degrees Nottingham Station to 200 Degrees Flying Horse Walk.

I checked the beans. As 200 Degrees Nottingham Station, too old.

I ordered falafel wrap. As 200 Degrees Nottingham Station, excellent. I learnt at both coffee shops they make their own food on site. Baffled though why vegan sausages.

I was going to return to 200 Degrees Nottingham Station for a cappuccino, though that had not been my original plan, but as it would have meant back tracking, I stayed and ordered a cappuccino, their guest blend.

I forgot they blend with chocolate. Very annoying as disguises the coffee. As with the house blend, ok, not great.

It was then to The Speciality Coffee Shop. I ordered a cappuccino. Alchemy Elixir, sadly not as good as previous visit.