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Flat Whites coffee shop

December 16, 2017

Flat Whites is familiar to many as a little van, strictly speaking a pod, in the High Street in Winchester.  It took over the spot previously occupied by Jimmy Bean. Sometime in the summer they opened a coffee shop in Southampton. They have now opened a coffee shop in Winchester.

It is located in Parchment Street. I have never before walked down Parchment Street. Lined with interesting shops, far better than find in the High Street.

Flat Whites towards the end of the shops, in a little courtyard.

I walked in, found it was busy, a warm greeting from Abby the owner. She knows me from her little van.

Abby who owns Flat Whites coffee shop has done an excellent job, guest coffee, coffee beans for sale, on display Standart latest issue and Drift the Melbourne issue.

Standart is very rare to find. Drift I had never come across until The Underdog in Athens.

Coffee from Mozzo, served for cappuccino. My cappuccino excellent.

Strange, it was better than I have had off the van. The only way for a fair comparison, would have to have then had a cappuccino off the van, but then it would have been a different person serving. Unless different beans, I can only explain the difference a better machine, or maybe machines, espresso machine and grinder.

Guest coffee from Bailies Coffee Roasters for pour over. Little cards giving more details of the guest coffee. These are attached to the menu, and on the shelve where the bags of coffee for sale. They are not though doing themselves any favours with cards with tiny writing that needs a magnifying glass to read.

Balies I had not heard of. Not surprising, as in Ireland.

Guest coffee will periodically change.

I suggested try Tormento Colombia from Dark Woods Coffee, a single origin coffee from Finca El Tormento in Colombia.

Very expensive peanut butter from Cliptop Kitchen If quality peanut butter, I cannot think why would then wish to ruin it by adding chille.

On a shelf by the window, treats for dogs. Whilst I was there a black poodle came in. Must have been a regular, as asked for a  treat.

A lovely ambience.

The tables appear to be from reclaimed wood. The bench seats are cleverly disguised storage boxes.

When I walked in it was busy. A good start as they only opened the week before.

Whilst I was there, a customer walked in and bought a bag of beans. Abby went through the bags to select the latest roast date. She can rotate if slightly older. It is this attention to detail that makes the difference between an average and top quality coffee shop.

An excellent addition to the thriving Winchester coffee scene.