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Fish n chips at Burton Road Chippy

September 8, 2017

Late lunch at Burton Road Chippy.

It did not help I headed off down Newport Road thinking it was Burton Road.

Street signs would help.

Burton Road Chippy No 2 fish n chip shop in the country. I was not sure if open. Closed Monday, only open lunchtime and evening during the week, all day Friday and Saturday.

For me fortunate it was open, though no one there, the restaurant was empty.

Service was poor though the girl a trainee pleasant. She did not bring bread and butter until fish n chips arrived. Had to be reminded to bring the tea.

The milk jug was tiny, filled to the brim, and no handle. Difficult to pour, with the result spilt milk.

Fish n chips was good, though  long delay before it was served. No explanation or apology for the long delay. The restaurant was empty, no other customers.

Loud moronic music was very unpleasant.

One very negative aspect. They should be ashamed they use Deliveroo, which is exploitation writ large, serfs working for an app.

Quality of fish n chips comparable with the Elite. Only main difference, larger portion size and slow service.

Very similar concept to Elite, variety of potatoes named and where sourced from, the trawler that caught the fish named.

Similar to what is becoming the norm in speciality coffee shops, traceability, transparency.

Once I asked in a fish n ship shop, was their fish fresh, how often was it delivered. They refused to tell me. I turned around and walked out.


Ocean Basket Ayia Napa

May 18, 2017

If you want bad overpriced seafood coupled with piss-poor service then Ocean Basket in Ayia Napa is the place to eat.

There are good fish restaurants in the locality, in Protaras and Paralimni, but this is not one of them.

We had intended to eat at a fish restaurant in Paralimni. A big mistake that we chose to eat at Ocean Basket instead.

Dips and menu arrived promptly, though no mention of what the dips were, no bread.

A long wait before our order was taken. After half an hour or more had passed, we summoned a waitress. She did not want to know. A waiter was summoned. He at least apologised. He thought our order had already been taken.

Once our order was taken the food arrived promptly. Too promptly to be freshly cooked.

The fish n chips was disgusting. The cod not fresh, the chips not freshly cooked.

Any fish n chip shop in England that served this would not survive long in business.

The seafood platter looked ok, but was cold.

The bread never did arrive.

The toilets tucked behind the bar were not hard to find, follow the smell. They were though clean.

We should have walked out and left the food untouched.

The McDonald’s or KFC of seafood.

A place to be avoided.

My dining companion who chose the seafood platter in less than an hour of eating, had bad attack of food poisoning and had to run to the toilet.

Try Papa’s fish and chips (a fish restaurant)  or Kamasias. Both are in Paralimni.

We then drove through the centre of Ayia Napa. Nighttime and yet the streets were all but deserted, the restaurants and bars empty. As with nearby Protaras, another resort where local economy destroyed by all-inclusive hotels.

Cod and chips in Traditional Plaice

June 18, 2016
cod and chips and peas

cod and chips and peas

I have had bad service, but nothing this bad.

I was on my way to Waitrose. As it was gone five o’clock I decided to pop in The Traditional Plaice in Downing Street for a very late lunch. A very big mistake.

I was about to sit down, when I was told to site at a table for two in the far corner.

The place was almost empty. Were they expecting a rush?

A long wait, finally my order is taken. Fairly simple, cod and chips and peas and a glass of water.

I wait and wait. 20 minutes goes by and I am still waiting.

Finally, after 35 minutes wait, my order arrives.

The fish and peas were not cooked.

Easy to see why.

Cooked from frozen, with no account taken of the fact cooked from frozen.

Having finished my meal, I then have a long wait before the bill arrives.

After over twenty minutes, almost twenty-five minutes, I manage to ask for the bill.

At £8-35, it was very expensive for small sized portion of cod and chips.

Fish n chips at Lion and Lamb Cafe

November 8, 2014
fish n chips

fish n chips

We are always looking for dedicated and passionate chefs who are striving to put their own stamp on the menu. If you would like to be part of our team please email us your cv. — Lion and Lamb Cafe

I thought lunch at the fish n chip shop in Downing Street, but too late.

