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Flea Market in Central Market

February 18, 2017

Third Saturday of the month, flea market in Central Market in centre of Lincoln.

I inquired of the fruit and vegetable market on Thursday, was there a flea market? No they said, a craft market.

I could not see it was in anyway  different to the flea market last month.

The only difference, The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop had been relocated from a prime location to the back of the market. I assumed he was not there. And no, micro cafe not a good name, describes what it is, it is not a name.

Cappuccino, but different beans.

No publicity for the flea market cum craft market when I inquired on Thursday, today yes, Thursday no.  How is it to draw people in, if no publicity?

I caught the bus, which dropped me off at the temporary bus station south side of the station. Much larger than I expected, and vastly superior to the old bus station as out in the open. How to get into the town? I thought over the railway bridge, but then where, as a huge building site. A couple from Gloucester said no, follow us, and they led me down narrow alley, which led into the High Street.  To return the favour, I said avoid the town centre, go to the top of the High Street, then walk up The Strait and Steep Hill.

Flea Market in Central Market

January 21, 2017

Maybe a dozen stalls, plus The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop.

Busiest I have ever seen the Central Market, whether due to the Flea Market, or because it was a Saturday, I do not know. The High Street was much busier than in the week.

Central Market needs more effort to attract folk to the market, a reflection on the poor management by the City Council, and the local council in cahoots with the Coop destroying the area.

The Flea Market is held the third Saturday of the month.

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