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Five Party Debate

April 16, 2015

First there were seven, now there are five, Tories and LibDems having dropped out. The best they could do was carp from the sidelines.

Nicola Sturgeon once again the star of the night.

She summed up the feeling of the nation, what is the point of kicking out the Tories if all we get is ToryLite, no one can tell the difference between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

What people forget, she is not an opposition politician like Ed Miliband, in Scotland she is the government.

The day before, LibDdems launched themselves as the Coalition Party, reinforcing the perception of the party lacking in principle, who will do anything to be in power. They would probably join a coalition with Isis, then claim they had reduced the number of beheadings.

Nigel Farage turned on the audience.

Natalie Bennet was once again an also ran, the Green Party having learnt no lessons from two weeks ago. If wish to see what could have been, listen to Caroline Lucas on Any Questions last week.

The best we can can hope for following Election Day, is a minority Labour government, with minority parties vetoing any bad policies.

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