OK, Waitrose, then home. Only it started to rain, heavy rain.

As I was passing by, I decide on lunch at Lion and Lamb Cafe, in Lion and Lamb Yard. Often they have an interesting special chalked up outside. Not today. I walked in. Usually when I walk by it is empty. Today packed. Is it old or fake old?

Tables packed very tight together, barely room to move.

I was offered a table in line with the door. I refused, as I did not wish to be chilled every time the door opened.

I ordered fish n chips. Expensive and pretty disgusting. Not very good fish, they had not even bothered to take the skin off. Old dried up chips, tasted like oven chips. For some perverse reason, not served on a plate, but what I can only describe as a large soup bowl. Explains why usually empty.

Far better fish n chips in fish n chip shop in Downing Street. And cheaper.

Toilets upstairs like outdoor toilets used to be hundred years ago in Victorian terrace houses, even down to the same doors with the latch.

A lady on an adjacent table with two children. They left their main meal untouched. I asked as they left. She mouthed back disgusting. I mouthed back the same.

I had chatted to them earlier and suggested a few places where to get decent food.

  • Friday lunch at Guildford Institute in Guildford
  • Cafe Mila in Godalming
  • Italian coffee shop in Alton
  • Friday street food on Winchester market

I think the only reason packed, and lady on adjacent table said the same thing, people had done as we had done, walked in to get out of the rain.

Service very slow, though staff pleasant.

Free wifi.

I have never understood why anywhere thinks I am impressed by being told they have worked donkeys years in the catering business. I usually find it to be a very bad omen.

You can bring your own wine. For which your pay for the privilege at £5 a bottle.

Teapigs. Oh for decent tea. J D Wetherspoon used to serve teapigs, now it is Tetley, at least honesty.

Oh what a loss The Barn which closed in the summer.

The Traditional Plaice

June 7, 2014
The Traditional Place restaurant

The Traditional Place restaurant

 cod and chips

cod and chips

A tiny little fish n chip shop in Downing Street with a restaurant out the back.

As it was late afternoon, and I was feeling hungry, I thought I’d give it a try.

Walk through a narrow passageway at the side of the fish n chip shop.

I was greeted by a zombie like creature. Greeted, a slight exaggeration, she just stood there. So much make up, gave the impression her face was porcelain. Maybe that is why she did not smile, it would have cracked. Scrub off the make up and she would have been very attractive.

She showed me through to the restaurant, or rather, I asked could I go through.

I was surprised how large it was, with a tiny garden out the back. And it was empty, bar two occupied tables, and they left as I arrived. Popular it clearly is not (though maybe early).

I had not been there long, when three people walked in. They had the whole restaurant to sit in. They sat at the adjacent table right on top of me.

Service was appalling.

A long wait until zombie took my order. And even longer wait until the food arrived.

I had asked for a glass of water. I had to ask for it again when the food arrived.

Fish n chips, choice of cod or haddock. Cod was £8-35 and upwards. Haddock was over £10!

A choice of peas, mushy peas or salad.

The plate was too small, salad overflowing onto the table.

Cod and chips was ok, nothing to get excited about, cod and chips were piping hot, and must have come straight out of the fryer. The batter was light and crispy.

The glass of water I did not touch, the glass was filthy, I could feel the dirt as I picked the glass up.

Environmental Health must check this place out.

Not somewhere I will wish to return.

Oh how I miss The Barn, where you could get an excellent lunch, all freshly prepared.

To put the price in context, fish n chips at The Queen Hotel in Aldershot, £5-09 (and you get a free pint of beer).

Lunch at Tilly Shilling

July 13, 2013
cod and chips

cod and chips

I was going to have a steak (as you get a free beer), but I saw it was fish day, a battered cod came with a free drink.

I chose the most expensive beer, a blond beer, and why not if it is free, beer battered cod, chips and garden peas.

