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Fish n chips at Burton Road Chippy

September 8, 2017

Late lunch at Burton Road Chippy.

It did not help I headed off down Newport Road thinking it was Burton Road.

Street signs would help.

Burton Road Chippy No 2 fish n chip shop in the country. I was not sure if open. Closed Monday, only open lunchtime and evening during the week, all day Friday and Saturday.

For me fortunate it was open, though no one there, the restaurant was empty.

Service was poor though the girl a trainee pleasant. She did not bring bread and butter until fish n chips arrived. Had to be reminded to bring the tea.

The milk jug was tiny, filled to the brim, and no handle. Difficult to pour, with the result spilt milk.

Fish n chips was good, though  long delay before it was served. No explanation or apology for the long delay. The restaurant was empty, no other customers.

Loud moronic music was very unpleasant.

One very negative aspect. They should be ashamed they use Deliveroo, which is exploitation writ large, serfs working for an app.

Quality of fish n chips comparable with the Elite. Only main difference, larger portion size and slow service.

Very similar concept to Elite, variety of potatoes named and where sourced from, the trawler that caught the fish named.

Similar to what is becoming the norm in speciality coffee shops, traceability, transparency.

Once I asked in a fish n ship shop, was their fish fresh, how often was it delivered. They refused to tell me. I turned around and walked out.