When it came, a reasonable sized piece of cod, chips that could have been fresher, and peas.

To the credit of Wetherspoon, this is the first time I have had a decent piece of cod in Farnborough. The cod was excellent, it also had lovely crispy, tasty batter.

There is a fish n chip shop in the town centre. The fish is never fresh and often going off, the portion size miniscule, the chips they must count onto the plate as so few of them. I am surprised they are still in businesses.

The beer was also good.

I can see I will be back.

Lunch at the Butcher and Beast

January 22, 2013
Butcher and Beast

Butcher and Beast

mushroom soup

mushroom soup

fried haddock in batter

fried haddock in batter

Butcher and Beast is one of two pubs in the Lincolnshire village of Heighington, not far from Washingborough, a little way out from Lincoln.

A small pub with an open coal fire in the winter.

Interesting old photos on the walls. One showed hay making. It could have been a scene from Cider With Rosie. Apart from the ancient tractor, this was farming as it had always been. The date was 1948. Farming changed rapidly after the Second World War.

Lincolnshire is an agricultural county, and yet Lincoln a centre of heavy industry. Its origins producing agricultural machinery. The engineering companies and foundries long gone, replaced by retail sheds skilled work replaced by low paid unskilled workers. The foundries created wealth for the area, the retail sheds drain money out of the local economy.

A small bar with a selection of real ales, mainly Bateman’s, a Lincolnshire beer. I had water.

Butcher and Beast has a reputation for good food. I was disappointed.

The home made mushroom soup was excellent. The choice was mushroom or potato and leek.

Tuesday is fish day. They have a fresh delivery of fish from Grimsby on a Tuesday, and that was the reason for being there. Fish n chips is not something I would normally eat in a pub as they usually do a poor job and the Butcher and Beast was no exception.

The fried haddock was served on a cold plate with a tiny bit of salad. Chips and mushy peas were served in separate dishes.

They had not troubled to take the skin off the haddock, and I did not think to ask. Leave the skin on haddock and it taints the fish, giving it a vile taste.

Looking at what other people had, it did not look appetising.

Butcher and Beast has a good reputation. If this is what classes as good locally, I hate to think what the other places are like.

I was looking forward to the fish n chips. I was in for a disappointment. And at £8-95 it was very expensive for fish n chips.

Far better fish n chips can be had at the fish n chip shop in nearby Washingborough, at the Elite fish n chip restaurant on Tritton Road (near junction with Doddington Road) in Lincoln, and (I am told) from the fish n chip on Burton Road in Lincoln.

Butcher and Beast is not somewhere I will be returning to, at least not for its fish n chips.

Afternoon spent wandering around Heighington, apart from stone cottages not a lot to see, then afternoon tea at the Beckside Tea Room, by the Heighington Beck.

Elite fish n chip restaurant

January 10, 2013
haddock and chips

haddock and chips

I have never understood why people eat bad fish n chips, chips that have been sitting around half the day, fish that is not fresh if not going off, but then maybe they have never had quality fish n chips.

If not then they should visit Elite, south side of Lincoln off Tritton Road, just before the junction with Doddington Road.

It is usually very busy, a queue out the door, but today very quiet, almost empty. Maybe the fog put people off.

Very nice piece of haddock, the chips maybe not as fresh as they could be, but still good.

Senior Citizen offers best deal, reasonable size, and comes with slices of buttered bread and a pot of tea.

The fish is sourced from sustainable fish stocks.

On the walls often original artworks. Today framed photos of Lincoln Cathedral.

Elite also has a fish n chip restaurant in Ruskington.

Trolls have been badmouthing Elite on TripAdvisor. Ignore, these are fake reviews. I have eaten at Elite many times, it has always been consistently good.

Other places serving good fish n chips in and around Lincoln: fish n chip shop on Burton Road (I am informed good but not tried), fish n chip shop in Washingborough (demand fresh chips), Butcher and Beast pub in Heighington serves fish n chips on a Tuesday when they get a fresh delivery of fish from Grimsby (I am informed good but not tried).